Portable Tech Gadgets for Every Day Use

Electronics keep getting smaller and smaller, and everyone wants portable tech gadgets for everyday use.

You indeed have a smartphone with you whenever you move house, but that’s not to state there couldn’t be a few more benefits. If you’re in the business for some new tech or some cool add-ons,

You can get affordable payments on key finders, SD cards, car USB chargers, wireless earbuds, portable speakers, and more. Below are some of the mobile tech products to fit in your pocket. They’re cheap enough that you can check them into your budget, as well.

Portable Tech Gadgets

JLab Audio Go Air True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

No large, goofy-looking earpieces with Bluetooth — a quality miniature earbud like this one from JLab is a pure, lightweight, and low-profile way to use your phone hands-free. So whether on the road or just walking about and want to keep both of your hands loosened, this handy mono headset lets you make and take calls without even having to take out your phone.

Top home earbud holder and cord organizer

Earbuds are excellent to wear on you, but holding the cable becomes a tangled disorder in the handbag or pocket is no fun to buy with. The Tophome earbud holder and cord organizer, composed of thick genuine leather, ensures you never have to deal with that hassle again.

Tesla Coil USB rechargeable lighter

Electric lighters put a whole new revolution on old-school ideas. Unfortunately, fluid lighters can be dirty and run out of fuel quickly — the popular Zippo, while an all-American classic, is infamous for this — not to suggest that lighter fluid and butane canisters are an additional expense. The Tesla Coil arc flame uses an internal rechargeable battery to project a windproof electric arc produced instead of a flame. The design is environment-friendly and saves up to 300 lights on a single charge.

Tile Mate Item Finder 4-Pack Combo

The significant disadvantage with cool tiny gadgets is that they can easily get misplaced. Tile Mate item finders are just the choice if you want some help putting tabs on the small stuff. The keychain-sized Tile Mate is small, 1.3 inches long, and is just 0.2 inches thick. Add a tracker to any item, and you can utilize the Tile companion app to find it virtually anywhere. However, you can find nearby items without the app by remotely making the Tile vibrate, flash, or ring.

Anker portable SD card reader

SD and MicroSD cards are a low-cost, portable way to move lots of data, but not all processors have slots to hold them, and even laptops that do typically have only one. When you only possess a MicroSD card, you require an extra adapter to use it with the SD card reader nevertheless. The Anker USB 3.0 SD reader can give your life a little easier turn. It holds SD and MicroSD card slots that permit you to read and write simultaneously on any computer. It’s compatible with every MicroSD card.

Geeky Multi-Tool – Key Shaped Pocket Tool

The tool combines various go-to tools into one usable, convenient-sized device you can carry anywhere with you. It is furnished with more than 16 functions, including a bike spoke wrench, bottle opener, a metric and standard-sized sealed wrench and bit driver, TSA-compliant serrated edge and handy scoring tip, and more. It is durable stainless steel, lightweight, and fits onto your keyring.

Portable Tech Gadgets

Snapix clip-on smartphone camera lenses

The Snapix clip-on camera lenses highlight sturdy aluminum-and-glass construction. In addition, the bundle comprises:

  • A 180-degree fisheye lens.
  • A 0.4x super wide-angle lens.
  • A 10x macro zoom lens for precise, close-up shots.

The metal housing is water- and dust-resistant. With most mobiles already donning a high-resolution camera, this excellent attachment is a perfect piece of EDC gear.

Anker PowerDrive Speed 2 car USB charger

One more great gadget from Anker isn’t certainly one you’ll take in your pocket all time, but it is something you don’t want to leave home without a quick car charger. The charger plugs directly into your car’s 12V outlet and highlights two high-speed USB ports that pump out 30 watts of consolidated power for juicing up your tech. In addition, Anker’s IQ2 technology stocks this handy charger to recognize and automatically optimize the power output for compatible devices, allowing it the power to many phones up to 80 percent in about 35 minutes. 

Panasonic ErgoFit earbuds

A good pair of earbuds is valuable if you’re constantly on the move and don’t need to be without your music and other recreation. But, unfortunately, when it gets to in-ear headphones, you can’t hit a classic. Nevertheless, the Panasonic ErgoFit earbuds remain one of the best and most popular pairs you can buy.

MOMOHO Bluetooth speaker

Wireless speakers are the most widespread implementation of Bluetooth technology today, enabling you to take your music virtually anywhere. Regrettably, most of these speakers won’t easily fit in your pocket, but this one from Momoho is an exception. This tiny, cool tech gadget packs a two-hour battery life, delivering great sound from a package that matches in the palm of your hand.

Streamlight 73001 Nano keychain flashlight

We have flashlights on our phones, but they aren’t always available to use or the best option. One of the best flashlight makers, this nano torch from Streamlight is the perfect accessory to any keychain. This robust and small flashlight is ideal for navigating small, dimly lit spaces or just providing LED light where it’s needed the most.

Final Thoughts

The prices, specifications, and availability of the products and deals are subject to change at any time. Therefore, ensure to verify that they are still in influence before making a bargain.