21 Best Apps for Video Editing on Android & iOS

Do you know you can edit videos on your mobile device? Here are ten of the best video editing apps for Android and iOS. Although paid apps work great on both platforms, the free video editing apps are not far behind. They have all the necessary tools inside. Gone are those days when you had to wait till you move your video clip to your PC and get it edited on video editing software. Now we have tons of other options in apps that can make and do almost anything from your handheld devices. Let’s see which apps are worth installing on your mobile device for editing videos quickly.

Montaj (Free) – iOS

Montaj has a quick and clear interface that lets you shoot five second video clips. These clips can be arranged in storyboard with features of adding video filters and songs. By shaking your phone you can go in adventurous mode where a random song is added to your video footage.

iMovie (Paid) – iOS

With a 650MB installation, its one of the heaviest app that edits video for iOS devices. But it’s worth it,  and I strongly recommend this app for every iOS device. This app makes it easy to splice footage, add music/titles, photos and voiceovers plus it provide TV-style classic templates for effects similar to movie trailers.

Price : $4.99

Movie Edit Touch – Windows Phone

This app transforms your tablet into a mobile movie studio! With Movie Edit Touch you can now edit your videos right where you filmed them and for free: At the beach, on the go with friends or while celebrating with your family.

Windows 10 tablets and Movie Edit Touch unite to make the perfect combination. Film awesome scenes with your tablet or import footage from your camera’s SD card.

Trim and arrange your clips and add your favorite music. Automatically or manually correct the brightness, contrast and color in your recordings with the app. You can also create spectacular slideshows with Movie Edit Touch using your own photos.

Share your completed videos with others online, for example, on YouTube.

Price : (Free + in-app purchases)

Replay – iOS

If you wish to create beautiful videos to upload on Instagram, Replay will be your best choice as this app is developed for heavy Instagram users. It can turn images and videos into brilliant movies with seamless transitions, well synced with music. With a variety of tools and filters, you can make videos from the gallery, iCloud and even record through the app. For more features you will have to buy the premium version.

Splice – iOS

If you need desktop quality tools, then Splice is the video editing app which we recommend. It is quite simple to use and available free. It gives the ability to mix and match video, music and photos to create brilliant videos. It also provides audio and video timeline for precise control and easy editing. If you want more editing features, you can go for in-app purchase.

Pinnacle Studio (Paid) – iOS

Pinnacle will provide you that extra professional touch that all the above app lacks in. So, if you want to take it to next level by adding picture in picture, complex transitions, placing captions and titles at a location desired, then this app is for you. Although you will have to wait for the renderings once the edit is done, that means it’s slow compared to other apps.

Magisto (FREE) – iOS | Android

A very intuitive app that suggests itself to be a movie maker. Magisto has all the basic editing features like trimming, adding transitions, filter and adding music in background etc. A nice free app that is also lightweight on your mobile device.

PowerDirector – Android

Use the best video editor app with the power of timeline video editing, heaps of cool free video effects and all the features you expect from a movie maker including voice over to produce and share Full HD holiday videos to share on YouTube or even Vine!

Edit footage you record on your GoPro or smartphone just like you would using iMovie, Magisto or Final Cut. This quick, free video editor app is a Full HD movie maker complete with video effects, transitions, and voice over video capability.

Rotate, split or trim video in a matter of seconds. Create your own Full HD mini motion picture with easy to apply video fx and transitions, and complete it with your own voice over or audio soundtrack.

Price : (Free + in-app purchases)

Adobe Premiere Clip (Free) | iOS |Android

When it comes to best video editor apps, Adobe Premiere Clip is at the top level. With its wide array of features such as the ability to automatically create videos using images and video. You can also edit your own videos manually by utilizing its various tools, effects along with the music. This app allows you to use your music which can be a difficult process for some users. It also performs sync function along with working with Adobe Premiere Pro by which you can start any project on one app while continuing in the other.

Funimate (Free) | Android

Funimate is quite a popular app, yet it is not a powerful video editing app. It is a great app for creating music videos or normal videos while utilizing the data on your own device. It comes with 15 video filers that also allow you to play with them, and the process of creation of videos is quite simple. Since it is available free of cost, you can certainly try it.

Movie Maker Filmmaker (Free) | Android

This app is especially designed for editing videos. You can easily crop, reorder, trim videos along with setting up focal points. It also provides an extensive variety of effects, and you can also design your custom made filters. It does have some bug issues, yet it is among the best video editing apps.

Quik (Free) | iOS |Android

This app belongs to a newer generation of video editing apps, and it is quite effective in case you need a simple app. It allows you to add around 50 photos and various video clips. The app will analyze everything and will create a short video based on these clips. It contains over 24 video styles. You can also reorder or customize your own video before you wish to export it.

VivaVideo | Android

VivaVideo is one of the apps which gets the job completed in a simpler way. It includes storyboard type editing which means that you can load, trim and edit your videos and then move on to next part. It comes with over 200 filters and other great effects along with fast and slow motion support. You have to buy it in case you don’t want any watermark of this software.

Price: Up to $4.49

Video Editor (Free) | Android

This editor is worth a try if you need a simple video editor that provides you the basic tools to carry out tasks like video trimming, organizing clip, and add music. You also get some extra features which allow you to add emoji and even text into your videos along with a wide range of video effects.

Videoshop (Free) | Android

Videoshop is a great video editor when it comes to simple video editing. It consists of great features which allow edits like trimming, adding music or doing basic editing. It also includes various transition animations, voice over recording, sound effects, etc.

VideoShow (Free) | Android

Counted among various powerful video editing app, it has a long list of great features. Along with basic editing, you get the ability to add a huge variety of effects. This includes stickers, themes, text and various other effects. It also allows you to record a voiceover in case you need it.

VQuick (Free) | Android

Built specifically for those users who are involved in making vlogs, journalism or social video content creator. It provides the basic features along with a built-in social network via which you can view other videos made by people. You can also create a self-destruct mode video which allows you to show the video and then have it deleted after viewing.

Viddy (Free) iOS | Android

Although its a basic video sharing app, but it gives you options to beautify video clips, adding soundtracks and adding filters. You have the ability to share your video with social networking sites like Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube and Twitter.

KineMaster – Android

KineMaster is the only full-featured video editor for Android, now with multi-layer video. With KineMaster 3.1, you can add video layers* to your project, allowing for true split-screen or picture-in-picture effects, and more.

From version 3.0, KineMaster has been extensively redesigned to reflect the latest in Android trends while maintaining ease in editing, and paving the way for new upcoming features.

The introduction of multiple layers for stickers and text in video clips, and additions such as the ability to crop video further enhances the flexibility of this already powerful mobile video editor.

Price : Free + In-app purchases.

Vidtrim (Free & Paid) AndroidPRO Version

With a good and handy interface, Vidtrim lets you to export files in a .MP4 format. In the free version you will have a watermark and normal non-HD quality. But with a PRO version you will be able to remove watermark permanently and video support of 1080p.