8 Best Places to Visit in Thailand


With a vast history of the eastern tribes and some entrancing places, Thailand is like a surreal place where you can spend some quality times away from the chaos of the busy, city life. With mountains, forests, and the ocean occupying most of the landís surface, spending holidays in this eastern country is one of the best things that you can do.

If you are planning to visit this parliamentary monarch country, then here are a few†best places to visit in Thailand.

  1. KOH BIN

Located in the pristine water of the Andaman Sea, the island can be visited by a boat from the nearby mainland of Similan Island. The main attraction of the place lies in the marine life, which can be viewed from above the crystal clear water of the coastline. Starting from rays, you will get different species of shark, enjoying themselves in their natural habitats.


Located along the Laotian border, this place is thought to be sacred by the inhabitants of Chiang Rai. The mountainís summit is located at a height of 750 meters from the base hill village. The best time to climb up the mountain and reach the summit is during the sunrise, where the top of the mountain is covered with mist and fog. The sunrays cast a golden hue on the meadows covered with flowers and the multifarious fauna species.


The Maya Bay in the Koh Phi Phi is one of the†best places to visit in Thailand†because of its iconic scenic beauty and the tranquillity of the ambiance. The lake has crystal blue colored water and is separated from the sea by the limestone cliffs. The lake is connected with the neighboring ocean by the underground tunnels through the cliffs.


This is also known as the Grand Canyon of Thailand as you can witness the eroded rocks and the boulders emerging out from the dried Khong River. The dog-shaped rock that sits atop of the canyon is considered to be mythically sacred by the locals living there.


The Tham Lot Cave used to be the dwelling place of the Lawa tribe, one of the few ancient communities of the Thai culture. When archaeologists unearthed the cave, they discovered the clay potteries coffins made from carved teak. You can visit the cave by rowing on a bamboo raft along the Nam Lang River. The natural stalagmites and stalactites are waiting for you inside the cave.


Though the place is still untouched and offers a cacophonous silent ambiance, it is a serene escapade from the chores of the city life. The bay is also sometimes, known as the Buffalo Bay, and is known for its enclosure of the mangrove forests. The tides soundlessly meet the calm Andaman Sea.


The shape of this mountain is peculiar and thatís why perhaps the name of Dragon Chest Mountain. The nearest settlement to this place is the Krabi province, from where you will take thirty minutes to reach the place. The mountain trail starts from the Hang Nak Hill and continues through the dense forests with numerous waterfalls and the scenic view of the surrounding peaks.


This natural reserve is located in the outskirts of Chiang Mai. The best part of this park lies in the thought with which it was opened- to give the elephants a natural home who were once bred in captivity. A picnic amidst the elephants seems to be quite overwhelming, especially with the contented animals playing on their own without a care of the world.