5 Best Phone Systems for Small Business

Phone Systems

Whether it is your small business or any type of startup business, the phone system is a compulsory element. No matter the size or type of business you have, you cannot go ahead unless you have a good source of communication. But the thing is that you cannot just choose any type of phone system. You need to manage multiple business calls and also set it up according to your preference. Moreover, there always remain tensions of the expenses. It does not matter if the business is flourishing people always try to save some money and that is good.

But the topic is regarding the phone systems for the smaller business. It is time for us to see the 5 best phone systems for small businesses.

5 Best phone system:

If you have a phone system of good quality and that too for small businesses, then you shall have many advantages. First of all, having a good phone system you can definitely manage your calls and messages to your preferences. With the help of the best phone system, you can also provide your customers with the best service there is. You can easily complete your business texts, record business voice messages and whatsoever.

1. Ninja Number:

Ninja Number is one of the best phone system provider there is and that too virtual. Hence it will be easier for you. It helps you to focus on your multiple business calls and try to provide communication solutions as well. It also helps you to keep your personal phone numbers and business phone numbers separately. For example, on any mobile or laptop, if you have both personal and professional numbers, it will be saved separately. That means you can manage your business calls and texts at the same place, at the same time.

2. 3CX:

This is one of the best phone systems which can help you to flourish your small business. They have a unique system that helps you to manage your business calls and messages. They have multiple options for hosting and they are easy to set up. Moreover, their pricing method is also somewhat satisfactory. You can either bring the data on your business site or you can use the cloud system as well. Not only there are various options for hosting or managing calls but you can also block unimportant or irrelevant calls. Similarly, you can also select which department or customer is of utmost importance. Then you can easily pick up important calls and provide the best service. The plus point in this phone system is that their connectivity does not get interrupted. It is compatible with various devices and gives out an effective performance.

3. Vonage:

This phone system is perfect for small businesses. To be simply put, this phone system was made especially for the small businesses. This is because it has an accessible and clear dashboard and plenty of features to choose from. It has been a pretty old phone system. The advantage of this phone system being old is that it is reliable. The buyer has that trust in this phone system. It ensures that you can provide top-notch care for the customers and create a beautiful business environment. All you need is either your mobile and desktop and nothing else. No extra hardware is also needed and you can easily start the moment you have installed the phone system.

4. 8*8 Virtual Office:

Another one of the best virtual phone systems. Here as well, you shall get various pricing options. Their cloud-based capabilities are best and those are multiple as well. Alongside their good call performance, it also provides you with many system solutions as well.

5. Ooma Office:

This phone system is best for both small and startup businesses. The barrier to access the system is very lower. You can access it with your smartphones and laptops as well. Another of its unique features is that you can customize the platform for your small or startup business. You can also program the virtual receptionist so that you can feel some ease. It is simply let the tech do all the work.


The phone systems above are the best and they will in simple words help you with your business progress. All of their accessible barriers is of the lowest, hence it is time to concentrate on your ambition.

Image credit: Phone Systems via chainarong06/shutterstock