Best Printer for Office and Home use in India (Inkjet/Laser) All in One


Printer is one of the most demanding gadget used in our daily  life. Having  a good printer at home or at office can surely make life so much more substantially less demanding.

But the point  is which is the best of all to be chosen? The market  around  is loaded with enormously multi – reason printers at extremely aggressive costs, which leads to the effect of spoilt fluctuating  decisions.  Hence we are here to make things easier  and handy for you. So here’s  a list of our pick of the best printer available right at this point.

In order to pick the best printer the first thing that you need to decide  is that whether you would want to go for a standard printer or a multi work gadget which incorporates  a scanner  and which can also likewise  fill in as an independent copier. These printers are not substantially bigger  than the conventional printers, yet they are so much more flexible  mainly in the scenario  of when you have to keep a duplicate of a letter, a bill or some other vital report. Hence this list incorporates  the best inkjet printers and best multi work gadgets.

Likely one has to ponder  upon the fact that whether  to put  in resources into an inkjet  or laser. Lasers are generally  connected with office  conditions, where they deliver sharp, smirch free printouts rapidly both unobtrusively and financially. However  this can be similarly as valuable at home or in a home office.  But also before we indulge into the list of the best printers available let us guide you through the different  kinds of printers available. What  is the specific  purpose each one holds?  Moreover  how to choose a printer?

Types  of printers

The primary printer technologies  in the market today are inkjet, laser and all in one printer. These types of printers  are generally used in the schools,  colleges and various office purposes. This article  gets you the complete  knowledge  of what you really want to purchase  from the market. Now let’s  see the types of printers that are Available  in the Indian market.

Inkjet printer

Inkjet printer  is a versatile one.  But you lose in speed.  The output speed of most of the inkjet printers is slow compared  to the average.  The print out quality  that you get from a inkjet will have a contingent contrast upon whether  you print  on plain paper , coveted  inkjet  paper, or glass photo paper.

Inkjets have enhanced  their quality  significantly over the years. However, there are few models which create dark fluffy content or grainy,  hued illustrations on plain paper. Such an outcome is sincerely worthy of a school report or a flyer. But not truly beneficial  for business purpose. Purchasing  original  document to enhance  the massive yield will add to your cost per page.

The sort of ink a printer  uses can influence the print quality.

A colour based ink, much the same as watercolors utilized for painting, is best to blend hues. The exchange off  is in the exactness of content  scarcely discernible  differences.  A shade based ink particles of shading suspended in a particular fluid.  Also obviously  photograph situated printers originally utilize colour  based inks,  while business  Centered printers regularly  use shade based inks.  A few printers offer both : tone based ink for content,  and pigment based ink for shading pictures.

Laser printer

In order of the fact that some small workplaces or offices could get by with a business  arranged inkjet,  the basic standard office workhorse is a laser or drove printer.  The light source  has to be used by every innovation to shaft the picture  into a turning drum , the picture pulls in the toner and the toner at that point  exchanges  from the drum into a paper , however speedy preparing  process.

Laser and drove printers when compared to inkjet printers are faster and also given a satisfactory performance. Laser and drove printers are much costlier than the inkjet printers but they compensate their cost when it comes to the cost of toners you need to buy and the cost of ink you need to fill in the printers based on the model of the printer. Laser or drove jet printers gets out the best photographs which are as good as the ones of inkjet printers. Most of the printers we have seen whether it may be laser or drove printers or inkjet printers they can masterly print varieties of images such as  pie diagrams, logos, shading bars, and straightforward with a stupendous print quality.

There are many problems that can get solved by having a printer at our home or our workplace even though we still have the question of which printer to buy and which meets our needs. I would like to guide your way through with the help of this article as the reality of buying a printer is pathetic due to multiple features and reasons of the printers and their sky high costs. You find no where to go with the confusion and end up being clueless of what to buy. The first thing you need to consider when you want to buy a printer is usage. Do you need a standard printer which can only give printouts of extremely best quality or a multi work machine which can print, scan the documents and copy it to the computer or laptop, take a photocopy and even used a fax machine to fax documents.
These printers comes with great features and with a flexible and compact sizes which are almost equal to the mainstream printers we used since ages but having the unconventional printers at your home or workplace can make your daily living easy. Everyday we might find the need of having a copy of some document like a letter, a bill or a report or scan a document and send it online that’s when you find the need of having a inkjet or a laser printer or a multi task machine. But here comes the situation of choosing between a inkjet printer or a laser printer and which is productive and efficient for our usage. But laser printers are considered to be well suited for office work conditions which demands the need of more frequent, financial, spot free and sharp printouts which can be the best choice for home and workplace conditions.
All in One Printer
All in one printers are the ones which can be referred as a single medicine for all the problems. As the name suggests All in one printers are not just printers but also a scanner, copier and a fax machine which has a remote to operate together equipped in a single machine and is called as such. It avoids bothering your personal computer or a laptop for every single work and the exchange of your documents and informations between printers. We can use Google cloud print, Apple Airprint, USB memory sticks, smart phones and email accounts as the medium to exchange and store information and documents which highly reduces the risk of confidential and personal information slipping out of your hands. With the use of such gadgets we can operate from almost anywhere and get done with things in a more smart and efficient ways.

