Best Electric Standing Desk Converters of 2020

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What is an Electric Standing Desk Converter?

An electric standing desk converter is an electrically operated device which enables you to convert to standing functionality your existing desk. The big difference between a manually operated standing desk converter is the convenience of electric operation to conveniently lift your desktop and bring it down.

Best Value Electric Standing Desk Converter

Apex Desk ZT Series

Apex Desk’s ZT Series is a very convincing choice as well as value for money and mechanical design. This desk is priced in-line with many manually operated standing desk converters at only $270 (regardless of colour) and benefits from a very solid design that raises the desk upright and doesn’t come to you like other designs.

The desk’s technical operation is very well thought out. Many other designs cause the desk to turn against you as it rises, but the smart X frame design allows it to rise vertically making it easier to reach the rest of your desk and also maximizes stability because the center of gravity is not shifting towards you. There are a few other electric standing desk converters with this x-style design but because of its fantastic esthetics and table and keyboard finishing options we chose to highlight the ZT series.

Best Design Electric Standing Desk Converter

Cloud Nine Shift Desk

The electric sit stand desk converter is hassle-free and stylish that would be a great addition to your workspace for you to comfortably alternate between sitting and standing while working. There is no hard lifting, no difficulty in pulling, only simple and easy steps in converting your workspace into a sit-stand environment.

It is designed to be as convenient and comfortable as possible which is why it has an ample amount of space for your monitor, keyboard, mouse, and other work-related things. There are also built-in outlets for easy access when you charge your gadgets and wireless charging for your phone. Not only that, it also has a usb port right in front of you for your convenience! This electric sit stand desk has a two-tier design that allows elevation for maximum comfort. It also has a small drawer for you to keep your small wires in to get organized.

No need to worry about spills because when you push the button for it to elevate into a standing desk, it moves in a steady motion to keep anything from falling off the desk ó even a glass of water! Itís definitely something you didnít know you needed until now. It’s the best way to upgrade the look of your workstation to make it more stylish, functional and most of all, convenient!

Best Multiple Monitor Electric Standing Desk Converter

Ergo Desktop Electric Kangaroo Elite

The Electric Kangaroo Elite is as ergonomically designed as the Kangaroo Elite, only it easily transforms your desk from a static to a dynamic workstation with a click of a button! The solid steel base plate makes this sit-to-stand desktop very stable.

It also comes with one stabilization leg. The Electric Kangaroo Elite comes with a VESA bracket to hold the monitors, which allows you to rotate, tilt and pan the monitors individually. The monitors and keyboard platform are adjustable and can be moved independently of each other. You can also slide the mounts horizontally on the crossbar