Best Pellet Cat Litter in 2022: Points to Consider

Pellet cat litter in 2022 is something that you may not have thought of as something to research and look into. There are plenty of different types, whether it’s a material, a scent or the size of the pellets or granules.

Just like anything else you invest in, there are things you should consider in a product before spending any of your hard-earned money.

Below are some of the essential things for pellet cat litter and picking the best one.

Price Of Pellet Cat Litter: Though it will cost you a bit more, it lasts longer, which ends up saving you money in the long run. It is usually more expensive due to the materials it’s made out of and the that it takes longer to make than clay litter.

Pellet Litter Contain Dust: Many cats litters on the market create dust whenever you fill the litter box. It creates dust clouds that settle in your home and can affect you and your kitty. If you have allergies, are sensitive or prefer to keep your home a little cleaner, having dust-free litter may be your best option.

Pellet Cat Litter Tracking Reviews: Tracking is when the litter sticks to your cat’s paw and makes a trail from the litter box and later can be found throughout your home. Having a waste with bigger pellets, unlike granules, will help to reduce or completely rid of tracking.

Fragrance Of Pellet Cat Litter: Many litters have scents like lavender or fresh smell to mask any stink that can come out of your pet. Most pelleted cat litters are unscented and use the natural smell of the material to cover the odour of urine or feces.

Material Review: Unlike clay litter, most are natural and recycled, but there are artificially made pellet litters out. There are many diverse materials to choose from that can fit you and your feline friend’s preferences, such as clay, pine, newspaper, etc.

Great for the environment, Absorbs more than clay, Longer lasting, Mostly made from recycled materials, Low tracking, Doesn’t stick to cats paws, CompostableMore expensive than other litter types, Doesnít always clump up

Best Pellet Cat Litter in 2022

Okocat Mini Pellets Clumping Wood Cat Litter

It is a dust-free formula. The manufacturer screens the trash before packaging and ensures only solid pellets are put in the bag. It keeps your cat and clan from inhaling a cloud of dust every time the box is modified. Okocat utilizes sustainably sourced wood for its pellets, naturally soaking powerful urine odors. The shells are free of scents and artificial deodorizers, and theyíre incredibly soft on a felineís paws. The small pellets are less likely to stick in the catís paws or become tracked around your home. Okocatís litter is biodegradable, and you can rinse it down the toilet and forget about it taking up space in a landfill. Okocat is more environmentally friendly and more comfortable to use. However, if youíre used to purchasing clay litter, Okocat may seem expensive.

Feline Pine Original Non-Clumping Wood Cat Litter

Although itís available for a lower price, it doesnít sacrifice quality or performance. Feline Pine enhanced its original formula by creating the pine fibers twice as absorbent. This super absorbency helps stop the foul urine odor and makes clean-up easier. The 100% pine pellets do not hold toxic chemicals, dyes, or overbearing perfumes. After your cat employs the litter box, all thatís left is a delightful, natural pine scent. When you fill the container with Feline Pine, you will not require to protect your eyes or don a facemask; the pellets are dust-free.

Simply Pine All-Natural Pellet Cat Litter

It doesnít put chemicals or perfumes into its product. Itís biodegradable and goes into the litter box dust-free after itís poured. The pine pellets are made to reduce tracking and quickly absorb urine. If youíre used to dealing with clay litter, youíll be pleasantly surprised how effective pine pellets are at eliminating the fierce ammonia smell from urine. Although Simply Pine is slightly cheaper than our top pick, we couldnít rank it first due to the pelletís texture. Unlike the previous brands, Simply Pineís shells are not as soft. Softer shots are easier on catsí feet, and if you own a feline with joint problems, youíre better off choosing a softer pellet. However, a healthy adult cat that doesnít mind a more complex product can benefit from the highly absorbent pellets.