Here comes the need of knowing the usage before buying a printer. What are you going to use it for ? Household work, home office or a business work ? Having an All in one printer can help you in many ways like copying and getting out the best shaded photocopies or prepare and print the documentation of a company as a whole. There are many of the high rated printers which can even perform effectively in remote systems by printing 15-19 pages per moment and without breaking the pace and way.

As you know different types of printers that I have categorized according to its usage. I hope my article helps house get out of the situation of ambiguity and confusion and choose a best choice for yourself. When you know what to choose then the optimization comes in the point of money and budget. Choose the desired product in your budget range. Please have a look at the list of best printers in each category to help you choose the best.

Best Inkjet Printer

1) HP Deskjet 3636b (All in One)

The HP Deskjet 3636 has the ability to print, scope and copy remotely with you taking any physical efforts to complete any of the work just with the click of fingers you can get done with the work. It has these features such as versatile printing limit, vital controls and space saving arrangement, which makes it the best choice for both your home and workplace use. It has the great print specifications such as the print assurance of up to 1200 x 1200 rendered dpi (mono) and up to 4800 x 1200 streamlined dpi (shading), which makes Deskjet 3636 give the best quality printouts with perfect shading. Putting all those assets aside it has a print speed of up to 8.5 ppm (ISO mono, A4) and up to 6 ppm (ISO shading, A4), which can prepare the documents you printed and get done with all your requirements unbelievably quick.

Adding the WiFi accessibility as a topping to the product which makes it  rather effortless to print from each and every corner of the house where ever you get the WiFi connectivity. By connecting your smartphone to the printer you can use your smartphone as a medium to transmit Wifi which can ultimately enable you to print your documents using the HP All in one printer remote versatile application by using Google cloud print for Android users and Apple Airprint for iOS users as the source of input to print the documents you require. You can almost print at a print speed of 2X compared to the conventional printers with the help of HP 302XL high return ink cartridges which helps you save your money and time by doing smart work buying this to meet all your needs rather than hard work.


HP Instant Ink.

Borderless Printing.


Automatic Document Feeder.

Individual Color Cartridges.

2)Canon Pixma MG5770

Canon has induced some of the greatest features into MG5770 such as borderless print system which has the potential to perform a  borderless print of dimensions 10 * 15 centimeters (5*7 inches) in just 21 seconds which is incredibly fast when compared to other printers in this price range. Canon Pixma MG5770 is a remote controlled printer which has the capability to direct out prints of 9600*2400 dpi which maintains astonishing quality in it’s prints and is coated with Apple Airprint which grants direct access to Apple users to print from their iOS devices like iPhones, iPads etc… without the installation any additional apps but where as it’s not the same scenario with Android users as they have to install a app which can be easily availed from the play store to get the privilege of operating the printer from their Android devices.

Similar the smartphones you can also print using your personal computer or laptop as a remote. Unlike other conventional printers which usually offer a single paper size prints such as A4 having just a A4 plate MG5770 comes with a pack of 2 plates which makes it easy to get prints of two different sizes on two different size papers. Most of the personales like Photographers, Students, office e professionals etc.. tend to like this printer due to its openly accessible memory card spaces like SD, Memory Stick Couple, and Smaller Blaze as it has multiple uses such as the photographers can directly take the memory card out of the camera and connect it to the printer directly refraining the involvement of a personal computer or a laptop as a medium. Similarly students and office professionals can print study materials or office documentation directly from the printer using a memory card or a pendrive.


Great Print Quality
Wireless Printing


No NFC Support
Individual Color Cartridges

3) Epson L361 Inkjet Printer

Epson L361 Inkjet Printer is for the ones who wishes to have a printer which gives a high end printing experience within the budget range. It comes with a compact and decent shape with the dimensions of 53.4*38.6*20.4 Centimeters ( Width * Depth * Height ) weighs 6.07 Kilograms which makes it heavy and strong to stand any possible physical damage yet convenient to move it from one place to the other based on the requirements. It has some unmatchable features like spot free printing equipment which can increase the working efficiency amazingly with very less printer running expenses.

