Best Android Games of 2018

After buying my first and anew Android device in 2017, it is time for me to play few games and review each of those and tell you guys which one I liked the most. I was desperate to test and play these games as my 4 GB RAM phone has to be tested to its core. So that I can recommend you guys the best phone under 10000 rupees (approx US $150).

Every game in the list is highly improved and polished as new games are getting better and better. So, if you are playing the old ones, then its time to change your favorite games with these new hot shots.

Gaming industry on mobile platforms have increased at a rapid pace and I am confident that this trend will be followed year after year and more games will be developed and they will surely break all the records previously set. (I hope you remember the Pokemon GO here).

Let’s start the list of top ten best Android games in the play store right at this moment!


Price: $4.99

With an RPG element, no nagging in-app purchases this intergalactic trucker has to make a base on a alien planet after a crash landing somehow. You will be find yourself collecting items and craft those items to save the world from a bad bad scenario. It give you auto-sorting facility for doing things easier, get a new life, win battles quests and more asyou can spend dozens of hours playing this highly indulging game.

Download Crashland

The Room Series

Price: $4.99

If you haven’t played any game from the room series than you are missing a lot of puzzle time. This game is certainly the best android games when it comes of puzzle games. It involves solving, unlocking objects to move from one room to another while you unlock many secrets. This solving and winning each room can now be saved in cloud storage and you can also have multiple profiles to play with. The graphics and puzzles are excellent and you will love the overall gaming mood on the game. Again no in-app purchases that we hate a lot.

Download The Room Three


Price: $3

Its a casual game that is mostly liked by old-school hardcore gamers that like playing in the monochromatic zone and those who love the shooting arcade. In this game your player will be decended towards down a well, you can slow his speed with the help of bullet-blasting gun-boots or by chewing the enemies below. Your reaction has to be quick and you have to keep moving to progress in the game. With power-ups in between you will surely love the pixelated stuff beneath.


Download Downwell


Price: $2.99

This new game is all about saving your seat in Kings palace. You are a King at start and your reign is in danger due to some decision making scenarios in which you have to decide and take a decision to use and manage resources of your kingdom. The resources should be used in proportion and in a manageable way, so that you can survive as a King. So, if you are looking to kill some time, then this game is just for you.

Download Reigns

Fallout Shelter

Price: Free (in-app purchases)

Released in 2015 Fallout Shelter is all about keeping your shelter in place. The dev team has done super work to keep this game up to date and you can play it for months before you realise that this game has in-app purchases. In this game you need to make shelter, manage people, populate them, keep bad guys away, create community, make babies and all kind of stuff. New content has been added by developers to keep this game fresh till now.

Download Fallout Shelter

The Trail

Price: Free

A journey across the unknown that is really delightful and has a lot of exploration, building and collection things in your way. A nice and easy game that will keep you glued as if you were born to play this game only. Its highly addictive for people that love to explore things and find interesting items in their life.

Download Trail

Chameleon Run

Price: $2

A side-scrolling game that is possible the best on Android right now. In this game you will run and ditch the endless platform-hopping while you play easy to difficult stages along the way. You can change the color of your hero from yellow to pink and you need to land on a platform that is of same color. So, dodge obstacles, switch colors and enjoy the game with surprises along the way.

Download Chameleon Run

Sky Force Reloaded

Price: Free (in-app purchases)

I would consider this game as the year’s best. If you have played its previous version Sky Force 2014, you will know what I mean. This reloaded version has some coolest graphics, frantic gameplay and a intense attraction that will make you play for hours.This vertical scrolling shoot’em up game features epic battle in a warship that navigate and shoots the enemies in laser-blasting tanks, helicopters and turrets. You have to stay untouched throughout a mission to clear levels from easy to hard. Really fun game to play at any time of the day.

Download Sky Force Reloaded

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions

Price: $9.99

One of the most popular indie games ever made, that has quite large fanbase, it has now the 3D maps in this new version that are connected with shapes to make it more interesting and challenging. You have 12 battle modes, 100 levels and fifteen 3D grids. With no in-app purchases, this mobile game has all the super abilities of HD colorful explosions to get your brain into a mind blowing zone.

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions

Download Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions

Price: Free

The all time favorite game Snakes is bases of that make your player longer and longer by dodging other players. Every age group loves to play this all time classic game.


That’s it .. apart from this, the Pokemon GO, already been the favorite for a long time, I have kept that an exception from this list. Do let me know which one the above have you played and liked. And did I left any that you love the most? I will be back with some great PC games in the next week, so keep tuned in to our blog.