Naturally Fresh Non-Clumping Walnut Cat Litter

Older felines sometimes have trouble transitioning to natural pellets, but kittens adapt quickly to Naturally Fresh, even when raised by a clay litter breeder. Naturally, Fresh employs 100% walnut shells in its shots, and the litter does not include toxic chemicals, clay dust, or corn products. It soaks liquid quickly and facilitates the odors from urine and feces. Your kitten will not pull small pieces of litter around the house because the pellets are conceived to minimize tracking. In addition, the walnut is superior to clay, wheat, corn, and pine in reducing solid odors. Older cats and felines with joint problems may choose a softer wood pellet if theyíre transitioning from clay litter.

PURINA Yesterdayís News Odor Control Cat Litter

The pellets are created from recycled paper, and theyíre perfect for felines with joint issues and much softer than the competitorís natural pellets. In addition, the litter does not contain any additional fragrances or unnecessary additives, and itís 99.9% dust-free. The paper pellets are suitable for kittens or cats, but the sticker cost is much higher than some of its competitors. Purina also suggests aromatic pellet litter and clumping litter.

Small Pet Select Premium Pine Pelleted Cat Litter

It is made with 100% pine, and it doesnít contain extra fragrances or chemicals. The pellets are triple screened by hand to reduce dust, and it makes your catís litter box smell like fresh pine. If you have a sifting litter box system, the Small Pet Select is an ideal product. If not, youíll need to purchase a sifting pan, four wooden blocks, and urine pads. The pellets are effective with the correct litter box arrangement. The biggest problem with the product is the packaging itís shipped in. Unlike the photograph on the website, the litter comes in a cardboard box.

Tidy Cats Breeze Cat Litter Pellets

Breeze pellets are created from the natural mineral mordenite zeolite. When a feline urinates, the liquid drains through the shells onto a pad. Feces must be removed every day to reduce odors, and the pellets do not clump around the waste. The shots reduce tracking, and theyíre 99.9% dust-free. Breeze pellets effectively control odors and extra dust, but you have to pay much more for the shells and the Breeze system than other brands. When you count up the cost of buying pads and pellets every month, you may opt for a more suitable product. Another common complaint with Breeze is the packaging. Many customers complained that the bag was ripped and spilled into the box on delivery.

Fresh News Recycled Paper Original Pellet Multi-Cat Litter

It is created from 100% post-consumer form, and itís biodegradable and compostable. The paper pellets are dust-free and non-allergenic. It contains baking soda added to enhance odor control, and the naturally occurring carbon present in the paper also soaks odors. Fresh News is more environmentally friendly, but your cat may have problems with baking soda if it has allergies. The pellets soak liquid well, but theyíre not as sufficient as timber for eliminating odors. Although tracking and dust are not a problem with this litter, itís much more costly than cheaper pellets that are more effective at decreasing odors.

Frisco Pine Pellet Unscented Non-Clumping Wood Cat Litter

It is made from 100% pine, and it does not contain chemical fragrances or additives. The non-clumping pellets are created to lower odors and minimize tracking. The Frisco brand is less costly than other brands, but it doesnít seem to work like the promotional text claims. Itís considered a low dust formula, but several cat owners whined that half of the bag was filled with sawdust. In addition, the pellets are more significant than other pine products, and sifting is more challenging when the litter box is cleaned. The shots turn to mush after a cat stays in the litter box, and the clean-up process can be frustrating and chaotic.

Natureís Logic Natural Pine Non-Clumping Wood Cat Litter

Litter is created from Ponderosa Pine, and itís biodegradable. The pellets have a natural pine scent, and they do not contain chemicals or added fragrances. Tracking isnít a problem with Natureís Logic, but the shots are less effective at eliminating odors than other pine brands. Like our previous pick, the product turns to mush too quickly, and it takes more effort to clean the box since the pellets are non-clumping. In addition, natureís Logic is more expensive. However, the shots are better for the environment because you can flush them down the toilet instead of tossing them in the garbage can.

Wrap Up

Which cat litter you settle on is eventually up to you, and after interpreting this, youíre much more instructed on the topic. There are things to consider, like the cost of the litter or if itís recyclable. Each of them will keep your home free from rubbish getting traced around and are each reasonably dust-free to keep you and your cat happy and healthy.