Best Sunglasses in 2022 with Buying Guide

Sunglasses can be flamboyant, stylish, sober, crazy… in style, but above all they are essential for protecting eyes. Good looks are important.

So the need to understand the sunglasses also becomes necessary. Different construction combinations are there .. Heaps and heaps of it while choosing the right one for yourself. Each has its unique characteristics.

Before getting into the details of the sunglasses, checkout some of them online.

Best Sunglasses in 2022

WearMe Pro – Reflective Lens Round Trendy Sunglasses

Consider these selfie-friendly friend-approved sunglasses, you will love these sunglasses! You will have friends buying them after you tell them you got them online! They were so cute and for the price they couldn’t be beat! You will be buying it again and again.

zeroUV – Retro Oversized Square Sunglasses

Square sunglasses shapes look good on oval and oblong faces. If your face fits this bill, add these to your cart. The retro style features mirrored lenses and are non-polarizedI.

Illesteva – Leonard Mirrored Sunglasses

The one brand that keeps popping up in my sunglasses collection: Illesteva. Though these frames look trendy, they’re actually very wearable and add just enough intrigue to your ensemble. Plus, you can trust the quality from this brand, as all their sunglasses are handmade by small family-owned factories in Italy and France.

Wowsun – Polarized Sunglasses for Women

Is there anything better than getting items in pairs—basically, two for the price of one. These sunglasses have highly rated with reviews like “good quality” and “lightweight.” The sunglasses are polarized and have anti-slip nose pads for when your face gets a wee bit sweaty in the summer time.

Jackie O Cat Eye Sunglasses

Anointed with the “Jackie O” sunglasses, this team of shades is as definitive as it gets. The cat-eye frame is polarized and offers UV protection so that you can wear them rain or shine.

Le Specs – Fire Starter Sunglasses

You will become a big fan of Le Specs frames for their quality and budget-friendly prices. However, for those searching for non-black sunglasses, go with this mossy green pair. You can attest they do make your face and outfit look cooler—but note that these sunglasses are non-polarized.

Carfia – Chic Retro Polarized Sunglasses

These polarized sunglasses are robust, flexible, and lightweight if you’re pursuing a non-fussy pair to sport every day. You will be impressed with the quality and comfort of the price. You will get migraines daily, which are very comfortable to wear during that time. Clear polarized lenses and came nicely packaged. Across-the-board you will be pleased with the purchase and recommend it to others.

SOJOS – Fashion Round Sunglasses

If you’re set on only purchasing sunglasses that have high-rated reviews, here’s a pair to consider. These non-polarized frames look more expensive and come in many stylish colors.

KUGUAOK – Retro Rectangle Sunglasses

You’ve noticed your favorite celebs vibe the rectangle sunglasses and like to give them a try—so dive right in with this set. Of course, you will love the summertime vibes from this pair, but if you want a pair that feels all-season appropriate, they have those, too.

Kate Spade New York – Angeliq Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Kate Spade is an iconic label, and these cat-eye frames are wearable for all front shapes. You will be impressed with the quality and will love them. It’s so hard to purchase them online because you don’t desire them to be too big or small for your face. The ‘Cat’s Eye’ looks amazing, and these are not too large for me. You will be going to love the black/white color. They seem to be authentic and come with a lens cleaner and case.

Features to Look for in Sunglasses

Sunglasses UV Protection

No denial that how great we look in that killer pair of shades, there’s a real reason to wear them! On top of being an excellent fashion accessory, sunglasses protect us from UV rays, increasing optical brightness while reducing the risk of damage to the eyes.

Sunglasses are important for people who are exposed to high levels of UV) light during activities like snow sports, driving in bright weather and watersports.

While on the shopping spree for the sunglasses, the most important thing is 100% UV protection provided by them. The UV rays it radiated by the sun ia one of the factor responsible for cataracts, growths on the eye, macular degeneration and to some extent in cancer

Types of UV light need to be taken care of :-

UVB RaysUVA Rays
Rays are super intenseNot much variance in intensity throughout the year
The primary cause of sunburns and cancerLess intense
Very hazardous to the eyes.30-50 times more prevalent than UVB rays
Rays intensity vary in throughout the yearCapable of developing skin cancer and photo-aging
Stronger in the summer monthsLinked to the development of cataracts
Possess capacity to damage or burn the skin and eyes year-round
effect amplified by snow.

Sunglasses Frame Size

  • The prime thing to look for is face size
  • Smaller frames work better with smaller faces
  • The actual fit of the sunglasses
  • Oversize stunner shade for small faces
  • Size of a pair of glasses depends on dimensions
  • Formula : – (Eye Size) – (Bridge Size) – (Temple Size)
Eye SizeThe measure from the outside edge to the inside of the lens in horizontal manner
Typical widths are 40–62 mm
Bridge SizeDistance between lenses
Typical widths are 14–24 mm
Temple SizeLength of the temple piece
known as the arm piece or earpiece
Typical ranges are 120–150 mm

Sunglasses Frame Material

  • Material that suits the purpose
  • Check for comfort, safety and functionality
  • Different materials lend different functions
  • Price ranges and styles are interrelated
Metal Frame SunglassesMetal commonly used material
Corrosion resistance
Ease of adjustability
Very easy to tailor face shapes and frame styles
More expensive
less durable
Not ideal for action sports.
Nylon Frame SunglassesGo-to for sports and performance activities
Resistant to stresses
Temperature fluctuations resistant
Super flexible
Retains stiffness for safety
Less expensive
Stronger than metal frames
Titanium Frame SunglassesHigher-end sunglasses
Polycarbonate Frame SunglassesVersatile
Tough plastic
Impact resistance
Found in sport and safety glasses
Tend to be rigid frames
Good choice for kids
Acetate Frame SunglassesStronger
More flexible
Generally lighter
Variety of colours and textures
Colour is embedded in the material itself
Colour tends to stay longer
Plastic Frame SunglassesVariety has from Acrylic to Polyurethane
Cheapest frames available
a great option when the price is an issue

Sunglasses Lens Materials

Optical Glass Sunglasses LensesGround and polished
Exacted standards to assure quality
Distortion-free vision
Extremely durable
More expensive
Polycarbonate Sunglasses LensesThe best bet for individuals when moving and shaking
Similar material as of aircraft windshields
Virtually indestructible
High level of optical clarity
More impact resistant
Distortion-free lens
NXT Polyurethane Sunglasses LensesTop of the line
Best performance capabilities
Best choice for high cash spenders
Advanced polymer material
Extreme impact resistance
Superior optical clarity
Acrylic Sunglasses LensesInexpensive sunglass solution
The ideal choice for casual or fashion
Optical clarity
Moderately expensive

Sunglasses Lens Tints and Coatings

Different lens colours offer different looks and cause eyes to react differently to different light making specific colours more suitable for certain activities and conditions.