How To Keep Up The Surfacing Need Of The 2.1 Speakers In India | 10 Best 2.1 Speakers In The Market.

2.1 speakers

In this article, we are going to discuss the complete list of 2.1 speakers in India.

Music is not about lyrics but the power that enlightens one’s soul. For the elderly the sacred chants are music, for youngsters’ pop, rock is music. Music is euphoria to one’s mind and heart. Imagine those long night drives, overnight parties, a blissful dinner night with our parents or those romantic evening dances with our partners won’t be the same without good music. Whether it’s a car or house we need to have an extra set of bass and power output to enhance our joyful experience. 

But what makes a good song or a movie better it’s ‘the speakers’. Good voice quality can only be attained through good speakers and what’s on the top of the list these days is 2.1 Speakers. A great money satisfaction comes by investing in these speakers. It is time to upgrade to a higher quality music experience for laptops, desktops, tablets, LCD(s), home theaters, etc. Why do we always prefer to watch movies in theaters and listen to music in closed doors, it all comes under quality sound? It’s always worth it to spend a few extra bucks for that sound quality depth. 

What are 2.1 Speakers?

In order to get a similar experience which we tend to get from the movie halls as well as the good music shops, an investment with the 2.1 speakers is a considerable option. But, before putting your money into a device, it is important for you to have a fair idea about the same. 

As the name suggests 2.1 Speakers consists majorly of two speakers and one subwoofer for extra bass. These soundbars provide true quality with just a couple of adjustments at a very pocket-friendly price. The extra subwoofer is solely invested in making bass at an ample amount. Music reproduction is one of the striking factors of these speakers. Whether you are a gamer or a music fanatic you are in need of these 2.1 Speakers which resonate a human as well as the pet-friendly environment. We install woofers for that extra sound quality so why skip woofers while installing speakers at our home.

Why 2.1 Speakers?

By now, many of you might actually be thinking about the exact need of owing the 2.1 speakers. Firstly, let me tell you that the use of 2.1 speakers is not just bound to having a good experience while watching movies or listening to songs. 

Multitasking is the new requirement of our ever-growing tech-driven society so why lag in our daily essentials like home and office speakers. Computers are new-gen technology which is used for playing games, watching movies, listening to music, etc., but the only thing that lags is the low sound quality from those inbuilt laptop and desktop speakers. These 2.1 Speakers provide refreshing sound quality. The best investment is that it gives ‘value for money’ and these speakers provide customer satisfaction in this department. These speakers have added on features like a headphone jack, control pads, bass volume knobs, etc. Stylish appearance with comforting sound quality looks very classy in your office and home spaces. To add to the beauty of this beast is the low installation requirement.

List Of The Best 2.1 Speakers Available In India

By now, I am quite sure that you are quite familiar with the storyline of the 2.1 speakers with respect to what is their function as well as what all does it have to offer to the people having their hands on them. So, if you don’t wish to miss out on any chance on trying these speakers, we’re giving you a list of the Top 10 best 2.1 speakers to guide you through on buying the best one. Not only the names but like a good friend, we’ve done some extra homework for you. The list along with some of the impeccable features is as follows:

1. Logitech Z313 2.1 Speaker System

Logitech is one of the leading companies which provides the best technology. The black and silver color complements the home and office designs of many people. The compact subwoofer gives balanced and enhanced bass which is promised under Rs. 5000 for 2.1 speaker system.

It can be connected to your system via 3.5 mm wire and has control in our hands using a wired control pad. It is sleek in design (Height x Width x Depth: 146.2 mm x 89.4 mm x 81.0 mm) which complements your room setup. It is most suited for home theater options, providing the best voice quality because of a bigger woofer which provides ample bass to resonate around the room corners. It is easily available in markets making it accessible at door to door deliveries.

Key features and Pros:

  • 50 Watts Peak/25 Watts RMS power tweeter
  • Connects to any device via the 3.5mm input like Television, Computer, Smartphone, Tablet, Music player, etc.
  • Hand controlled
  • Best to enhance PC speakers
  • Hand-wired so safe from pets
  • Has video game console adapter


  • Hardwired are not foldable so creates a little mess

2. Sony HT-XT2 2.1 Channel Sound Base

Sony is a well-known brand in every household. With two tweeters and one sub tweeter inbuilt, this is one the most promising 2.1 speakers which can connect to the TV(s) up to 140 cm (55”). It looks like a sleek cd player which can easily blend with a tv cabinet having enough room to fit in, all under 10000. The add-on feature about this room-filling nature is it being wireless. You can connect it to your home network and internet music streaming with built-in Wi-Fi or connect through Bluetooth with your smartphones.

