Best Robot Mowers: Hands-free Smart Care

Robot mowers are reasonably new lawn care technology. They operate in much the same way as a robot vacuum or mop does:

  • Moving in randomized patterns
  • Avoiding obstacles with sensors
  • Staying within boundaries set up by guidewires
  • Allowing scheduling and monitoring via Bluetooth companion apps 

But instead of sweeping up spilled popcorn and pet hair, they cut your grass. Robot mowers are excellent for smaller suburban lawns because they have miniature cutting decks, often just 8 or 9 inches wide.

The formed reels of the guidewire are often big enough to mark off the edge of a one-fourth of an acre to a half acre lot or the same size area of much larger lawns. The plea of a robot lawn mower is that they are fully independent. Once you establish a plan, you don’t have to worry about being home to mow your lawn; the unit will leave the base station and initiate cutting the grass all on its own once it is time to begin.

Another significant selling point is that since they’re battery-powered, they have zero emissions, earning them a much more environmentally friendly solution to managing your lawn. And not holding a gas engine means very little maintenance other than charging batteries and cleaning out dried grass and dirt.

Worx Landroid L

Anti-theft alarm, GPS tracking, App for scheduling and maintenanceSomewhat short runtime

The Worx Landroid L is the top pick for the best robot lawn mower. The 8-inch cutting deck can trim lawns up to a half acre, perfect for most suburban lots. The cutting disc poses on a floating pivot to automatically ascend and drop to follow your lawn’s terrain, lowering the chance of scalping or missing low spots. Built-in sensors help the Landroid L navigate barriers and narrow paths, so you don’t have to worry about getting stuck in your flower beds or between your tool shack and the house. A partner app for your smartphone or tablet permits you to check on battery life, set a mowing schedule, and even determine the soil and grass type your lawn has for more efficient mowing and overall maintenance. Built-in alarm assists deter would-be thieves, but if someone oversees to make off with your robot mower, the GPS-enabled partner app lets you track their whereabouts to retrieve your property.

MowRo RM24A

Rain sensors, Quieter operation, Affordable priceNo companion app for scheduling, No anti-theft system

As robot mowers are the latest technology, they can be rather expensive. However, the Mowro RM24A is one of the more reasonable options, with a price tag that poses comfortably below $1,000. The 9.5-inch cutting tier and 28V battery permit the RM24A to mow yards up to one-fourth of an acre, while the large rear wheels allow it to tackle steeper hills and inclines. In addition, the brushless motor runs much more calmly than gas and many other battery-powered mowers, which implies you can enjoy your deck, patio, or backyard while the RM24A is mowing your lawn. And it won’t upset the neighbors while it pursues its 48-hour mowing schedule; this robot mower automatically mows every two days to maintain a consistent cut across your lawn. It even keeps rain sensors to let the mower know its juncture to return to the docking station when hurricanes roll in.

Husqvarna 115H

Anti-theft alarm, 60-minute charge time, Lift and tilt sensors stop bladesExpensive, No GPS theft tracking

Since robot mowers drive on interchangeable or integrated batteries, they’ll need frequent charging for optimal runtimes. So you might get stuck waiting around for your mower to set before it can finish cutting the grass. The Husqvarna 115H has one of the quickest charging times, reaching full battery in just about an hour. So you can venture other outdoor chores like edge trimming and pulling weeds while you stay, and you won’t have to schedule mowing over several days to account for charging times. The 8.5-inch cutting deck lets the 115H mow up to a quarter acre, and with its lift and tilt sensors, the blades automatically stop if the mower gets picked up. It protects pets, kids, and adults from getting hurt if the mower gets stuck on an object or if it gets flipped over. Unfortunately, the integrated anti-theft alarm only can be shut off with a specified PIN, meaning would-be thieves can’t disable the alarm before creating off with your robot mower.

Husqvarna 430X

GPS theft tracking, Mows up to .8 acres, Spiral and Spot-mow modes, Alexa and Hey Google compatibilityExpensive

Robot mowers are usually meant for shorter lawns, but the Husqvarna 430X can tolerate lots up to nearly a full acre. The 9.5-inch cutting deck features three blades that mulch clippings into ultra-fine components to re-feed your lawn between fertilizer applications. The large rear wheels permit the mower to handle steep slopes. With GPS navigation and Bluetooth connectivity, the 430X allows you to schedule mow times, set up remote start matters, and even set up profiles for distinct sections of your yard. It enables you to create a custom schedule for a compatible cut across your whole lawn. At the same time, remote opening points mean that your robot mower isn’t confined to where the base station is when you desire it to venture a particular section. You can even select between spot mowing and spiral mowing. The spot-mow mode allows you to quickly tackle small areas the 430X may have missed or increased faster than other sections of your lawn, while the spiral-mow method delivers a consistent cutting pattern. Like its cousin, the Husqvarna 115H, it contains a built-in alarm to alert you to would-be thieves and only can be hindered with a personalized PIN. It also offers GPS tracking if someone manages to drive off with your new mower. Husqvarna also shows interchangeable top covers to either make it more comfortable to see where your 430X is in your yard or check the rest of your lawn and garden equipment. And if you want genuinely hands-off lawn care, you can link the 430X to your Alexa or Hey Google-enabled smart speaker for voice-activated management.

Greenworks Optimow 50H

2.5 hour runtime, Quick charging, Water resistant, Integrated carrying handleNo anti-theft alarm

Robot mowers have very short runtimes, but the Greenworks Optimow 50H delivers up to 2.5 hours of mowing on a full charge. It also contains a reasonably quick charge time of just 70 minutes, so you can embark on other outdoor chores or enjoy your patio or deck while it recharges. If your lawn is on the more high end of the Optimow 50H limits, you won’t have to stress about scheduling mow times over several days. It’s ranked for lawns up to .75 acres, and the 9-inch cutting deck is scheduled to have the blades fold inward if they link with an object. It protects the edges from damage and prevents the mower from getting hung up on things like rocks, roots, or outdoor toys. The mower’s body is IPX67 rated waterproof, which means that if you catch dirt and grass buildup, you can fast clean it off with a typical garden hose without stressing about ruining the motor or charging connections. The Optimow 50H also contains a safety key that can be used on the bottom of the unit to undermine the cutting deck; this is excellent for keeping kids and pets from accidentally triggering the mower and getting hurt. There’s also an integrated carrying grip for more effortless movement if you need to clean or complete maintenance like blade sharpening.