Best Stand Mixers in 2022 with Buying Guide for Budding Bakers

Stand Mixers are the best buys for the cake lovers who love baking them too at home. As any party is incomplete without a cake, pastries and cookies, every baker wants to have the best batter mixer for themselves for preparing the best cake or even a cookie dough.

A stand mixer performs all the manual work for you, beating, whisking, kneading of all the ingredients to make cakes, batches of biscuits, bread, pastries and more.

You swap out the central attachment for the different functions. At least one beater, dough hook and whisk will come as standard ­–though pricier machines may come with more.

Over the last decade, the emergence of a more comprehensive choice of equipment with better looks any baker will have probably asked themselves the question, like;

  • Why should I buy a stand mixer?
  • Which key features is to be considered?
  • How will be the maintenance aspect taken care of?

The answer will depend on critical factors beside from liking the look of the colourful, shiny models that have appeared in the TV cookery program.

  • What do you want to bake?
  • How frequently you intend to bake?
  • What is your budget?
  • How much storage space do you have?

Mixers from specific brands, such as KitchenAid, Wonderchef, Russell Hobbs, Panasonic, BLACK+DECKER, Bajaj Platini, SToK, also offer extra accessories to buy, including blenders, meat grinders and ice cream makers.


Available with most traders in black and white, it lacks color options that make up for value and space efficiency. You’ll get the identical wire whisk, flat beater, and dough arc as you’d desire with a standard KitchenAid, but they work with the 4.4-quart bowl to make sets of cookies, cake, and bread for more miniature households. It limits out at 275 watts, which is almost half that of some additional high-end stand mixers, but it’s a sacrifice worth making for the cash and the size. Unfortunately, the bowl comes without a grip.

Works with other KitchenAid attachments, The cheapest KitchenAid you can buy, Perfectly designed for smaller spacesLimited motor strength, No bowl handle


The Wolf Gourmet Stand Mixer scrutinizes the part when paired with other Wolf classics. We love the unique twist-up bowl technique, which is very sturdy. The tilt-head is a classic component of many stand mixers, but it can lead to jerky movements when ramped up to high speeds on the kitchen counter. The Wolf Gourmet Stand Mixer aims to resolve this with an unusual twist-up bowl design. Put this bowl in the bottom and then twist to lower or extend it to the mixer extensions. The bowl is 6.8 quarts, which is more than competent in taking on very large bakes.

Unique twist-up bowl, Iconic Wolf Gourmet design, Additional attachment hubOnly 500 watts


It has a ton of attachments, including a pouring shield that’s designed to stop spills and messes as you bake and comes in seven attractive colors. Unfortunately, the colors don’t extend down the entirety of the stand mixer, instead of acting as a pop of shade on the tilt-head itself. As a result, it is correctly positioned for larger kitchens with sprawling counter space but too expansive for apartments or tighter spaces.

Compact, Sleek look, Has an express setting, Matching appliances availableExpensive, Only neutral colors available


Made in Europe, the Kenwood Chef capacity of stand mixers has conquered the British market for decades. The sloping and dependable design is a far cry from the KitchenAid Artisan, instead of corresponding to a stand mixer you might find in a professional kitchen. The Kenwood Chef Titanium is a decisive choice for baking with 750 watts. The mixer arrives with Kenwood’s unique K-beater, a flat beater that performs wonderfully in the cake batter. All implements are dishwasher-safe, and so is the bowl. The titanium body is easy to brush down after use, and the ports on the front and top of the mixer can be employed with all sorts of attachments, from blenders to pasta makers.

Very sturdy build for serious bakes, Sleek and modern design, 750 watts of powerNo handle on the bowl


The Frigidaire ESTM020 Stand Mixer contains the classic tilt-head, the three attachments, and the attractive color options, all for beneath $100. It’s not as decisive as some of the options, so don’t expect it to knead the tough dough for prolonged periods, but it is a handy alternative to have in your kitchen, and it peeks lovely, too.

