Best American Cities for Retirees


Deciding on retirement is one of the biggest decisions youíll ever make. Youíre about to enter a new stage of life with new freedoms and needs. Itís important to choose the right city in which to spend your retirement.

Remember that itís not always about the cost. Whether you have ample retirement savings or are living on social security, you canít focus on price alone.

ďQualitative factors such as safety and the composition of the population (i.e., amount of residents who are retired) are very important, too,Ē Andrew DePietro, a head researcher at told CNBC after performing a survey of what retired residents look for in desirable cities.

The survey also indicated that residents want the following:

  • Safe neighborhoods
  • A high percentage of seniors living in the area
  • High livability scores
  • Cost of living for seniors

These were the top four priorities, and other surveys largely agree with these categories. With this in mind, here are some of the top cities for American retirees to call home.

Scottsdale, AZ

According to, Scottsdale, AZ if the top place to retire in the United States. This northeastern suburb of Phoenix offers dozens of amenities and perks for retirees, including bars, restaurants, golf courses, parks, coffee shops, and lovely accommodations. Itís a great family-friendly place for those hoping to entertain grandchildren throughout the year.

Scottsdale real estate tends to be pricey, but itís one of the best cities in the state for comfortable living. Homes tend to be equipped with all the best features, and there are thousands of condos for sale as well. A Scottsdale condo is the perfect place for a retiree seeking a smaller space without sacrificing amenities.

Fort Myers, FL

Florida is easily one of the most popular destinations for retirees, but not all cities are conducive to senior living. Some are exorbitantly priced, overcrowded with young partiers, and overhyped.

Fort Myers, on the other hand, makes a great place to retire. Not only are home prices fabulous, but the weather is moderate all year. Youíll have your fill of beaches to visit and affordable shopping centers to frequent with more just an hourís drive from the city.

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hereís another excellent destination for seniors seeking a paradisaical home. Home prices are a little higher than the national average, but considered manageable for those with a decent retirement savings. Plus, thereís a high population of retirees.

Virginia Beach is part of 38 miles of luscious beaches. The shores are beautiful with quiet beaches to explore, quaint shopping districts, outdoor recreation opportunities, and quiet night life. Its perfect for those aiming to spend their final years relaxing in nature, away from the hustle of the city.

Lancaster, PA

It may come as a surprise to learn that U.S. News recently rated Lancaster, PA as the best place to retire in the United States. Lancaster is a beautiful area, but certain parts of the city can be sketchy, and schools have not always been highly rated.

However, drastic improvements have been made to this scene, including a decrease in housing prices. The median home price for retirees is just under $200,000, making it a highly affordable destination.

Besides that, the overall happiness index of the cityís residents has risen significantly in the last decade, largely thanks to the easily accessible amenities, excellent healthcare, and recreational opportunities. The city is surrounded by Amish farmland and includes dozens of historic sites worth visiting.

Metairie, LA

Retirees seeking an urban location without the rush hour traffic and dog-eat-dog pace will enjoy Metairie, LA, a quaint suburb of New Orleans. Youíll have your choice of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, parks, golf courses, and more without having to enter the big city.

Metairie is a very diverse area of the country, and itís perfect for those who enjoy nightlife. Although many families make their home here, itís more attractive to young professionals and retirees looking to enjoy the city without kids in tow.

The list of great places to retire in the U.S. could go on and on, but these are some of the top choices that you may not have considered. Remember, itís not all about the costóyouíve worked hard your whole life, and now itís time to enjoy life to its fullest.