Key features and Pros:

  • Wi-Fi with DLNA for music streaming
  • Spotify compatible
  • Can connect to speakers in other rooms with Sony Pal Link and create a multi-speaker system
  • Best for Home cinema setup
  • Stream with Chromecast built-in


  • Sound quality might get affected in bigger rooms
  • Dialogues in movies might not be that clear

3. Bose Acoustimass 5 Series V Stereo Speaker System:

It is a perfect black beauty with quality sound. Bose is one of the leading brands providing quality in the sound department. The Bose Acoustimass 5 series v 2.1 has two finely tuned with direct reflecting cube speakers that can be attached to your home theater or stereo. The 6.25-inch cubes are nearly invisible but produce high-quality room-filling sound. 200 Watts speakers and 100 Watts amplifiers deliver astonishing sound effects for your games, movies, and songs.

Key features and Pros:

  • The small satellite with a good sound quality
  • Bluetooth friendly
  • Capability to handle highs and lows without distortion 
  • Comes in black and white color


  • No internal power for the subwoofer

4. Edifier S350DB Bookshelf Speaker and Subwoofer 2.1 Speaker System:

This Edifier 2.1 system consists of tiny satellite speakers and a subwoofer. S350DB provides a massive subwoofer best suited for bookshelf speakers. It is your device if you want Bluetooth, RCA, optical, coaxial or AUX friendly systems. The satellite units are 6.1*5*8.5 inches which make compact speakers most suited for desks. Wireless remote helps to switch between inputs and control playback like play, pause and skip. 8-Inch Subwoofer is activated during the playback compensates for rumbling lows. Side Panel Bass Reflex Port enhances bass sound.

Key features and Pros:

  • Three buttons for bass, treble, and volume
  • Wireless remote control
  • Titanium dome tweeters
  • Best suited for living rooms
  • High volume control
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Additional bass port
  • Wooden cabinet design


  • Bulky 
  • The circular remote is not handy

5. Cyber Acoustics 2.1 Computer Speaker with Subwoofer

Low in price and high on performance is Cyber Acoustics 2.1 Computer Speaker. It is one of the best investments for PC speakers that are known to be one of the best available choices if you are buying it on a budget. Being available in the market under a price tag of Rs. 5,000, the Cyber Acoustics 2.1 speakers are worth every penny you spend on it. With 62-Watt peak power and 30-Watt RMS, these speakers provide amazing sound at any volume level fitting for a large room at office or home. It consists of a control pod for adjusting volume. A 3.5 mm aux input helps connect your cell phone, tablet, MP3 player, or gaming system. a 5.25-inch subwoofer provides those extra powerful and optimal experiences in the audio section. The front section of the speakers has a passive bass section providing sound clarity.

Key features and Pros:

  • Travel friendly
  • Satellite speaker separation with long wires
  • Highly capable speakers at low price
  • The subwoofer is made of wooden material with 25-inch drivers


  • Low bass at lower volumes

6. Harman Kardon Sound sticks III 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker System with Subwoofer

Stellar looks and stellar performance come handy with this Harman Kardon Sound sticks III 2.1 Speaker System. It is made of transparent plastic material adding to the appeal to watch the internal components of the speakers giving a futuristic vision of technology. It has a 1-watt satellite speaker with a 1-inch driver with base rings which helps you adjust satellite angles. These satellites are connected to open ports on the bottom of the 10.2×9.2-inch subwoofer.

To add the good performance is hissing on sibilant consonants and very little audible static between tracks. This 2.1 speaker is very powerful while playing mp3 music tracks, online gaming sessions with your friends. Sonic clarity and bass rumble are some of the key points for these speakers.

Key features and Pros:

  • Four drivers in each satellite with a large subwoofer to pump extra bass
  • Height adjustment feature according to your choice
  • Cables wrapped in housing stuff to protect humans and pets.
  • Zero distortion


  • No headphone jacks

7. Arion Legacy AR504LR-BK 2.1 Speaker System

Arion Legacy AR504LR-BK 2.1 Speaker System is one bulky piece of technology made to impress customers with its fine audio quality which overwhelms its user with its beauty. It is a 35-Watt PMS and 70-Watt peak amplifier providing life-changing experience in the sound region.

Spectrum sound ranging from 20 Hz to 20 kHz promises low harmonic distortion. Wooden subwoofers and satellites provide accurate sound reproduction for home and office spaces.

It is best compatible with desktop PC, laptops, tablets and smartphones. It has a wireless remote so that users have full audio control. The subwoofer features an integrated LCD display with a digital equalizer and AUX input jack. 

Key features and Pros:

  • Professional kit at a minimal price of 5000/-
  • Best compatible for online gaming and home theater
  • High bass and good sound quality
  • Glow-effect on speakers when switched on


  • Less durability 

8. Creative SBS A250 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System

Computers come with inbuilt speakers, but the speakers quite are usually weak. Creative SBS A250 2.1 Speaker System provides value to these poor-quality PC speakers. It comes with two satellite speakers and a flat panel subwoofer that provides deep bass.

Cyber acoustics is a boon as it has high-power amp and low-distortion technology for high volume with clarity. The dual slot enclosure provides improved frequency distribution. This budget-friendly speaker is a must buy.

