Best Earphones in India


We usually see people getting lost in some different world once they plug in their Earphones or Headphones and we also see indications in few videos saying Plug in your earphones for a better experience. By this article I would want to make your experience the best by giving you the 10 best Earphones or Headphones in India. Even though earphones look uncomplicated choosing one to buy is one painful challenge to take. Earphones or Headphones plays a predominant role in our life either it can be making a boredom journey entertaining or Increasing the effect of a Video or Playing a game with more concentration.

Here I present the list of the best Earphones for all the music lovers out there. We have different sorts of Music lovers. Some like songs with bass, few like songs with instrumental music. Earphones or Headphones comes out with different features and Specifications like noise cancellation, others with best bass and treble and few which can differentiate clearly between human voice and instrumental music and make every instrument sound clearly audible and makes you witness the best experience.

We tend to put lots of filters while buying a earphones or headphones from any of the E-commerce website based on our requirements to have a better experience. This article is for those who want to choose the best earphones.

There are few things which you need to know and take into consideration while buying a earphones or headphones. Before diving into the list let’s have a look at what all features that matters the most in choosing the best earphones.

Sound Quality : The Sound Quality of a earphones or headphones should be good, neither too loud that you couldn’t understand the sounds or lyrics not too low that we hear the sound under a layer which sounds clumsy.

Portable : The Earphones need to be portable so that they can be easily carried anywhere and easily fit in. It should not even be heavy as we see many music lovers having their earphones or headphones plugged in all the time and it shouldn’t be a physical burden to bare the weight.

Frequency : We see lots of companies releasing High Frequency earphones or headphones every now and then. But as a consumer of that product you need to have a clear about what high frequency earphones means as it doesn’t always mean that they give you the best experience or they are the best.

Build Quality : We expect and choose gadgets of any sort with good Build Quality. This is one of the major reasons why people prefer Branded gadgets for the quality maintained in building the product with different models yet not compromising the Build quality.

Comfortable on the ear : As I already mentioned in the Portable column, Earphones shouldn’t be heavy or cause any sort of discomfort to your ears. You need to choose earphones which are best for your ears. This wise choice makes the experience of listening music delightful with utmost comfort.

Best Earphones in India 2018

1.More Triple Driver In-Ear Headphone

Best Earphones with Unbeaten Sound Quality.

If you are the one who choose Sound Quality over all other features in a Earphones or Headphones then 1More is the one you need to buy. Bass and Treble are just on point and every sound created by every musical instrument is clearly audible and evident. The highs and lows of every sound are crisp well defined and doesn’t create any damage to the ear. Even though 1More is new brand compared to the Masters of Music Industry it has out beaten the top most Branded Earphones and Headphones when it comes to Sound Quality.

1More has added a distinct feature to these In-Ear Headphones. It consists of three separate sound drivers out of which Two of them are balanced armatures and one is a Titanium driver. These headphones package comes with an Eight additional earbuds which helps you choose the best that suits your ears. It has some specifications in built which makes it an Unbeaten listening experience like the Frequency Response 20 Hz – 40,000 Hz, Impedance 32 Ohms and Sound Sensitivity is 99 dB.

Pros :

  • Best in-class sound quality.
  • Premium Feel.
  • High Frequency Range.

Cons :

  • Control Buttons not of Best Quality.


2. Audio-Technica ATHCKR5iS SonicPro.

Immersive Music Experience.

Audio Technica is one of the best Japanese music product brand which provides products for professional and casual use at reasonable prices. Audio Technica SonicPro is for the ones who wish to buy a Earphones or Headphones to have a Immersive music experience. Best Sound quality is one of the major assets of this audio company.

Audio Technica ATHCKR5iS SonicPro is such a product which will never let you regret buying it. It produces the best Sound quality with induced 13mm drivers. Even at maximum volume you never get to hear any sort of noise or disturbance. The base produced at Mids and highs at every beat is clearly audible, Bass response is well defined with zero distortion.

Some of the interesting features of Audio Technica ATHCKR5iS SonicPro are it has a Frequency Response of 5 Hz – 25,000 Hz and it also have built in Mechanized Bass Stabilizers which can avoid unnecessary noises around by absorbing them and letting the listener have a pleasant listening experience. The mic has the ability to capture your voice clearly avoiding all the disturbances around which helps us take calls even when we are surrounded by people. It also consists of advanced control buttons which helps you pick up calls and alter music controls.

Pros :

  • Mic and Music control button.
  • Superb Bass.
  • No Distortion.

Cons :

  • High Price.


3. RHA S500u.

Advance Sound Technology and Great Design.

RHA is a renowned Scottish Earphones and Headphones Manufacturing company which finds its name in the list of big heads of music product industry. RHA S500u is for the ones who gives Body Built equal importance as the Sound quality as it has simple yet strong body with a superior sound quality. It’s distinctive and decent design puts it over the other Headphones when it comes to the body quality.

RHA S500u doesn’t just compromise with the strength of the body but always puts the look of the product in a primary position. Along with the cool look these Earphones or Headphones are very comfortable for the ear due to its ear buds which are made up of Soft Silicone. The Earphones comes with a package of six additional earbuds giving the privilege of choosing the best bud which feels comfortable against your ears and fits the best.

When it comes to the discussion of RHA S500u performance its induced with 6mm micro dynamic drivers which are ultra light in weight lessening the effect of its robust body built. These drivers nullifies the distortion and provides well defined and clear sound. Its has distinctive specifications like the Frequency Range from 16 Hz – 22,000 Hz, Impedance of 16 Ohms and a Sound Sensitivity of 100 dB which suits all types of sounds.

