Best Pellet Cat Litter: Points to Consider

Pellet cat litter is something that you may not have thought of as something to research and look into. There are plenty of different types, whether it’s a material, a scent or the size of the pellets or granules.

Just like anything else you invest in, there are things you should consider in a product before spending any of your hard-earned money.

Below are some of the essential things for pellet cat litter and picking the best one.

Price Of Pellet Cat Litter: Though it will cost you a bit more, it lasts longer, which ends up saving you money in the long run. It is usually more expensive due to the materials it’s made out of and the that it takes longer to make than clay litter.

Pellet Litter Contain Dust: Many cats litters on the market create dust whenever you fill the litter box. It creates dust clouds that settle in your home and can affect you and your kitty. If you have allergies, are sensitive or prefer to keep your home a little cleaner, having dust-free litter may be your best option.

Pellet Cat Litter Tracking Reviews: Tracking is when the litter sticks to your cat’s paw and makes a trail from the litter box and later can be found throughout your home. Having a waste with bigger pellets, unlike granules, will help to reduce or completely rid of tracking.

Fragrance Of Pellet Cat Litter: Many litters have scents like lavender or fresh smell to mask any stink that can come out of your pet. Most pelleted cat litters are unscented and use the natural smell of the material to cover the odour of urine or feces.

Material Review: Unlike clay litter, most are natural and recycled, but there are artificially made pellet litters out. There are many diverse materials to choose from that can fit you and your feline friend’s preferences, such as clay, pine, newspaper, etc.

Great for the environment, Absorbs more than clay, Longer lasting, Mostly made from recycled materials, Low tracking, Doesn’t stick to cats paws, CompostableMore expensive than other litter types, Doesn’t always clump up

Best Pellet Cat Litter

The Breeze Cat Litter Pellets By Tidy Cats

  • Most popular names
  • created an innovative litter working wonders
  • Made from clay
  • No possible negative effect
  • Made up of small pellets
  • Soak up liquid
  • Best to use with Tidy Cats Breeze Litter Tray system
  • Clay isn’t recyclable
  • Still last a long time
  • Nearly 100% dust free
  • 3 different options
    • 3.5 pound bag
    • 7 pound bag
    • 6 3.5 pound bags
  • Expensive
  • Practically dust free
  • Almost no odors
  • Bigger than granules
  • Doesn’t stick to cats paws
  • Safer for them
  • No tracking around home

Naturally Fresh Walnut-Based Pellet

  • Great for the earth
  • Made from recycled materials
  • Recyclable after use
  • Made from walnut shells
  • Have incredible odor eliminating powers
  • Walnut shells have natural compounds
  • Incredible for getting rid of ammonia causing bacteria
  • 7 times better than any other material
  • Practically dust free
  • Keep home and cat cleaner
  • Dust free litter
  • No struggle with allergies
  • No artificial chemicals or compounds
  • Not potentially harmful or hazardous to feline
  • Bit heavier than granules
  • Doesn’t not stick to cats paws
  • Reduces amount of tracking

Yesterday’s News Original Formula Pellet

  • Great litter for environment
  • Take advantage of old news papers
  • Not bringing much dust to home
  • Incredibly high absorbing
  • Lasts longer
  • Doesn’t make a stench from the urine or feces
  • Scented litter
  • Has enough power to eliminate odors
  • Lot softer than other litters available
  • Pellets are much smaller
  • More comfortable on cats paw pads
  • Eco-friendly
  • Cheapest product on shelves
  • Available in a 5, 15, and 30 pound bag

Okocat Natural Wood Clumping Pellet

  • Actually wood-based
  • Incredible clumping power
  • Super easy cleaning
  • Well known in the cat litter world
  • Creating products to amaze customers
  • Little more expensive than competitors
  • More wallet-friendly items for new customers
  • Great as absorbent
  • Good at soaking up
  • Soaks 500% of its own weight in urine
  • No harmful or hazardous chemicals or additives
  • Great for who are sensitive to dust
  • Incredible odor shield technology
  • Biodegradable
  • Flush it down in toilet

Wrap Up

Which cat litter you settle on is eventually up to you, and after interpreting this, you’re much more instructed on the topic. There are things to consider, like the cost of the litter or if it’s recyclable. Each of them will keep your home free from rubbish getting traced around and are each reasonably dust-free to keep you and your cat happy and healthy.