Key features and Pros:

  • 5.25-inch subwoofer and two drivers provide crystal clear sound.
  • Wooden cabinet speakers are nothing less than a beauty placed in your living room.
  • These speakers come with a control pod for the volume and bass.
  • Internal power supply.
  • AUX connectivity.
  • Lengthy speaker cables.
  • High quality under 4000/- makes it very affordable


  • Not durable
  • Ver basic with limited connectivity

9. Bose Companion 5 Multimedia Speaker System:

Missing those movie and game nights in hostel rooms with a low-quality laptop and desktop speakers. Here’s a solution from Bose i.e. Companion 5 Multimedia Laptop/Desktop 2.1 Speaker. This is a set of small and compact speakers with a single USB cable that connects to all your laptops and computer.

These speakers come with a control pod for volume and bass control. These speakers are majorly designed for 5.1 encoded music, games and movies. This is equivalent to a five-speaker system without all those clustered wires around your computer.

This consists of TrueSpace Digital Processing Circuitry which provides an immersive experience. The compact size of these speakers makes it space-friendly in that compact area of your house. The stand supporting these speakers makes them look good on your computer side.

Key features and Pros:

  • Aux port supporting all kind of inputs
  • Clear and distorted voice quality even at maximum volume.
  • Comes at the price range of 20000/-
  • Satellite arrays assembled with stands
  • Desktop, Laptops, and smartphones friendly
  • Excellent bass
  • USB connectivity 


  • A bit expensive
  • The bass adjustment can a pain 

10. Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 THX Certified Computer Speaker System

The ProMedia 2.1 THX-Certified, three-piece computer audio system from Klipsch transforms your desktop into a high-performance audio entertainment center.

It consists of 35-Watt satellite speakers and 130-Watt subwoofer to enhance sound quality. It promises higher quality bass for your favorite music, movies, and games.

It resonates at a frequency of 31 Hz. This speaker has high clarity and frequency that makes it highly compatible with CD and MP3 players.

This digital-hybrid-amplifier-driven 2.1 speaker comes with a headphone jack and dual stereo analog inputs for more than one hard-wired connection to a computer and one for portable audio devices like player and recorder. This provides sound reproduction and is THX certified establishing standards for film editing.

Key features and Pros:

  • Three-piece computer audio system
  • THX-certified
  • The price tag at which it is available for purchase in the market is around Rs. 20,000
  • 200-watt digital hybrid amplifier driven ProMedia 2.1 incorporates a convenient headphone jack
  • Mini Plug input
  • Compatible with laptop, smartphone, tablet
  • 31 Hz to 20 kHz frequency
  • Clear mid and high frequency
  • Headphone jack


  • The price cap for this particular model of the 2.1 speakers in India might be tagged as expensive. There won’t be a large chunk of people who would be ready to shed out an amount nearing the price range of the speakers to try them, especially the first-timers. 

So, moving now, there is likely to be one more probable thought in your mind being a customer. We’ve tried to sail you through the various kinds of features which are being offered by the 2.1 speakers. But, being a first-timer, you might not be as indulged in purchasing the best speakers. Now, here’s a tip for you. Read on! 

How to choose speakers?

Speakers are the most popular electronic item for that theater-like music experience. Quality and price should go hand in hand. Buying good speakers is an important investment that should serve both practical and frivolous needs. Tech geeks generally spend hours on the internet searching for the best buy by comparing features of various 2.1 speakers available and their prices across all the platforms. But what if you are no tech-geek? No issue, here are some striking features to keep in mind before buying that one speaker for your home and office space:

  • Price
  • Warranty
  • Size
  • Wireless or wired
  • Bass quality
  • Compatibility with other electronic devices
  • Frequency according to use
  • Easy installation
  • Durability
  • Check for resistance and speakers ability to perform in open and closed surroundings


When looking for ‘the speaker’ you should always consider all the segments the product has to offer. Version 2.1 speakers are the new-gen technology that is both useful and available at affordable prices. It’s not exactly cheap, but you will be paying for excellent build quality, sound, and design. An important factor while buying speakers is to fit adequately in the space of your requirements.

If purchasing from a store ask for professional help always and not simply shy away. You are going to invest your hard-earned money, after all. All you need to do is walk up to the store professional to suggest it to you after you share your room size and usage with him/her.

On the other hand, if you are planning to buy the speakers online, then you should pick up your mobile phone and thus take help from your tech-geek friend. They’ll be your blessing in this time of need.

Always take into consideration the innovation the brand is offering while upgrading from one product to another. The speaker that’s right for you offers you all those advantages, pros and cons in their own way in a different range of money, value, and features. Whether your devices are travel-friendly or space-friendly or both should be your choice.

Well to conclude our list about buying the best quality 2.1 speakers consider all your specifications. The brand doesn’t always promise quality so to choose only after comparing with devices of similar ranges to features offered.