Belts : The Best Buying Guide for Beginners

Belts : The Best Buying Guide for Beginners

Belts can not be taken for granted. They are the centre piece of the assemble, you are wearing. It must be sturdy to deal with the wear and tear of the day-to-day basis.

Belt should be a practical accessory in your wardrobe and must complements it too. You may check out some of them online at to get a glimpse of what is trending now-a-days and check the price of various belts, before going through the following buying guide.

Determining Your Belt Size

Bring the best-fitting belt when you go for shopping, if you already the best fir belt at home. You can pick the right size within no time if it is available in the shop.

If you have not brought your belt with you while shopping, it is better to add 2-3 in/cm to pants’ waist size for a quick estimate.

You can measure the best-fitting belt by laying it flat on the table and taking a sift measure scale; you can get the accurate size estimate. Start measuring from the far end of the buckle and to the sizing hole where you typically latch your belt. Round up to this measure to the closest even number as to get the fittest belt. For example, take 30.5 inches to 32 inches

Use a sizing chart, although they are not universal but can solve the purpose.


SizeMeasurement in InchesMeasurement in Cms


SizeMeasurement in InchesMeasurement in Cms

You may get the help of a belt-maker for the best fit. If you want to get a premium quality belt which fits perfectly, you can order it online too.

Selecting a Belt Style

Choose leather because

  • It is a multi-purpose belt
  • Good-quality black or brown pairs with everything
  • No wear-and-tear with regular use for years
  • Canvas and other fabrics are useful
  • Add colour to the wardrobe
  • Give style to the look
  • Don’t go for cheaper investment
WiderCasual1.5–1.75 in (3.8–4.4 cm) wide
ThinnerFormal1–1.5 in (2.5–3.8 cm) wide
  • Dressier pants possess smaller belt loops
  • Women’s belts are thinner than men’s belts, therefore subtract 0.25 in (0.64 cm) even further to get the suitable results for women
  • Belt’s colour must be chosen according to the shoes usually worn by you.
  • The Metal part of the belt must also be matched with the outfit or watch or cufflinks, buckles, etc.
  • The selected belt must have a stylish and easy to use a buckle. The buckle should be a tried and tested a safe choice as it is the basis of the secure lock.

Buying a Belt

  • You must spend some money definitely to get one or two good quality belt.
  • You must buy at least 2 pieces well-made belts that can work on all your garments.
  • It would be best if you tried the belt before buying to get an idea of its length and size of holes.
  • You may ask for extra holes if necessary.
  • You must be sure about the buckling mechanism.
  • Belt should be easy to manage and sturdy.
  • It will help if you go through the return policy before buying it online.
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