Looking To Buy The Best Bike Under 50000 INR? Here Is The List (2020 Update)

best bikes under 50000

The Indian population is a clear example of the growing need of the best bike under 50000. With the budget of Rs. 50,000, there are many people who wish to opt for a bike which not only serves their purpose of commuting on a daily basis but also turns out to be an asset in the future. 

In India, a large portion of the individuals for the most part utilize their bicycles for either setting off to their office or for taking little rides. Along these lines, the Indian bike showcase is right now ruled by suburbanite bicycles, particularly the 100cc and 110cc ones, which are estimated under 50,000 rupees. 

However, while choosing the best bike under 50000, as a customer you need to take care of many things on which your decision of having a bike must definitely be dependent upon. 

Because of this explanation, a large portion of the bicycle makers these days are propelling an ever increasing number of bicycles right now. Therefore, on the off chance that you are attempting to purchase the best bicycle under 50000, at that point you would normally need to do a great deal of research.

We are here to cut short your time and thus help you out in researching some of the important things. Below stated are some of our picks along with their important features to help you decide the best bike under 50000. 

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1. Honda Cd 110 Dream Bike (Best Bike Under 50000 INR)

Being the best bike under 50,000 in the market is that Honda CD 110 Dream accompanies a 109.2cc, carbureted, air-cooled motor, which, at its greatest potential, delivers a maximum intensity of 8.31bhp. It can likewise create a pinnacle torque of 9.09Nm, which is very impressive as it is perhaps the least expensive bicycle in India. Honda has likewise added a 4-speed gearbox to improve the proficiency of the bicycle significantly more. 

Honda CD 110 Dream accompanies a stature of 1084mm, a width of 737mm and a length of 2043. Along these lines, regardless of whether you have normal tallness in physique, you will have the option to mount and ride this bicycle easily. 

Moreover, CD 110 Dream additionally accompanies along with splendid ground freedom of 179mm, which can be very valuable for riding the bicycle on testing streets. One more thing that makes the CD 110 Dream the best bike under 50000 regarding taking care of, is its weight. It accompanies a rough weight of 109kg, which is very low, in any event, for a passenger bike. 

In this manner, regardless of whether you face high traffic while heading off to your office, you will have the option to experience it easily. Be that as it may, similar to some other most minimal value bicycles in India, CD 110 Dream accompanies a couple of downsides and its fuel tank limit which is only 8 liters is one of them. 

In any case, the general eco-friendliness of the bike compensates for it as in monetary conditions, you will get a mileage of 65km/l from the bike. While riding on agreeable streets, you will likewise have the option to get a top speed of 86km/h, which without a doubt is superb for a bike under this budget. 

Round off price: 

Touching a price of Rs. 50,000 

Key points: 

  • There are as many as 6 colours available for the bike 
  • The drum bakes of the bike are efficient, too
  • It is a good budget bike when it comes to the fuel efficiency 
  • The working of the engine is smooth


There are some modern features which are a miss with this bike 

The physical outlook of the bike is not very appealing 

2. Hero Hf Deluxe I3s Bike (40,000 INR approx.)

Having the opportunity to choose your service, the customers tend to make a comparison in between the competitor models. However, the comparison also exists between the ancestor as well as the new models. Same is the case between the Hero HF Deluxe as well as the Hero Deluxe i3s. As they might appear to be the same to many. There are certain similarities but this ain’t true in the overall scenario. 

The similarities are that the Deluxe i3s comes with the same single cylinder engine of 97.2cc and further has the ability to get through the production of a good amount of torque as well as power. The 4 speed gearbox also comes from the older model. 

The i3s technology helps the recent model get a win in the field of priority and technology. It works by stopping the motor of your vehicle consequently on the off chance that it is standing idle for quite a while in order to stop the fuel wastage. 

With this select innovation available in this best bike under 50000, you will likewise locate for some different kinds of upgrades, for example, cozy and soft seats, better apparatus execution, and improved transmissions.

The front lamp of the bicycle additionally is by all accounts a lot more ground-breaking as well as powerful than the HF Deluxe, which is generally excellent for those individuals who work around evening time shifts. In this way, in the event that you are looking for a bike that is not very heavy on your pocket in India, which can offer you extraordinary mileage, at that point you can generally decide on getting your hands on the HF Deluxe i3s.

