Best Skateboard Brands in 2022: Quality Deck, Wheels and Bearings

Best Skateboard Brands can never assure you quality deck, wheels and bearings as, to be honest, there is no such entity as the best skateboard brand.

Many brands strive to provide quality decks, wheels, bearings, and trucks. If you’re fresh to skateboarding, you’re in luck. All the labels listed that can be bought for a fair game.

Some brands extend superb nature for a premium price, and others contribute great value for cash. The corresponding wood shops customarily make deck brands, but the truck, shoe, and wheel brands are complex stories.

Let’s have a glimpse at the skateboard brands that strive for quality products. The list will kick off listing diverse exceptional deck brands, followed by truck, wheels, and bearings.

It’s essential to acknowledge more than unique design and avoid falling into a purchase based on aesthetics alone. You will desire to be sure that you are looking at the materials used and the board deck’s appearance, dimension, and knowledge level.

Best Skateboard Brands in 2022

When you want to know what size board to get, more comprehensive is better for those who are more extensive in stature though shoe size remains debatable to a certain extend. Remember, too, that cheaper toy boards will be harder to ride given that they are made from lower quality material, which applies to decks, trucks, wheels, and bearings.


The company’s objective is to bring awareness to skateboarding and nurture nature and the environment. The “tree logo” pays homage to the earth and represents four elements of nature – wind, water, fire, and soil. Element is the ” eco-friendly ” brand with the tiniest use of chemicals while manufacturing decks; indeed, Element is the “eco-friendly” brand. We believe it to be the best skateboard logo expressing love for nature. Element has been one of the largest skateboard companies producing skateboards for 29 years. This label is well-known for creating the most reliable skateboards in California, USA. Also, the company supports upgrading the fascinating designs with each season. Along with the build, Element skateboards perform competently in the vert, streets, and parks. Bearings are constructed of ceramic and robust steel material to improve durability. And wheels are built with urethane rubber. However, it fears riders’ may require to replace trucks after some time to guarantee stability.

Powell Peralta

These premium skateboards are fabricated with quality maple, and the strength comes from the trace of reinforced carbon fiber. The power of these boards is remarkable to any other brand to withstand fierce clashes. Newer decks are thinner, more delicate for easy handling, and more flexible to ensure toughness and longevity. The most promising thing about this label is that its Complete Skateboards are very stable and lightweight. Powell decks are virtually unbreakable, even on extreme riders and tricks. This California-based most skilled company has made its name for long enough in need to be one of the best skateboard labels in the world. Graphics are more funky and striking. The assortment of festive colors and artistry of skulls, dragons, and animal heads embodies the fears personalities of the riders. Powel Peralta skateboards ensure soft riding to appreciate skating with tranquility.


Zero was a skating attire company founded by professional skateboarder Jamie Thomas. However, lately, it began producing skateboards, and now it has become one of the top skater brands. This California-based skating label is the best American institution that delivers versatile and unique skateboards. Its boards provide smooth control to each skating level expert. The company offers complete skateboards decks, wheels, bearings, and trucks. In addition, it also makes excellent accessories and garments for skaters. It is a good skateboard brand for youth and beginners in the USA. Zero skateboard decks are constructed with 7-ply Canadian maple held together with epoxy glue to assemble them durable and shock-resistant. The game-friendly skateboards are 8-inches wide with mid-range concave, creating good skateboards for streets. The skateboards are lightweight and best for understanding tricks like backflip and grinding rails. The Zero premium decks have distinguished graphics. Zero skateboards are lightweight.


Girls’ skateboard brand was created by professional skateboarders and is operated by a team of riders who are motivated to produce quality boards. Their continuous measures and seasonal upgrades in the products lead the skating industry. The Girl makes one of the securest decks with seven layers of maple wood held together nicely to withstand shocks. The decks have a flatter, concave, and softer nose and tail. The brand delivers fully customized skateboards if you only enjoy purchasing the deck. They arrive constructed with wheels, trucks, and bearings, willing to rock the streets. Girl skateboards offer exceptionally smooth rides, suitable for fears landing from the hill.


A stiff rider pro skateboarder introduced blind, and the company’s focus is on manufacturing superior quality decks and hardware. Decks are durable and invented to support heavy riding. The Blind’s “Grim Reaper” logo symbolizes the seriousness of skating. The terraces have excellent graphical illustrations. Overall, we admire their looks and artwork famous among stylish skaters. Blind reached beyond usual construction; their decks are built with 8-ply maple wood held together with epoxy glue. These decks are shock-resistant, durable, and designed to support any ride. Their stable boards and hardware can resist fear rides, high jumps, and backflips. Skaters can make a perfect choice of hardware according to their skill level. Choosing the right truck and wheels for a dimension deck provides stability over speedy rides.


Birdhouse mainly concentrates on construction to provide stability and support. Initially, the firm was catering to street-style skating. However, the brand focuses on building skateboards for freestyle and vert skating due to vertical skateboarding. Indeed, Birdhouse is the best longboard skateboard label globally. Decks are assembled with 7-ply maple held together firmly to ensure longevity. Although these decks are well built, we found them less durable than other tiers. The boards are not very lightweight, making them a bit difficult to handle for beginners. As a result, the decks crack quicker. Riders will have better authority over the board while riding and practicing ticks. The only problem we noticed was the durability. These decks are painted with colorful photographs and punk graphic art that adds character to these boards. These boards are designed plumper to deliver stability while speedy rides. Perfect coordination of wheels and trucks to keep the deck.

Plan B

A California-based skateboard brand is trendy for producing excellent quality skateboards for professionals and beginners. Along with creating high-quality decks, the company also manufactures high-performance wheels, trucks, bearings, and tool kits. The brand was providing a thoroughly assembled skateboard, ready to roll. There is an opportunity to fully customize your board with a striking design to represent your personality. Most of the panels are 8 to 8.25-inches thick. The innovative dimensions of the skateboard are suitable to absorb shocks. The artistry of these boards completes them significantly unique among others, with excellent graphics and eye-catchy colors. Skaters can customize the decks with their graphical illustrations to reveal their personalities. Different-sized wheels for skaters’ comfort are entirely compatible with all the trucks.

Alien Workshop

The brand is not very prevalent among young skaters, but professionals honor the company as one of the best skate companies. The Ohio-based skateboard brand obtains pre-assembled high-grade skateboards to the market. Alien’s innovative creations have been in the market for a long time, and the brand is continually improving quality. Alien Workshop also delivers parts and accessories. Moreover, it also produces sports attires to accommodate the brand’s loyal skaters. The company also contributes to customizing your board. The brand is continuously enhancing its products as the skating industry is evolving. Alien Workshop design decks with 7-ply maple wood held together firmly to make them shock resistant. Graphics make these boards exceptional and distinct from others. The painting of aliens and space species looks discrete. Alien Workshop skateboards are recognized among pro skaters due to their performance. These boards are specially designed to learn and perform skills and promote skateboarding.

Final Thoughts

The main difference you’ll find with deck types is the shape, and each body is built for different riding styles. All boards can be applied to ride around the city, but not all board decks are constructed to perform tricks or drive on rails. Go for any of the labels explained above.