Epson L361 Inkjet Printer comes with a classy and eye catching looks having a complete dark body with its control board on the front unit which adds up beauty to your workplace or home and makes it suitable for both house and workspace uses. Epson L361 Inkjet Printer stands ahead of the rest of it’s competitive printers with its advanced features such as quick ink top up innovation which ensure a simple and faster ink refill without any chaos. It has two different speeds for Black and White printing and Color page printing which are 33 ppm and 15 ppm respectively. It is also equipped with high end tubes inside the printers which ensures there be no ink out spill from beginning to end and also easy distribution of ink inside the printer.


Very Low Printing Cost
Best for Office and Home use
Ink costs are very competitive
Easy to Use
Accurate Colors


No display for printing status
Inkpad needs to be reset after every year

Best LaserJet Printer

4) HP LaserJet Pro MFP M126nw Multifunction Printer

The HP LaserJet professional MFP M126nw Multifunction Printer is a basic and diminished version of a multifunction printer which we get in the market in the similar price range but offers a great number of components which ensures a excellent printing experience and scanning added with duplicate and sweep tools which enables multi purpose usage of the machine. The HP LaserJet professional MFP M126nw Multifunction Monochrome printer is astonishingly light in weight which let’s the users to move it from one place to another as per the requirements which doesn’t take up any space beside your desktop. It offers duplicate and sweep tools which reduces the demand of separate gadgets for these operations. It has a ultra stylish looking dark matte finish which is eye-catching and leaves a great impression and adds up to the beauty of your house or your workspace. It has a 150 sheet input plate on the top of it adding to the flatbed scanner.

The HP LaserJet professional MFP M126nw Multifunction Monochrome printer is popular for it fresh content and  it’s sophisticated designs with an amazing print determination of a maximum of 1200*1200 dpi and a substantial paper obligation cycle of 8000 pages which adds up to its advanced features. The HP LaserJet professional MFP M126nw’s skillset , smaller size impression and very viable maintenance cost are it’s biggest assets adding up to its support to wireless usage. It be a great add on to your house or your workplace which can perform variety of operations like printing, filtering and replicating little size occupations which adds up to its stylish looks which leaves no reason to deny it.


Fast printing speed.

Very affordable.

Wireless printing.

Long lasting cartridge.


Very less paper handling options.

5) Canon Imageclass MF244DW (Print, Scan, Copy)

Canon Imageclass MF244DW can perform distinct number of operations such as Printing out documents and faxing documents from a desktop and which can work a independent copier and fax machine. Canon Imageclass MF244DW comes with a great bunch of feature like miniature scale office gauges, with a 250-sheet plate, a one-sheet manual nourish, and an inherent print duplexer which adds up to it’s paper handling capabilities. It has a standard printing rates of 16 pages per moment and 28 per moment for duplex mode and simplex mode (uneven) mode respectively which is equipped by default.

Both the printing rates are related to the command of Canon Imageclass MF244DW but we have to look at the velocity at which it is printing the simplex and duplex mode prints and it doesn’t even require manual assistance when it comes to paper handling while it’s printing stuff like content archives and study material which comes out as a bunch of prints one by one. Using utilizing Quality Logic’s equipment and programming for timing on our business applications suite I changed the specifications of the printing rates to 9.9 ppm and 13.2 ppm for duplex mode and simplex mode respectively. Having a compact structure of dimensions 14.2*15.4*14.9 inches it creates a smaller impression doesn’t occupy much space and it’s light weight of 28 pounds 14 ounces makes it easy to move it from one place to another based on the space required.


Duplex (two-sided) printing and scanning.

Ethernet and Wifi.


Wi-Fi support is for infrastructure mode only.

No paper handling upgrades available.

6) Ricoh SP111SU Multifunction Laser Printer

Ricoh has left the sign of its brand potential in the market with the Ricoh SP111SU Multifunction Laser Printer as it is so strong and pleasing that I couldn’t resist myself from using the outstanding next edition released by this company which has the capability to take incredible work load. We can see the elegant style of their piece of art in every bit of the product even though carrying the impression of a basic and simple hardware. They provide you with a smooth and low key service which doesn’t cause any disruption or annoyance while you work on it and create a feeling that you don’t wish to have anything else other than this with no complaints which makes you think that the product is your real time working partner who knows all your needs and fulfills them with utmost perfection with just a click.