Round off price: The market price touches a price of Rs. 40,000

Key points: 

  • Availability of a competent service network
  • An excellent built quality 
  • Cozy seating position 
  • A satisfactory level of fuel efficiency for the bike belong to the 100cc category 
  • The working engine is good and helps provide a smooth functioning 
  • The headlight ensures far-sightedness which ensures a safe travel too
  • It also has the capacity to carry a fairly good amount of weight 


  • The disc brakes are not a part of this best bike under 50,000
  • The instrument cluster of this two-wheeler is quite basic 

3. Tvs Sport Bike (The Best Bike Under 50000 INR)

To end the mastery of different producers in the fragment of the best bike under 50000 in India, TVS has not only leveled up its game but also has put forward a super new version of the TVS Sport. Along these lines, similar to some other bikes that are available in the market right now, this particular one additionally accompanies a 99.7cc, air-cooled, single-chamber motor, which can deliver 7.3bhp of intensity and 7.5Nm of torque. 

For doing the transmission obligations, the bike under 50,000 includes a 4-speed gearbox, which is very strong and effective, in short speaks for itself.  

The TVS Sport accompanies an inexact load of 109kg, which makes it simple for the riders so as to make use of it. Additionally, as the bike accompanies incredible ground freedom of 170mm, you can ride it even on the difficult street conditions. The seating position of the bicycle is additionally very tolerable and agreeable. 

For doing the suspension obligations at the front, TVS Sports accompanies adaptive forks, which are very basic among probably the least expensive bikes under a budget in India. However, at the back, it highlights 5-stage safeguards that are customizable and are uncommon among the bikes right now available under the price range of 50,000.

Round off price: 

Touching a price of Rs. 40,000

Key Points:

  • The mileage provided is good in comparison to the budget 
  • The look is variably good when compared to the other 100 cc bikes in the market 
  • An average height person might not face any problem while driving this best bike under 50000 INR
  • The seat is soft and comfortable for long journeys too
  • The headlight is also nice 


  • In the future, if you think of reselling the bike, you might not get a very good amount
  • The shift for the gear could have been smoother as well as better 
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4. Bajaj Platina 100 (41,000 INR approx.)

The Bajaj Platina 100 is one of the bikes which comes with an affordable price range. Bajaj is a known name when it comes to the production as well as the introduction of various kinds of two wheelers in the automobile industry. A single-cylinder engine is required for running the Platina 100 model. 

A 4-speed gearbox that can be run only manually is a part of this best bike under 50000 INR put forward in the market by the Bajaj company. The engine can help you attain a maximum speed of 95 kms per hour, all thanks to the presence of the economic conditions, too. 

The design of the bike comes inclusive of the wheels having alloys, a look which is strong enough and is able to shine during the day as well. The length, height as well as the width of the bike measures 1990mm, 1090 mm as well as 770 mm respectively. Therefore, a person with an average height can drive this bike without facing any serious issues.  

Round off price:

Touching a price of Rs. 41,000

Key points:

  • The mileage provided is nothing except excellent
  • The power output being provided is also nice 
  • The pickup is also reliable 
  • Is easy to operate 
  • Alloy wheels are strong


  • The option of electric start is not available
  • Maintenance and care is required 
  • Engine creates sound if it is being run on a high speed 

5. Bajaj Ct 100 Bike (Rs. 33,000 to Rs. 51,000)

The CT100 of Bajaj is probably one of the most compelling motivations behind the gigantic achievement of the engine organization in the portion of 100cc bicycles. On account of this explanation, Bajaj has as of late presented another variation in the CT arrangement, CT110, for those individuals who need somewhat more force and better looks. This is under the head of the best bike under 50,000.  

As far as the design of the bike is concerned, the Bajaj CT110 accompanies nearly a similar structure as CT100. Yet, in the event that you look carefully, at that point you will have the option to take note of a couple of changes to a great extent, which will assist you with differentiating between those two. 

In contrast to its predecessor, the Bajaj CT110 gets new tank cushions, fork gaiters, and engaging designs. It likewise accompanies a thicker-looking seat and combination wheels, which the CT100 required on the customers’ demand. As one of the modest and the best bike under 50,000 in India, CT110 gets the intensity of run from a 115cc, air-cooled, carbureted motor, which can create an intensity of 8.6bhp at 7000rpm and a torque 9.81bhp at 5000rpm. 

For braking, the bicycle gets 130mm drum brakes both at the front and at the back. To complete the suspension of the bike easily, Bajaj has additionally included adaptive forks at the front and SNS safeguards at the back helping it emerging as the best bike under 50,000. 

