Best Tuner For Camaro SS for World-class Performance

Thanks to tuners, Chevrolet Camaro SS is a powerful and fantastic car. With its well-designed body, lightweight, and engine, itís a car that offers a world-class sports performance. And, the best thing is that you can constantly get more from this car.

You will discover tuners that can restore and increase the performance of this car. However, it would benefit if you were careful when selecting any tuner. Some tuners can easily harm your engine.

Best Tuners For Camaro SS

Bully Dog 40417 GT Platinum Tuner

If your Camaro SS has failed its factory power, restore it. With the Bully Dog GT Platinum Performance Tuner, you will regain strength. It is a device that allows you to boost torque for impressive towing capability, enhance your fuel mileage, and boost the speed of your car. And when you require the latest updates for the tuner, you download them online Ė no need to pay extra to get the latest upgrades. And for everyone, this is a tuner that will give you something you would be interested in. The tuner has three pre-loaded tunes to provide instant tuning for your car. They include; Premium, Regular, and Tow/Economy tunes. One of the features that you will find in this tuner is the Driving Coach feature. Itís a program that will evaluate your habits when driving. It will provide you feedback on enhancing your performance and guarding your car engine from any conceivable car damage.

SCT Performance – 4416 – iTSX/TSX Wireless Vehicle Tuner

Itís a tuner that will open the secret performance of your Camaro SS. And if the tuning is done flawlessly with this tuner, you will gain maximum horsepower and torque for your car. In addition, the tuner will optimize your gasoline consumption and improve the throttle response as it shows your car a firmer shifting. SCT iTSX/TSX is not just like any other tuner. It arrives with 3-in-in functionality. You can utilize it for performance monitoring, testing, and tuning. The tuner links wirelessly to your Android or iOS. To connect it to your device, all you demand is downloading a mobile app in the app store. After that, you can click the device with the tuner through Bluetooth or OBDII port.

Jet 15008 Performance Programmer

It is an excellent tuner for anyone scrutinizing an affordable option that will provide satisfactory performance. Itís a bit and powerful tuner that will save your pocket a good quantity of money. The tuners arrive with a pre-loaded tune. However, if you need to be modified in your car, you can agree with its manual tuning. Unlike most of the other tuners you will discover in the market, this tuner will give you the ability to determine what you require. You can modify with a specialized tune that is distinctive to your car. With it, you can adjust the transmission shift, throttle response, and tire size individually. And when you need to manage the speed for your adult child, you require to plug it in and decrease the speed limit to the level you touch is safe for them.

7202 DiabloSport Predator 2

It is a premium tuning device perfect for Camaro SS. It has excellent possibilities for performance tunes, data logging, and diagnostic tools. All these capabilities come in a one-to-use package. When you employ this tuner for your Camaro SS, you can count up to 25 Horsepower and 25 lb torque for exceptional towing. The tuner is prepared to deliver your vehicle with a powerful performance in all states. It’s among the tuners that have met the CARB requirements (California Air and Resource Board). The tuner has passed emission compliance testing, and it’s perfect for states that require such a level of compliance. It is a tuner that will give you control and power to use on your car in any form without bothering about anything.

Few Facts about Tuner For Camaro SS

  • Car tuning means increasing your car’s speed, handling, and power output. The original meaning of tuning is car calibrating and adjusting to your desired purposes. In simple terms, it’s customizing your car to your desired goal.
  • A tuner is designed to boost your car fuel economy, horsepower and torque. Relying on the model of your car, the tuner permits you to change your computer for you to change speed limiter, tire size, rev limit, multi-tune, and DTC reader.
  • It is feasible to use a tuner to improve diesel or gasoline engine performance up to 99 horsepower for gasoline and up to 120 horsepower and 240 lb-lift torque on diesel trucks.

Facts about Camaro SS

When a 455-horsepower engine pushes a car that relieved over 200 lbs. from its predecessor, a new power benchmark is established. And when an arsenal of worldly-wise performance technologies enhances this power, drivers will participate in an unparalleled success of agility and control. Discover why the Camaro SS deserves the title of the fastest, most influential Camaro SS ever.

  • 6.2L LT1 V8 Engine:†The principal of the Chevrolet performance lineup is the 6.2L LT1 V8 with 455 horsepower and 455 lb.-ft. The torque will accelerate the 8-speed automatic Camaro SS from 0 to 60 in 4.0 seconds flat. With Direct Injection, Variable Valve Timing, and Active Fuel Management on the 8-speed automatic, it delivers efficiency when you enjoy it, power when you require it.
  • Active Rev Matching:†The 6-speed manual features Active Rev Matching, which foresees downshifts with throttle blips for impeccably smooth shifting.
  • Magnetic Ride Control:†Functional on Camaro SS, this track-proven magnetic suspension technology reads the road surface 1,000 times per second, explicitly adjusting dampers for optimum handling even on rough conditions. Third-gen MR dampers enhance reaction time and balance for a more natural feel, resulting in optimum performance and motorist feel without surrendering a smooth ride.
  • Track Mode:†In addition to Sport, Tour, and Snow/Ice drive modes, motorists of the Camaro SS may also select Track Mode to modify the suspension, throttle progression, shift feel, steering calibration, exhaust sound, and even available interior spectrum lighting for the best on-track experience possible.

Parting Thoughts

You have the best tuner you would require for your Camaro SS. Choose between the above tuners and pick the one that most suits your conditions.