Best Photography Drone in 2022: Capture Cinematic Shots

Photography and cinema encourage the drone business in both professional and prosumer sales. The line between the two is more blurring, with prosumer drones fulfilling commercial-level quality and advanced flying hallmarks that were exclusive to the highest-end devices just some years ago.

Drones with cameras come in various shapes and sizes, from folding pocket rockets to hefty professional craft. Smaller models can be handy but susceptible to wind gusts, while larger models sacrifice portability for a heavier payload.

The following list is good to go for all budgets. And whichever style of flyer you choose, the best photography drones are capable of catching crystal clear stills and video from up high in the sky.

There’s never been a better moment to spend in a drone. Improvements to automated flying modes mean it’s easier than ever to get off the ground and pilot like a pro.

If you’re a first-time flyer, models like the DJI Air 2S and DJI Mini 2 will soon have you capture cinematic shots. Equally, seasoned hobbyists will welcome advancements in gimbal technology, sensors, and video transmission all of which make the best camera-equipped drones an accessible way to capture creative and arresting aerial imagery.

Here are some of the top selects for photography drones, along with some features for deciding the best photography drone right for you.

Snap by Vantage Robotics

  • Major news network covering a mass gathering
  • Need FAA 107.39 waiver and a qualifying drone
  • Enter Snap, a unique lightweight drone, caged rotors
  • Made an impact by engaging the enterprise aerial photography customer 
  • Help to navigate clunky waiver process
  • Four-rotor system is small to slide into a backpack 
  • Quickly deployable
  • It uses a Sony Exmor 4K camera 
  • Shoot 12MP stills
  • Flies in winds up to 25mph 
  • Controlled through the game controller, smartphone, or DSM controller.
  • The rugged, safe, lightweight photography system 
  • Well-suited to run-and-gun style shooting

Matrice 600 by DJI

  • Robust, powerful, ultra-stable 
  • Six rotors
  • Built for the most challenging industrial and demanding photo/video applications
  • No compromises system for professionals demanding their gear.
  • Represents a culmination of DJI’s best-in-class development
  • Brand’s latest enterprise-grade systems 
  • Technologies in one camera-ready flight platform
  • Regulated with the A3 flight controller
  • Links back to the base with the Lightbridge 2 transmission system 
  • High frame rate broadcasting
  • Range of 5KM 
  • Custom battery management system with six swappable batteries.
  • Wide range of camera payloads 
  • Completely compatible with the DJI Mobile SDK and Onboard SDK 
  • connecting DJI devices with Dual parallel CAN and API ports 
  • D-RTK GNSS units or third-party components of choice. 

Alta 8 by Freefly

  • Eight rotors 
  • Enterprise go-to for cinema
  • Power and redundancy
  • Helpful working with people and carrying mind-boggling expensive camera payloads
  • Best-in-class stability
  • Has smart features 
  • Quick-release system allowing snapping camera payloads (below for ground view or top of the chassis for a sky view shot)
  • Adjustable o-ring vibration isolation to let shots still
  • Fly time: 20 minutes with a 10-pound payload with an optional set of 16Ah batteries.
  • Safety and performance front: monitor and analyze the system’s performance and health using proprietary high-speed data logging via a microSD card.
  • Powered by Auterion, industry-leading open-source infrastructure for UAV 

Skydio 2

  • AI and incredible sensor package into a platform 
  • Aimed at the prosumer 
  • Not to be overlooked for enterprise use
  • Best where you need an intelligent follow-along photography drone 
  • Tracks a beacon, fully flyable via a game controller 
  • It uses a combination of GPS, AI
  • User inputs to planning a cinematic path 
  • Keeps the lens equipped on the moving target
  • Impressive test footage
  • Drone fits in a small case 
  • Sensor package offers stunning 4K60 HDR video and 12MP HDR photos
  • Six 4K navigation cameras with 45 megapixels
  • It uses a super-fast NVIDIA Tegra TX2 with 256GPU cores 
  • 1.3 trillion operations a second
  • hardware is called “flying supercomputer.”

Inspire-2 by DJI

  • Responsible for improving the panorama of aerial filmmaking
  • The newest addition to the Inspire lineup
  • Made with filmmaking squarely in mind 
  • Builds on Inspire 1’s well-earned legacy
  • It uses a dedicated FPV camera for a personal feed
  • Free to operate cinema camera independently
  • Untethered steadycam for keeping pace while walking down the hall 
  • Getting a swooping aerial of a runaway like a speedboat 
  • 20MP sensor on the Zenmuse X4S gimbaled camera with 1-inch sensor
  • A capable platform for film students & solo filmmakers 

H920 Plus by Yuneec

  • Foldable arms and retractable landing gear 
  • Six-rotor
  • Pro-grade UAV
  • Versatile platform for enterprise video and photography applications
  • Camera platform CGO4, close cooperation with Panasonic 
  • Features a 3x optical zoom lens
  • 16MP photos
  • 4K-resolution video
  • Distortion-free picture quality
  • The zoom lens can be adjusted by using the zoom slider on the screen or pushing the K6 slider 
  • The camera captures an entire 360-degree field of view with landing gear is retracted during flight
  • Autonomous flight modes 
  • Integrated transmitter, receiver, and android platform 
  • It gives complete control or allows easy programming of autonomous flight
  • Large 7-inch integrated screen 
  • Displays real-time footage, eliminating the need for external device

Things to Know Before Getting a Photography drone

  • Purchase a photography drone with a mounted gimbal.
  • Don’t worry about less battery backup & flight time.
  • Try to get more Intelligent functions.
  • Buy a popular model of drone.


With the popular drone models given, you can quickly find a solution through other pilots on online forums or social media groups. Meanwhile, thousands of tips and tutorial videos are available on YouTube to encourage you to become a more reliable pilot and photographer. In addition, you can gain a complete host of third-party accessories. The great news here is that you have opportunities at every cost point, and they’re moderately fantastic. Drones are lovely enterprise tools across a diversity of applications. The photography products they produce are astounding, and they serve tools to work with if handled with care. 

Happy Shoots.