Bajaj CT110 accompanies a better than average fuel tank with the limit of holding 10.5 liters of fuel, which is very useful for a suburbanite bicycle. Likewise, as one of the minimal effort bicycles in India, the bike gives a pleasant mileage of practically 90km/l in monetary conditions.

Round off price:

Ranges in between Rs. 33,000 to Rs. 51,000 

Key points:

  • This best bike under 50,000 comes along with a quite satisfactory fuel efficiency 
  • The price tag of the bike is fine too in exchange of the price 
  • The 115cc engine depicts a good performance
  • The tank capacity is nice
  • The bike is enabled to carry a fair amount of load as well 


  • The bike on a larger note lacks the designs which most of the modern bikes are designed with 
  • Apart from the design, the modern features are also a miss with this 

6. Hero Hf Deluxe Bike (Rs. 39,000) | Best Bike Under 50000 INR

It is a re-marked model of the Hero CD Deluxe, the creation of which was halted after Hero separated their ways with Honda. Along these lines, on the off chance that you analyze them based on their plan, at that point you will discover a lot of new things in HF Deluxe. 

As far as its appearance, the bicycle looks much preferred and sleek over its antecedent in view of the 3D illustrations. HF Deluxe has additionally gotten a multi-central reflector front light, which the previous needed. To make it look significantly progressively premium, Hero has likewise included amalgam wheels with the bicycle, which CD Deluxe didn’t highlight. 

Something else, which is new right now, its suspension framework. Legend has altogether redone this framework by giving adjustable forks at the front and swing-arm safeguards at the back. Be that as it may, as practically some other 100cc bicycle beneath 50000, HF Deluxe accompanies the equivalent 97.2cc, single-chamber motor, which creates an intensity of 8.24bhp and a torque of 8.05Nm at its maximum capacity. 

Additionally, the Hero Brand has also prepared a 4-speed gearbox with the bike to deal with the transmission obligations. In light of the fantastic mix of this effective motor and transmission framework, Hero HF Deluxe can give you surmised mileage of 80km/l in supportive conditions, economically.

Round off price:

The price fluctuates around a base amount of Rs. 39,000

Key points:

  • The price of the bike is affordable and the the maintenance is not an issue too
  • The electric start option is available 
  • The system for transmission is commendable 
  • The exterior and design is something to look out for 
  • This best bike under 50,000 is lightweight 
  • It is not heavy and thus the handling becomes issueless even if the roads are packed and there is a lot of traffic 


  • The feature of the disk brakes is absent 
  • There is a lack of some of the modern features as well 

7. Honda Cliq Bike Under 50000 INR

When discussing Honda’s best bike under 50,000, the primary name that rings a bell is the Honda Cliq. Like Honda Activa 4G, Cliq additionally gets a shiny carbon-fiber finish on its plastic boards. Be that as it may, to make the Cliq look one of a kind, Honda has utilized an alternate paint plot in that particular part well. 

The arrangement of the headlamp and markers right now to some degree like that of Honda Dio. In this way, as far as structure, you can say that Honda has taken motivations from various different spots. Cliq gets the intensity of running from a 109.19cc, air-cooled motor, which is regular among the best bikes under 50000. This motor is known to be effective and can create 8bhp of max force and 8.94Nm of pinnacle torque. Along these lines, with this incredible engine, you will have the option to accomplish a top speed of 83km/h, which is very good for a suburbanite bike. 

The slowing mechanism of the bicycle comprises two 130mm drum brakes, one of which is set at the front and the other at the backside of the bike. Suspension obligations of the vehicle are finished by two spring-stacked water-powered safeguards, which are strong. 

Like practically all the running bicycles in India under a budget, Cliq highlights one beginning instrument and an upkeep free battery. To make their bike progressively productive, Honda has likewise included some other viable highlights, for example, AHO and Viscous Air Filter framework. 

Therefore, if you are searching for a bike which is the least expensive bicycle in India,then Honda Cliq can be a good option for sure. 

Round off price:

The fluctuating price of this best bike under 50,000 revolves around Rs. 45,000

Key points:

  • This bike has a large floorboard 
  • The seat of this is long enough and has good width, too
  • The tyre pattern ensures proper safety even if the condition of the roads is not very good
  • There are as many as 3 colour variants available 
  • This is considered as one of the best picks as long as the short rides are concerned 


  • The alloy wheels are a miss in the model 
  • Also, the disc brakes are not a part of this bike 
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8. Hero Pleasure + 110 Bike (Rs. 47,000)

So when it comes to trying the best bike under 50,000 the activas never fail to give a tough competition to the standard idea of bikes. The invention of activas has done good to a larger chunk of people. So, in order to purchase a bike under a budget of Rs. 50,000, the Hero Pleasure + 110 is one considerable option for you. 

