Best Skateboard Brands: Quality Deck, Wheels and Bearings

Best Skateboard Brands can never assure you quality deck, wheels and bearings as, to be honest, there is no such entity as the best skateboard brand.

Many brands strive to provide quality decks, wheels, bearings, and trucks. If you’re fresh to skateboarding, you’re in luck. All the labels listed that can be bought for a fair game.

Some brands extend superb nature for a premium price, and others contribute great value for cash. The corresponding wood shops customarily make deck brands, but the truck, shoe, and wheel brands are complex stories.

Let’s have a glimpse at the skateboard brands that strive for quality products. The list will kick off listing diverse exceptional deck brands, followed by truck, wheels, and bearings.

It’s essential to acknowledge more than unique design and avoid falling into a purchase based on aesthetics alone. You will desire to be sure that you are looking at the materials used and the board deck’s appearance, dimension, and knowledge level.

The main difference you’ll find with deck types is the shape, and each body is built for different riding styles. All boards can be applied to ride around the city, but not all board decks are constructed to perform tricks or drive on rails.

When you want to know what size board to get, more comprehensive is better for those who are more extensive in stature though shoe size remains debatable to a certain extend. Remember, too, that cheaper toy boards will be harder to ride given that they are made from lower quality material, which applies to decks, trucks, wheels, and bearings.

Almost : Almost Impact Skateboard Deck

Many of their boards come with carbon fibre making them extra durable.

Impact light, impact Support, and the 8-ply Impact Plus are excellent alternatives for deck breakers and heavy riders that bother about clasping decks. The boards are reliable and allow numerous designs on boardslide. Decks are expected to be trashed, or you could accept two, either on the wall or for the shreds.

Anti-Hero Skateboard

Anti-Hero boards have a dedicated audience for good quality. Founded in 1995 by professional skater Julien Stranger, its creator is unquestionably a protagonist. Those who choose the brand love the flexibility and character that sits alongside a belief that all skateboarding classes are welcome. And while skating is fundamental to its mission and vision, there is also a powerful choice for equality and social change.

Santa Cruz : Santa Cruz Skateboard Deck

Santa Cruz boards are definitely in the running for the best board decks possible. What performs Santa Cruz stand separate from many well-known brands is the extensive mix of quality and expertise. One main feature that produces Santa Cruz boards apart is the convenience of “Everslick” into the bottom plyboard. The actual graphic is underneath a plastic layer that takes the “stickiness” right out of every ramp and curbs you ride. The slide-friendly synthetic is an investment-worthy of approximate terrain.

Powell Peralta : powell peralta flight deck

The Powell Peralta flight deck board structure is what makes the version stand out. It is tied together by what has been attributed to as a “secret” glue and has a fibre-reinforced epoxy-infused structure, making them perfect for those who are deemed to be “board breakers.” Nevertheless, many of these boards do arrive at a substantial price. It’s one of the most powerful boards out there and will likely survive many others on the business. Sure, the upfront price will be higher, but you’ll preserve funds in the long run.

Element : Element Skateboard Deck

Element is one of the most comprehensive skateboard deck brands. The name and logo — depicting wind, water, fire, and earth — are recognizable by anyone in and outside the skateboarding world. Element decks are affordable under $100 and feature construction with both an artistic and environmentally friendly approach. Using undyed wood layers aids in recycling and lessens the need for added chemicals during the manufacturing process. Element’s “Featherlight” construction is well-suited for riders who are more inadequate in stature, too. These boards are more fragile and lighter while employing a high class and durability level and at a more economical cost.

Chocolate : Chocolate Skateboard Deck

The firm is an extension of the “Girl” label, a different high-quality brand. The decks develop with a standard popsicle shape that has not strayed and a broader size for those with more extensive feet. The decks are built from 7-ply maple wood, creating them both enduring and long-lasting. They’re perceived to have a frozen pop and overall excellent quality with a spectrum of pricing.

Baker Skateboard Deck

Baker boards are compatible with extreme street skating, founded by pro skater Andrew Reynolds in the early 2000s. Their panels are both enjoyable and straightforward, and they are well-fitted for more experienced and amateur riders. One thing that makes these boards single is the wide range of selection regarding layout and size, including soft and steep concave and different length and width. Baker boards are both long-lasting — made from 100% Canadian maple — and affordable, contributing some of the most comprehensive customisation and model selections.

Enjoi : Enjoi Kids Skateboard Deck

Much of the branding and layout features Enjoi’s signature black and white panda in funny, cartoon-like environments with a sense of humour, in stiff distinction to various other brands and logo ideas. Enjoi boards are administered and owned by Dwindle — a manufacturer known to hold one panel at a time. It ensures that the result has the coveted concave, pop, and hard lamination. They claim Resin-7 epoxy, providing durability and performance.

Birdhouse Skateboard Deck

Gaining reputation via publication in Hawk’s video game series, the brand is a household title, recognizable both inside and outside the industry. And with a team of skaters supporting the brand who are experienced skaters of all techniques, it’s no wonder that, while Hawk has initially been bothered about the lack of interest in upward skating, Birdhouse boards are comprehensive to both vert and street style skating. Hawk is a vertical skater that his skateboards are for a unique style. It all depends on the dimension of the board and, with Birdhouse, the advantages are plentiful. A top-rated Birdhouse board deck is the Tony Hawk Falcon 8.12 deck, adjacent to a similar panel in graphics and style, just a brush wider at 8.5. Both boards are built of high-quality 7-ply maple wood, created to last longer, notwithstanding the terrain.