TV Wall Mount: Quickest Way to Upgrade Home

The TV wall mount can help elevate your entire TV experience. So whether you’re trying to free up space by eliminating an unwanted TV stand or just want to keep the TV out of the way until you’re ready to watch it, try to add a TV Wall mount to your decor.

Adding the best TV mounts is the most expeditious way to improve your home theater, short of purchasing a new TV. A TV mount is an indispensable but often disregarded part of any home theater by giving your TV better viewing angles, increasing viewing comfort, and even improving safety.

There are many options for wall mounting a TV, with fixed mounts, tilting and articulating arms, and options in different price ranges. The best support will depend on your TV, the room you’re placing it in, and how you desire to use it. With so many options, there is a suitable TV mount for you.

If you can’t spring for selected premium options, take a look at the budget select to keep your TV securely on the wall and provides for some angling to adjust the screen and control glare. Even though it doesn’t cost much, it can operate a lot of weight and fit multiple TV sizes.

TV Wall Mount

Mounting Dream Tilt TV Wall Mount MD2268-LK

Inexpensive, Supports as variety of TV sizes
Can hold a lot of weight
Limited tilt
No after installation level adjustments


  • Lot of features for the money
  • Best-selling TV mount
  • Adjust the tilt of the mounted TV 8 degrees
  • Find your right viewing angle
  • Has a fairly low profile
  • Just 1.5 inches from the wall
  • Quick release straps for easier to get to ports behind the TV —
  • Inexpensive tilt mounts
  • Support for a wide range of TV sizes
  • VESA patterns from 200 x 100 to 600 x 400 mm
  • Weight carrying capacity 132 pounds
  • Work with almost any TV
  • Less expensive mount
  • Ability to adjust the level after installing the mount

Peerless-AV Full-Motion TV Wall Mount ETA100

Extends, tilts and rotates
Great for small screens
Only extends 12.7 inches
Limited size and weight allowances


  • Help clearing valuable desktop space
  • Keep it out of the way
  • Perfect for screens ranging from 10 to 29 inches
  • Single-arm articulating design
  • Extend out to 12.7 inches from the wall
  • Retracts to just 2.6 inches
  • Move the mount around 90 degrees
  • Tilt it 15 degrees for better viewing angle
  • Very affordable for the quality
  • Mount is designed for specific screen sizes
  • Larger than 29 inches
  • 12.7 inches of extension may not be far enough
TV Wall Mount

Rocketfish Tilting TV Wall Mount RF-TVMLPT03V3

10 degree tilt, Low profileA little expensive


  • Tilting TV mount can be useful
  • Watching in a bright room
  • Reduce the glare from the sun or lights
  • Improve viewing angle
  • Tilts a full 10 degrees down
  • Plenty of angles to play
  • Solidly built mount works
  • From 32 to 75 inches and holds up to 130 pounds
  • Compatible with VESA patterns up to 700 x 400 millimeters
  • Low, 2-inch profile
  • Quick release option

Echogear Full Motion TV Wall Mount EGLF2

Extends 22 inches, Wide range of motion, Great for large TVsSticks out 2.4 inches from wall


  • Perfect spot for a large TV
  • Dual-arm articulated mount comes into play
  • Flexibility for the type of mount
  • Works with TVs from 42 inches all the way up to 90 inches
  • Support up to 125 pounds
  • Good enough for almost all current TVs
  • Extends 22 inches from the wall
  • Move 130 degrees and tilts 15 degrees
  • Allowing best viewing angle
  • Different seating locations

Sanus Advanced Full-Motion Premium TV Mount BLF328

Extends 28 inches, Good tilt and swivel range
Well built
Very expensive


  • Matches the quality of screen
  • Looks and feels better than the rest
  • Brushed metal construction
  • Comes in two colors: charcoal or stainless steel
  • Help better match your decor
  • Extends full 28 inches
  • Collapses back to just 2.15 inches
  • Swivel 57 degrees to both side from center
  • Ideal viewing angle in most situations
  • Supports a wide range of TV sizes
  • Holds up to 125 pounds

Sanus Classic Low-Profile Fixed Position TV Wall Mount ML11

Very low profile, Post installation horizontal adjustments
Quick release cords for access to back of TV
No tilt or options to adjust angle of TV


  • Fixed TV mount
  • Doesn’t tilt or extend
  • Best option for mounting your TV
  • As close to the wall as possible
  • Protrudes just 1 inch from the wall
  • Includes cords you can pull to release the TV
  • Making it much easier to get to backside the TV ports
  • With a weight capacity of 130 pounds
  • Able to work with studs up to 24-inches apart
  • Move TV horizontally after installing bracket to better center screen.

Picking the Best TV Wall Mount

Choosing the best TV mount begins with your TV: how big and heavy is it? First, you want to ensure the TV mount will act with its size and check the weight. Next, you’ll need to check that the TV mount you choose will correctly attach to your TV. Most TVs these days are VESA compatible, indicating the mounting holes on the back of the TV are a standard distance from each other. VESA models differ based on the TV size itself.

With different TV mounts to pick from, your next decision is whether you need one that’s fixed, tilts, or uses an articulated arm. Fixed braces tend to have the most profound profile, meaning the TV will be closest to the wall. However, it can make it challenging to get to ports, except the TV mount can release the TV from the mount for way. Tilting TV mounts can be excellent for angling a TV for better viewing. Finally, articulated TV mounts give you a lot of flexibility, with arms that both extend and swivel, allowing you to position the TV for the best viewing angle.

Finally, it would be best to consider where on the wall you are installing the TV mount. It should be fastened to the studs in the wall (or concrete) to ensure security. Find out how far apart your studs are and get a TV mount that can accommodate that distance. While installing, you need the mount to be level; some mounts come with a deck, though one you get at a hardware store may be further accurate. The best TV mounts enable you to adjust the level further after installation to fix any slight variations.