10 Best payment gateways in India with charges and plans.

EBS Payment Gateway

Payment  gateways has enhanced users all over by accepting electronic payments through  the versatile methods  like debit cards, credit cards, online banking and e-book wallet and more. So the basic part is that these payment  gateways take the money from the buyer on behalf  of any particular and then transfers into your bank account after the deduction of the transaction fee.

Various entrepreneurs such as merchants, small business owners and online entrepreneurs use this method to collect revenue from all over the countries and the world.  As to explain it into simple  terms we can say that a payment gateway works as a middleman that connects the gap between  the buyer and the service provider. So as of when a particular customer  enters their card details, the website  sends the encrypted information required to the payment gateway who has supposedly  confirmed  the details with the bank account of the customer and process the payment  respectively.

So here in this article, we have mentioned some of the best payment gateways in India that offers fast and secure service  at a reasonable price.

  1. Instamojo ( No setup cost,)

Instamojo is such a payment  gateway  which is recommended  for those who sell their digital products  online such as music,  ebooks or videos. Instamojo happens to be an India based company that offers Convenient  payment  collection options at reasonable rates. Instamojo allows the users showcase  the buy now option  on the website  which further helps the customer  to purchase  the digital content  without  leaving  the website.

Instamojo charges and plans

1.9% is the charge for every successful  transaction  via instamojo. And prior  to that if you wish to host your content on instamojo website,  then 5% is charged for every successful  transaction.

So the payment  gateway  accepts the payment  on the users behalf and then transfers it to his / her bank account (which is linked  to the particular service) within 3 working days after deducting  the transaction fee and service tax.

Like we can plot this with a particular  example, supposedly  a person receives  $100 for any digital  product sold, the $97.83 will be credited  to the user’s  bank account  after taking a debit of  $1.9( charge)  + $0.27 (service tax) out of the total amount. In case of instamojo no step up fee is required. But instamojo doesn’t  support  various  currencies so one cannot use it to do international payments.

  2. CC Avenue (no step up cost,  2%TDR)

CCavenue  is one of the most famous  payment  gateways  in India that offers  various  kinds of payment collection  options for the users. It enhances  support for international credit cards and payment gateway option supports around  27 currencies  such as UAE dirham,  USD,  pound sterling, saudi riyal,  canadian dollar etc. The benefit  out of this entire  scenario  is that you can sell your products from the online store in any multiple  regions around  without  any restrictions or problems.  The payment  options include  credits card such as Visa,  mastercard,  American express  , JCB,  diners club,  discover,  amex ezeclick.

CCavenue  accepts payment  from all over 100 debit cards, VISA,  mastercard, rupay or maestro,  53+ net banking , cash cards such as Icash,  ITZ cash,  paycash etc.  Also mobile wallets such as paytm,  mobikwik. Immediate  payment  service  from more than 40 banks and more.  The best part is that they provide  24*7*365 days support via chat phone call and email but the chat team is not available  on weekends. The mobile app works efficiently with IOS,  android  , windows phone.  Setup cost is not included  in this and the payment  gateway  supports multiple  e-commerce  CMS like drupal,  joomla,  cubecart and much more beneficially.

3. Payubiz( Integration fee starts from RS 4900)

Payubiz is happening  to be a subsidiary of PayU which is a global firm and has the presence in various countries around such as poland, South Africa,  Russia and Hungary. Payu India accepts payments from visa, diners club,   mastercard , credit  cards and process debit card payments for more than 50 banks like HDFC,  axis bank,  SBI etc.  There are also other acceptable payment  modes such as 45+ netbanking , six mobile wallets,  8+bank EMIs , hence providing the provision  for international cards and more.

To be very certain the company website  claims  that the conversion  rate can be enhanced by a rate of 12% with the help of the advanced features such as quick retry, single click checkout,  dynamic switching,  mobile browser etc.  Having the PCI DSS compliant system they provide  they provide  a complete secure payment gateway. The portal provides CVV less transaction , hence there is no compilation  of reentering  CVV again and again.

Payubiz charges and plans

In case of transactions below INR 2000 they charge 0.75% and more than 2000 1% of the commission.  The commission rate varies for the credit card,  cash card,  multi bank EMI and online transactions as per  the amount respectively.

4Paypal  payment  gateway (zero setup fee)

Paypal is one of the most significant  and popular  global platform that provides service in more than 200 countries and is being used  by the handsome  amount  if population  around  the globe.  There are no annual maintenance charge and also there is a high level security  for each transaction  that is to be processed.

Paypal charges

If one has to sell the products through  ebay,  then PayPal  charges you 3.9% of the amount + $0.03 USD per transaction, while on the other hand if you sell any service or product online through any other websites  then it changes  4.4% of the amount  +  $0.03 USD on that particular  as its commission.

 The process of documentation to start a party  service is very simple   and the particular  user needs to confirm  their identity, verify the pan then add your bank account and generate  an appropriate purpose  code.   There is no Withdrawal fee charged by paypal for the users , but the users  need to acquire a foreign  Inward remittance certificate  which acts as a testimonial  for each remittance coming to India.  The biggest  support that paypal provides is that  the multi – currency support.  More about of some 100 currencies.  And also the merchants get the provision  to keep the amount  in around 57 currencies.

5. Atom paynetz  payment gatewa ( First year free)

Atom paynetz is a modernized payment service provider  That  offers over 100 payment options.  Generally  in the first year the annual  maintenance charge gets waived off from the company. And the standard  charge of INR  2400 is implemented from the next year. Similar to the other mentioned  payment gateways , Atom paynetz  also takes a commission  of about 0.75% below INR 2000 transaction  and 1% for above INR 2000 via debit cards.