Budget-friendly, Attractive pastel options, Users love itUse it too long and it’ll overheat


It’s big, it’s assertive, and it’s got the muscle to work through large batches of bread and cookies in one go. The 5-quart bowl can create nine sets of cookies in one shot, and you can make the most of 10 speeds to work on high-intensity or more delicate tasks. The mixer comes with a power knead dough spiral, but you can pair it with everything from pasta rollers to meal processor attachments to make the most of this flexible option.

Immense capacity, Powerful design, Comes in plenty of colors, For the experienced home chefExpensive


It’s a 450-watt motor and reaches more attachments than the enterprise standard. It contains a flat beater, whisk, and spiral dough hook, as well as a pouring guard that deters flour or sugar from going everywhere when you count them to the bowl. It’s acquired a planetary mixing motion to escape no areas un-integrated, and the five-year limited warranty is well above average.

12 speed settings, A sturdy but attractive design, Planetary motionBelow-average motor


It arrives in six colors: periwinkle blue, red, black, white, silver, and robin’s egg green, and contains an extra half quart on the KitchenAid Artisan at 5.5-quarts total. It excelled in heavy-duty tasks like kneading bread, and the structure is noticeably sturdy. The dial makes it very comfortable to adjust the speed mid-mix, and the bowl is more significant than the KitchenAid Artisan by half a quart.

Value for money, Larger-than-average capacity, 12 speeds for added precisionLess color options than the KitchenAid


KitchenAid Pro Line Stand Mixer will impress you with its sturdy structure and capable motor. Make cake and bread and brownies, and its format is perfect for serious bakers. It has a bowl-lift design, which implies you twist a lever to bring the bowl up to your attachment. As a result, the mixer could knead the bread dough until it was smooth and elastic, without juddering or dragging it on the kitchen counter. It also had far less trouble with ingredients sticking to the side of the bowl than other stand mixers because the wire whisk is comprehensive and allows a very efficient planetary movement.

Capable of mixing large volumes, Powerful kneading, Dishwasher-safe attachments, Sturdy to useThe bowl can be tricky to reach into

Key Features to consider while Buying Stand Mixer

  • Necessary Attachments: Some attachments are supplied as standard like the mixer blade, for instance, is used for everyday tasks, combining mixtures with a measure to dense consistency whereas dough hooks are ideal for kneading dough and thick pastry batter.
  • Whisk: The balloon whisk will excel in helping at whisking egg whites, cream and light batter blends. Stand mixers also offer a splash guard which is kind of lid that fits the bowl and arm of the mixer. A useful and flexible beater is also provided along with a regular beater with a rubber or silicone edging is there to scrape ingredients from sides of the bowl when it is in use.
  • Storage: You will need more storage space for a stand mixer plus accessories. But it doesn’t mean you always have to stash stand mixers in a cupboard, and This is the one machine you want to keep on the worktop. Measure up space and check dimensions before buying for better upkeep. Considering that they are pretty hefty to move about, that’s why check for weight too.
  • Bowl Capacity: Stand mixer bowls usually vary between 4-5 litres. If you are going to prepare large batches, go for a larger bowl capacity. Some have multiple containers with different functions.
  • Bowl Material: Mixing bowls are made up of stainless steel, mostly. It is dishwasher safe for your added convenience. But there are many other options up for sale in the market, like glass and ceramic. You can see the mix in a glass bowl, but you might see some more obvious wear-and-tear.
  • Ranging in price from around a couple of thousands, sturdy machines have at least one mixing bowl and one fixed stand with a lever-operated arm.
  • You require to add your ingredients to the bowl, lower the arm, and switch it on to begin mixing your ingredients.
  • Many models have a planetary mixing action
  • This tool rotate while simultaneously moving around the bowl which helps in more thorough mixing, avoiding any mixture getting stuck around the edge of the bowl while in use.
  • Other mixers that don’t have this feature mix without the extra rotation around the bowl.