5 Apps Like KiK That Connects You To The World

When you think of the most popular messaging apps in the world, KiK Messenger comes into the mind instantly. With the rise of a huge number of spam accounts, many users are now leaving this messenger. If you are among those people then here we present to you top five apps like KiK.

1. WhatsApp

It’s a name that every person who is messaging anything to his or her friend, knows it well. Acquired by Facebook for over $17 Billion, this app boasts about its 900 million users around the world. Its features include messaging, provision to send documents/photos/contact/music/location, ability to call friends, etc.

You can download and use it for free for first 1 year and then you have to pay only $0.99 to continue using it. You can make groups to have the fun time with all your friends in one chat window, share memories in the form of images/videos/audio, etc. with them. WhatsApp also comes with a huge collection of emojis you can use for different moods and situations.

It is developed by WhatsApp, it’s compatible with smartphones with Android 2.1 or higher, iOS 6 or higher, Windows 8.0 or Higher.

2. Viber

Another well known mobile messaging platform is Viber, which uses your mobile number for registration, just like WhatsApp. Similar to WhatsApp, you can also chat, call, share videos/images/audios with your friends with Viber. You can also call those who don’t have Viber, but that will cost you.


You can add ViberOut credits anytime you want to call your friends. With lots of stickers and emojis, Viber also has free as well as paid packages emoticons.

Developed by Viber Media, it’s compatible with smartphones with Android 2.1 or higher, iOS 6 or higher, Windows 8.0 or Higher.

3. Line

Originating from Asia, Line started as a small messaging platform and went up to great heights regarding popularity and total users on different platforms. With unique stickers and funny stickers, Line has been the choice of many celebrities.


If you wish to follow your favorite celebrities, you can connect to their official accounts on Line. Whether it comes to chat, calls, sharing media files, you can get in touch with your friends for free. Another awesome feature is availability to play games with your friends with Line accounts.

It is developed by Line Corporation and is compatible with mobiles with Android 2.1 or higher, iOS 6 or higher, Windows 8.0 or Higher.

4. BBM

Blackberry Messenger, also knowns as BBM, was among the most famous and in-demand messenger, exclusive to Blackberry users. By launching BBM for various platforms, it is regaining its lost sheen. With unique BBM pins, you can connect to with your friends without sharing your mobile number which is a plus point over other messaging apps.


When it comes to secure, safe and fast transfer of documents, notes, media files, etc., to your friends, BBM is the best choice. You can also contact your BBM contacts and share location with them too.

Developed by Blackberry, it is compatible with multiple platforms like iOS 7.0 or higher, Android 2.3 or higher, Windows Phone 8.0 or higher.

5. SnapChat

If you are a fan of taking images and videos, SnapChat opens a different messaging experience altogether. You can snap a photo or capture a video, add text to it and can share it with your friends who can watch it for few seconds and the snap disappears automatically.

You can always have a face-to-face video chat with your friends via this app. Not so popular in the world except the US, this app has a considerably fewer number of users, but it’s gaining popularity every day.

It is developed by SnapChat and is compatible with iOS 7.0 or higher, Android 4.0 or higher.

With this, we end our list of 5 best apps like Kik. Checkout any one of them or more and do let us know about your experience. As always, we will be waiting for your comments and reviews.