Best Architecture Software for Architects

Best Architecture Software for Architects is a hard choice to make. The reasons to look for architecture and plan designing software can be different for different people…

You may contact an architecture student looking to enhance your skills by practising virtually. It saves material and money as a layman seeking to chalk out a floor plan for a new house, or merely interested in juxtaposing room locations and walls to get an idea of how they would look in actuality if built.

Architecture software can help prevent regretful experiences later when the home has been constructed a wrong way, costly and a considerable headache for the house’s persons. When clear about how you want your home to be built, there will likely be errors in construction, which can only be guaranteed using excellent architectural software.

For whichever purpose we need architecture software, the internet provides a range of software, and come most of them are free of cost as desirable to us. The following is the list of the top free architecture software, to be downloaded online.

DesignWorkshop Lite

The software gives a 3D design for home and floor plans and any landscape to be seen in a realistic model. The interface is user-friendly and permits features like lengthening, elevation, projection, zoom in and out, adding names to materials and objects with a visual walkthrough experience. Text messages can be added for freely make drawings using a virtual pencil. Geometric shapes of circles and rectangles are readily available with cut-copy options. Users can import backdrop images in JPG, PICT, GIF, and a few other standard formats.

The software is not ideal for floor plans to be used to create one. Users have complaints about more than necessary mouse control and lack of sophisticated designing tools. This software is excellent for viewing 3D images of a given space without advanced architecture solution. The simple UI is ideal for a not very experienced person in editing and designing online.

My Virtual Home

This is excellent software specifically for those who want to envision and plan what their home will look like. It shows an actual rendering of the effect type of construction of say, walls, doors, bathrooms, and the home’s layout and structure. This software provides creative and interactive models of objects, surfaces, and materials and determines the look of lightning in different parts of the format. Those who don’t want to hire an architect, or want to get an idea of what they want their home to look like to instruct the architect likewise; this software is perfect. Moreover, it is free of cost. It has details of material and service suppliers alongside- how to contact them, the rates charged etc.- so you don’t have to go hunting for a supplier separately once you’ve selected and liked a material. Not only building supplies but also home decoration and garden supplies are provided.

A drawback of perfect software is that it was created to target an Australian audience. Suppose residing in Australia, the cost of materials offered, as well as the suppliers. It won’t be of any good to you. This software is terrific for designing, but it is not designed to adapt and cater worldwide, so that’s a big con for us.

AutoCAD Architecture

This is explicitly oriented towards budding architects and established architects. Filled with advanced tools, the software provides precision in detail, easy drafting and smoothly creating designs. AutoCAD Architecture came in two versions, namely, paid and free trial. It offers professional architectural tools. A free version is only for practice which any architect or aspiring architect can use to get an overview of the software. The paid version is worth the one-time expenses. It is fully compatible with Windows ( both 32 bit and 64 bit). The software is unique because the drawings created can demonstrate real-life behaviour- smooth material displayed as soft, rougher material shown as grainy. The extra cool effect for the architects can make.


This software is fastly gaining popularity after Google gave its name to SketchUp. SketchUp comes in many versions like SketchUp Make and SketchUp Pro- users can choose whichever version they feel suitable to their requirements. SketchUp has faced criticism for limitations. It cannot recognizes a shape that is not straight cut like rectangles or circles but has a unique body of its own. The performance issues slow down the speed functioning of the software and complaints.

But it offers add-ons and a forum to provide free and timely help with outstanding features to offer. It is straightforward to learn, generates clear 3D images, allows you to take charge of flooring, woodworking, creating additional fixtures like the garage, deck, shed, etc. Every surface, object, and material come with a unique texture. Lack of accuracy is a problem, although developers are working hard to fix it. SketchUp might become famous. The biggest pro of the software is its user-friendly interface.

Revit Architecture

This one is free for all students and education-related professionals. Revit also provides a free three-year license to use the software to all other users, which is excellent. The free membership makes the software the best option in the field for architecture students. Highly structured and professional, it can save any changes instantly and help in modifying the landscape/plan to give an ideal experience. Accuracy is a central plus point with this software. It guarantees to provide designs neat and free of errors. Users can design structure for viewing it in 3D form. It can draft swiftly with an oversee on the building process. It keeps a watch from the start of construction to demolition of parts to be removed.

It is well defined and clear cut in approach. Revit is not for new learners and layman planning to build homes. An experienced person with architectural and design knowledge can utilize Revit to create buildings, fixtures, and additional detailing.


ArchiCAD is also an outstanding architectural software that provides high-quality designing and efficient performance if you don’t mind paying. Though ArchiCAD delivers a free trial is like AutoCAD, users have paid full version to be the only version worth trying or using. The trial does not provide so many features to the user.

Many users don’t want to pay for using software when they’re unsure about it and rely on a trial version to decide. It is free software which is similar to SketchUp in its simplicity and basic rendering. Still, while DreamPlan offers a minimal and unsophisticated object, tools and materials, SketchUp is far more creative with the options it provides. SketchUp is user-friendly to give it edge over DreamPlan.

MicroStation is a highly recommended architecture software by the architects because it offers a stable interface to work. Users still complain of software lagging a lot and lead to performance issues for the computer. Software that crawls frequently and causes disruption in a workflow is not preferable.

It is a tough choice which is to be made, for suitable software from all the architecture software offered on the internet. Still, cost, reliability, performance and suitability to one’s needs are the most significant and most important factors one has to remember. While it may feel great not paying for software, paid software is better in functioning and servicing. But when they do not want to spend any money, they can easily use any of the software mentioned in the list above and bear whatever flaws it comes with as long as they are reasonable.