Pros :

  • Two part Tangle free cable.
  • Live audio experience.
  • Sculpted highs.
  • Great comfort

Cons :

  • Slightly low Bass.
  • Not great sound at high volume.


4. Sony MDR- XB55AP Extra Bass.

Best choice for Bass lovers.

If you are a EDM Music lover or a Hip Hop Music lover you would like to choose a Earphones which gives you a delightful Bass experience with well defined beats. Then Sony MDR- XB55AP Extra Bass is the best choice for you. Sony has a great brand value when it comes to the gadgets it produce. It can be smartphones or Headphones or even Mp3 Players it leaves its own mark on every product it manufactures which doesn’t leave any possibility for the customers to have a doubt on it. Sony is one of the most leading tech companies spread all across the globe and well known for its quality products. The quality of the Sony products are top notch with all the advancements.

Sony MDR- XB55AP Extra Bass Headphones are very light in weight and feels so comfortable against your ears. The most advanced 12 mm driver unit produces the clear and crisp sounds for a pleasant listening experience. You can see zero distortion even with a full volume and it has a wide Frequency Response Range from 4 Hz – 24,000 Hz which is powerful compared to its competitors. It uses a very advanced Technology for the Bass lovers named Powered Bass Duc++ Technology to produce a intensive and powerful Bass experience.

Pros :

  • Superb Bass.
  • No Distortion.
  • In-line mic.

Cons :

  • Due to added Bass, highs suffer sometimes.


5. Sennheiser CX 3.00.

Premium Earphones with great built.

Sennheiser is one of the famous German audio Company well known for its varied production of both consumer and high ranged products like Microphones, Headphones, Headsets for Consumer,Professional and Business applications. Sennheiser CX 3.0 is one of the strongest choice because of its well built robust body due to the company’s expertise and specialization in Design and Production of best audio products.

The design of the Sennheiser CX 3.0 is ultra stylish and is an eye candy for the users yet not compromising with body build quality being the strongest asset of it. Every sound produced by these Earphones are crystal clear and we can easily differentiate between different sounds which makes the sound isolation remarkable. The specifications are unmatchable like the Frequency Response Range from 12 Hz – 21,000 Hz , Impedance of 18 Ohms which gives a impressive distortion free listening experience with a great sound sensitivity.

Pros :

  • Responsive Bass.
  • Clear Mids and Highs.
  • In-line Mic.

Cons :

  • Cable not very durable.


6. JBL Reflect Mini.

Comfortable and fit best for sports.

JBL is a most popular American audio products manufacturing company found by James Bullough Lansing who named the company after his name. It has a huge market in India. It is popular for its wide ranged ultra stylish designs and the quality of sound produced being Bass and Treble as it’s strong points. JBL manufactures a wide range of products like Loudspeakers, Bluetooth speakers, Earphones, Headsets and all associated electronics. JBL Reflect Mini is the best choice for whom the primary use of Earphones is during a sports activity. It attracts the customers who prefer to have a ultra stylish look with a good bass and treble.

JBL Reflect Mini is mostly preferred by the sports enthusiasts and athletes who love to listen music on the go due to it’s lightweight and well defined sound quality. Every sound is clearly audible without any distortion. The ultra lightweight of the earphones helps you in your long usage. It has very comfortable design which provides very soft and flexible ear buds which feels great against your ears and doesn’t create any sort of discomfort even with the long usage. It has a High quality sound delivering technology which doesn’t compromise with the quality of sound. JBL Reflex Mini uses the 5.8 mm sound drivers which are not louder when compared to its competitors but loud enough to use it outdoor. It has a wide range of Frequency Response from 10,000 Hz – 22,000 Hz which helps no sound left unheard.

It also offers the feature of Bluetooth for which JBL is well known and enables its wireless usage without any problem.

Pros :

  • Excellent fit.
  • Comfortable.
  • Balanced Sound.

Cons :

  • No music control option or button.
  • Low volume level.


7. Sennheiser CX 180 Street II.

Best Budget Earphones in India.

Sennheiser is one of the famous German audio Company well known for its varied production of both consumer and high ranged products like Microphones, Headphones, Headsets for Consumer,Professional and Business applications. Sennheiser has the expertise and specialization in Design and Production of best audio products.

Due to its 3.5mm stereo plug Sennheiser CX 180 Street II will be a perfect fit for all your audio gadgets like Smart phones, MP3 players and laptops. These are the best at producing a great quality stereo sound. These Earphones comes with the package of different sized ear buds just like JBL which allows you to pick the right size for your ears and the flexible and soft ear buds gives great comfort to your ears. Though it has problems with the bass, It produces clear highs which provides a great listening experiences nullifying the bass and treble problems. It is a perfect choice for the soothing Country and Jazz music. It absorbs most of the distortion and gives you a noise free sound. It has advanced specifications like the Frequency Response Range from 20 Hz – 20,000 Hz, Impedance of 16 Ohms and a Sound Sensitivity of 110 dB.

Pros :

  • Build quality is excellent and a body weight of 5 grams.
  • Modern Design.
  • Great quality.

Cons :

  • No music control option or button.
  • Lack of Bass.

Final Verdict

Earphones are part of our daily routine and when it comes to choosing one the above options given in the article are the best. You can choose one based on your requirements and usage.