The look of this two-wheeler is stylish and is equipped with an engine of 110cc which is a single cylinder one. The run of this bike is very smooth on the roads. There are the bottom link forks present at the front side of the bike as well as the swing arm absorbers at the back for the suspension duties. Also, you no longer need to kick start because of the availability of the self start option. 

Additionally, you won’t face an issue while handling the bike for it is light in weight. The weight also cuts the issue of its handling in roads which are full of traffic. Height of a person is not even an obstacle because the dimensions of the bike are good enough to suit almost all the people. However, the braking system of the bike could have been better. Afterall, safety is most important. 

Round off price: 

Is available at a fluctuating price of Rs. 47,000

Key points:

  • For daily use, this is the best bike under 50,000
  • The weight is light so traffic on the road does not bother the handling of the bike 
  • The quality of the structure is commendable 


The braking system of the bike is not very good 

The headlight of the bike could have been more strong and powerful. This becomes an issue while driving at night. 

9. Tvs Scooty Pep Plus (Best Bike Under 50000 INR)

With the introduction of Scooty Pep around the time of 2003, TVS attempted to catch the consideration of the young ladies. From that point forward, as a result of the in-vogue looks and nice shading plan, the bike turned out to be celebrated and owned by many women within just a brief time.

Hence, the organization later chose to patch up its structure and propelled Scooty Pep Plus to build the popularity of the best bike under 50,000 to a significantly higher level. 

Like its senior model, the Scooty Pep Plus accompanies an 87.8cc, air-cooled motor, which is equipped for producing a maximum intensity of 5bhp and 6Nm of torque. TVS has additionally incited their technology of Ecotrust with the engine to improve its products much more. 

Like a large portion of different best bikes under 50000 in India, the particular one utilizes the adjustable forks in the front side as well as the mono-safeguards at the back in order to complete the suspension requirements. The breaking of the bicycle is finished by drum brakes on the two sides. 

Additionally, so as to guarantee the wellbeing of the riders, TVS has upheld the stopping mechanism of Pep Plus with the Synchronized Braking Technology. Alongside this, Scooty Pep Plus also includes various other present-day attentive features like a versatile charger attachment, under-seat stockpiling, as well as a glove box, too. 

Round off price:

Surrounding an estimate of Rs. 43,000

Key points:

  • The comes no issue while handling
  • The engine is supportive and strong 
  • The seat height is complementing
  • Is not heavy in weight
  • There are different colour schemes available to choose from


  • A lot of work on the suspension could have been done
  • The look does not match well with the ongoing trends and preference of the potential customers 

10. Hero Pleasure (Rs. 45,000), Best Bike Under 50000 INR

A predecessor of the Hero Pleasure + model, the Hero Pleasure is another pick as the best bike under 50,000. The main thing to be noted is that the pleasure as well as the pleasure + models stand different from each other in terms of the braking system as well as the engine. 

The engine of this model is of 102cc and has the ability to generate a power of 5.15kW. As a scooter, this is a good thing, however, under the head of the bikes, you may tend to shift to better options. 

There is a bottom link damper which is placed at the front as well as the unit swing absorber which is placed at the back of this scooter. The braking capacity comes with 2 units of 130 mm each equally distributed at the front as well as at the back. There is an IBS system too, in the bike, for ensuring an improvised level of security and safety.

The fuel tank can only hold upto 5 litres of petrol. But a mileage of 65 kmpl is known to be offered under economic conditions favouring the ride. 

Round off price:

Revolving around Rs. 45,000 in range 

Key points:

  • The working of the engine is smooth 
  • There are more than 7 colour schemes available for this Hero model 
  • There is a huge luggage box 
  • The seat is smooth as well as comfortable 


  • There are no disc brakes in this Hero model 
  • The console is not of the modern era
  • The engine begins to vibrate if the scooter is being run on a high speed 

The customers always have a good market to choose the best bike under 50000 to choose from. You’ll be able to make a better choice if you already are sure about the kind of bike you wish to own. Therefore, it’s time to bring out the explorer within you and put it to work!