Ricoh SP111SU Multifunction Laser Printer comes up with some superior features like utilizing the voltage of 220V – 240V power source and has a whooping memory of 16GB which grabs the attentions of photographers in specific who wish to print best quality prints of their clicks. Ricoh SP111SU Multifunction Laser Printer flatter people not just with its features and efficient working model but also with it’s looks which adds up a great beauty to your house or your workplace with it’s compact and stylish look. It can efficiently deal with standard sizes of letters, legal documents, official reports, postcards and what not everything. It consists of a laser cartridge which has the capacity to yield up to 2000 pages. This laser produces the best quality and clear prints which can be easily exchanged of top end fresh and efficient monochrome prints. It can also be used as a filter for confidential records.


Automatic document feeder. Small size.
Reasonably high-quality text and graphics.


No duplexer, even as an option.
Low paper capacity.

Best All in One Printer

7) HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2135 All-in-one Printer

HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 2135 All in one printer is the best pick for your household or office use as it is not just confined to one operation, It is a minimized and basic version of the all in one printers we get in the market which has the ability to print, sweep and even photocopy your documents and scan them even to store a soft copy of it in your desktop,laptop or your smartphone for further use. It has a body dimensions of 42.5*30.4*14.9 which can shifted with ease from any place to any other place due to its compact size and smaller impression. It’s a one time solution for all your needs with just a click. HP DeskJet Ink advantage 2135 is equipped with 4800 × 1200 shading determination and therefore providing you with a print quality which cannot be matched by any of its competitors.

HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 2135 has the unique and advanced features like the capability of producing almost 1000 pages per month with a paper limit of  60 pages and a printing rate of 7.5 pages per moment. It proves it’s worth for spending every penny on it without compromising the quality and nature of the prints. It introduces warm ink innovation by which you can warm ink using the warm vitality and this way of innovation is considered to be a intelligent idea to have a exclusively fast printing experience. It has a scanner which looks like a flatbed which is capable of filtering varieties of formats which includes JPEG, PNG, PDF, BMP and TIFF at a rate of determination of almost 1200 dpi.


the printing quality is good.
HP 680 cartridge is reasonable in inkjet category.


Cartage is expensive.
Sometimes is slow down.

8) Canon Pixma TS6020 All-in-one Printer

Canon Pixma TS6020 All-in-one Printer comes with two ink cartridges out if which one is color dark ink cartridge and the other is shade dark ink cartridge which can easily differentiate between a content archive and a photograph with it’s print quality. It comes with two paper plates out if which one is a 100 sheet in the bottom and the other is in the back which is a 100 sheet vertical paper plate with a duplexer along with it which enables two sided prints. Even though the printing expenses are low it gives nearer to average feel to the prints with the shading. Canon attempts to sell this small sized with it’s primary body being so smaller compared to the other inkjet printers with dimensions 14.7*12.5*5.5 inches excluding the two paper plates it is equipped with, the paper plate embedding add up to 1.5 inches to the depth to the printer with the control panel adds up another inch with a inclination of 45 degrees. A 9 inch yield paper comes out at a full range of expansion from the body of the printer. The secondary information plate adds up to 5 creeps to the depth and 7 crawls to the standards of the printer. You always have to keep these things in mind while choosing a place for it with all these add-ons included not just going with the dimensions of it. Canon Pixma TS6020 All-in-one Printer sets up a record of 30.7 seconds beating the previous record of 38.2 seconds average time all other All in one inkjet printers I’m printing a five page text document which makes it the quickest and a best option for the ones who work at a faster pace which includes rapid printing requirements.


Cost of text printing is low.
Quite fast for two sided printing.


USB port and SD card slots are not available.
Occasionally unresponsive touch panel.

9) Brother DCP-1616NW All-in-one Printer

Brother DCP-1616NW All-in-one Printer is referred to as a multifunction inkjet printing monster  due to it’s robust printing capabilities. However, it comes in the category of not at like the most maintaining it’s individuality with it’s advancements such as printing on A3 papers along with the usual A4 sheets. It has a huge outline which is massive and just irreplaceable as it’s weird name. It’s not a suggestion for the ones who rarely uses a printer or whenever the find a need of it but for the ones who always find the need of a printer like the ones who prepare documentation for their work and the ones who work from home and create offline files for the independent ventures and businesses. It has WiFi and USB as the connectivity options.

Brother DCP-1616NW All-in-one Printer comes with the adaptability of Ethernet network which facilitates printing in the desktops like office systems and also offers printing for Apple iOS users through Apple Airprint and Android users through Google cloud print. It comes with a paper plate which can accommodate 250 papers and in the back it has a solitary manual sheet which nourish with it’s excellence alongside a programmed archive feeder for the scanner which can accommodate up to 50 pages. Brother DCP-1616NW All-in-one Printer is considerably the best for a small to average workplace who wants to cover up the bulk printing with a printer having a faster printing speed with a yield up to 2000 pages per month.


Useful twin paper sources
Decent running costs


Single-sided scanner only
Average print quality