Atom paynetz doesn’t  support  international cards or foreign  currency. But it can be used for slk the domestic  transactions  via multiple  credit  cards such as visa,  MasterCard  , JCB,  amex,   discover and diners.  It charges 2.1 % transaction  fee  for each credit  card transaction.  Multiple  CMS systems  like  woocommerce  ,  magento  and  prestashop acquires  support  by atom paynetz.

6. Citrus pay( AMC rs 1200))

Citrus pay is one of the payment gateways which puts security at the top of its priority list and also offers varied services. Citrus Cash (wallet for sending and receiving money), Citrus Cube (App for bill payments) and Citrus for Merchants (online payment gateway for e-commerce websites and online stores) are few of the services provided by citrus pay. Whenever you make a transaction from your domestic Credit or Debit card like Mastercard, Visa, Maestro cards using Citrus pay as the payment gateway, you will be charged 1.99% + Rs.3 per every transaction you make.

For a customer to start a transaction using citrus pay as the service provider or payment gateway they need to prepare a large scale of documentation based on the requirements of the company and submit the complete documentation within 14 days of Sign up which is a simple and two step sign up. They even charge a AMC of Rs.1200. Citrus pay charges 3% of the transaction total for every international transaction or purchase you do using citrus pay as the payment gateway through American Express card. They treat US Dollars as a multi currency and allow customers to do more and more international transactions and credit cards waiving off the Withdrawal charge.

7. EBS Payment Gateway ( AMC Rs.2400)

EBS payment gateway gives the assurance and maintain that trust among the customers by having complete data safety and enabling secure transactions.  EBS payment gateway is the first Indian payment gateway that is having PCI DSS 3.0 compliant and ISO 27001-2013 certified as the best at maintaining a secure database enabling hassle free yet successful transactions. EBS offers different plans at different costs which costs you a set up fee based on the package you choose from the service provider which reflects in the transaction fee charge which adds up to the common maintenance fees of Rs.2400 while signing up for the service.

EBS payment gateway has a awestruck success rate in your transactions as it provide hundreds of options for your payments and transactions and also accept payments from numerous domestic and international Credit and Debit cards like Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, AMEX, Diners and JCB. One more best thing about EBS payment gateway is that it encourages many different currencies like USD, GBP, AED, Eur, CAD, HKD and more.

8. Payzippy

Payzippy is acquired by Flipkart and as we know Flipkart is one of the most trusted and renowned e commerce site which is trusted to be keeping our data safe, secure our transactions with a 24*7 customer support service helping us with all the difficulties faced during the transaction. It is one of the fastest and user friendly payment gateways as it performs the transactions and safer yet assists the customers by saving the transaction details like Card number, Name on the card, CVV, expiry date, Billing address etc… which makes the users life easy as we don’t need to remember and enter all those details every time you make a transaction.

Payzippy accepts payments from many domestic and international debit and credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and American Express. When it comes to Domestic transaction a transaction fee of 0.75% of the total amount of transaction will be charged for a transaction below Rs.2000 INR and on a transaction above Rs.2000 INR, a transaction fee of 1% of the total transaction cost will be charged. On all the international transactions and payments they charge transaction fee in terms of Domestic fee + 1.50% of the total transaction cost and there is fixed transaction fee of 3.50% of the total transaction amount is charged on the transactions made through American Express credit cards. But when a international transaction is made through Net Banking or credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, Maestro etc the transaction fee will vary depending on the transaction amount.

9. Zaakpay

Zaakpay is one of the best payment gateway services. It accepts transactions from 52 options like Netbanking, International and Domestic Credit and Debit cards like Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Discover and Diner’s card. It also support multiple currency and accept payments and enable transactions with 13 different currencies. They also provide assistance for many e-commerce CMS systems like CS cart, XCart, Cubecart, OsCommerce, etc.

For which they are gonna charge a annual maintenance fee, which can be negotiated. They don’t charge any withdrawal fee but they charge customized transaction fee based on the type of transaction and total transaction amount. They provide services through mobile application which makes it easy to make transactions on the go which is compatible with iOS, Windows and Android devices.

10. Direcpay (No AMC)

Direcpay is also one of the renowned payment gateway services which does not charge any Annual Maintenance Charge. It accepts and enables international payments and credit card transactions. But for a customer to enable international transactions for their account, they need to deposit a total amount of Rs.30,000 INR which will be refunded later. On a usual basis international payment settlements will take at least 2-3 working days from the transaction date. It also supports various e-commerce CMS systems like OpenCart, Prestashop, nopCommerce, OsCommerce, WordPress, Joomla, Cubecart and more.

They have 24*7 customer support service which is confined only to weekdays, where as you cannot contact the customer support for any help during weekends. There is no withdrawal fee charged and the transaction fee is same as other payment gateways service providers which is based on the type of transaction and the total transaction amount. It offers multiple currency support but this service would be activated on your account only once you activate the international payment gateway by paying a deposit of Rs.30,000 INR and completing the required formalities.


The above given information lets you have a knowledge about different factors which are needed to be known to choose a payment gateway service provider in India to check and Register.

If you are one of the service providers who does sell your products or services on a global scale online through a website or any web platform you need to have a proper channel as a medium for your foreign transactions as any local bank account cannot accept the payments done by the foreigners according to RBI norms and you need an account under any of the payment gateway service providers to enable such transactions and payments.