What All DJ Newcomers Need to Know When Buying DJ Gear

What All DJ Newcomers Need to Know When Buying DJ Gear

Picking up your first set of DJ gear is the ultimate rite of passage. This is where you go beyond simply dreaming of becoming a DJ and take the first step towards actually making it happen.

It can be a fairly daunting process, even knowing where to start can be a challenge, however with great determination and a belief in ones self the world is your oyster.

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Here is a brief rundown of five things all new DJs need to know, when purchasing their DJ equipment and hardware:

  1. Wants and Needs Should Be Separated

It is important to work out what exactly you need and what you can live without for now. You are definitely going to need a decent DJ controller, an appropriate input device, a good mixer, a high-quality microphone and a reliable set of headphones. Digital decks or turntables are optional, depending on what type of music you are into.

Everything else is fairly superfluous. Things like lights, lasers, smoke machines and so on can be left till later if you are working to a budget.

  • You Will Need to Set Aside Money for Software

When working out exactly how much you have to spend, you also need to factor software into the equation. It is not the biggest outgoing, but represents an expense nonetheless. While there are plenty of free DJ software packages available, they are not a match on paid suites and/or subscriptions.

Trial a bunch of paid software packages using their free demos and trial periods, before deciding which to go with.

  • Combo Packages Are Often Available

Shop with the right DJ equipment retailer such as djkit and you could save a packet with a combo. You will often find plenty of hardware combos aimed at beginners put together by the retailer itself. If not, you can always contact the retailer directly and ask them for a discount for a combined order.

If you are planning on purchasing several bits of gear, they may happily offer you a special deal or discount.

  • DJ Finance is Also Available

It is better to set yourself up with an affordable DJ finance deal than to blow your entire budget and leave yourself with nothing. DJ finance is often available with 0% interest and a low initial deposit, making it easier for beginners to spread the costs of their initial setup; spreading the costs with DJ finance means being able to buy higher-quality equipment that would otherwise exceed your initial budget.

  • Hold Out For Sales and Seasonal Promos

Everybody knows that there are certain times of year when most products are subject to heavy discounts. Black Friday, Christmas, January sales and so one; all fantastic times to pick up quality gear at rock-bottom prices. This is particularly true if you set your sights on past-generation hardware, rather than the latest top-shelf devices on the market. As you are just getting started for the first time, you probably wont need all the performance-class features and functionalities the latest gear brings to the table.