Oil Filled Room Heaters to Buy in 2022

Oil Heaters is a must as the climate near Arctic or Mountains has a wide variety of weather conditions with a broad geographic scale and topography. It is difficult for a person to deal with environment if one has to move from a warmer region to a colder one.

Winters are frigid. In this condition, heater becomes a necessity than a luxury throughout the cold season. Oil heaters are recommended to keep you warm. Oil heaters maintain the moisture levels of the room.

Oil heaters are called oil-filled radiators or oil filled room heaters or oil-filled heaters. This blog will try to discuss how to choose the right oil heater with the right feature as per the requirements of the customer.

Oil heaters are the perfect solution to cold, dry winters with smaller rooms heating requirements. They do not make the air dry. They are suitable for children and elders.

They keep the room warm for longer in areas with frequent power cuts. Oil heaters consume less electricity and have high efficiency.
Letís introduce you to top oil heaters that you can buy for the winter.

Buying Guide to Choose Oil Heater 2022

Oil heaters are an energy-efficient way to keep your closed surroundings very cozy and warm during the winters. These take some moments to heat up. But they surely keep the room warm and comfortable for a longer duration. The heating element of the oil heaters dipped in silicone oil, which maintains oxygen and moisture balance of the room.

Oil heaters are available in several sizes having different features making it difficult to select the perfect one. Letís give you some points to ponder while choosing the ideal oil heater according to your needs.

Number of Fins and Height

It is essential to choose a heater based on the size of the room where it will be placed. It will prove to be insufficient or expensive if the size is not considered. The 9-fin to 11-fin oil heater would be better for a smaller room, while the 13-fin to 15-fin will be better and more appropriate for a larger room. Length should also be considered while buying. It is much better to buy a taller rather than shorter fin as the heat gets distributed in taller fins making the surface heat up lesser while producing the same amount of heat as compared to shorter fins.

Make Budget according to the extent of Cold in the State

The price of oil heater varies with features such as the size, the model, and the kind of oil used in it. Additional features for adjusting the thermostat, controlling heat with an auto-cutoff for saving electricity, might not be necessary, although they may seem appealing to us. It would be alright, those living in warmer parts of the country, opt for less expensive models as they would not need a big and costly oil heater with multiple features. With an adjustable thermostat and extra fins, is becomes very useful.

Steel enhances Durability

When you choose an oil heater, you should keep in mind its durability. Oil heater made of steel makes it sturdy, durable, and easy to maintain. Ideally, steel doesnít rust. Oil heaters made of steel are usually easier to clean. Steel oil heaters come with an enamel coating making it helpful in the process of cleaning.

  • Oil-filled room heaters do not affect your electricity bill and are an ideal option to save power. The oil in the oil-filled room heaters is used as the main reservoir or buffer. When the heater is turned off, it holds the room warm for some time.
  • Using room heaters with kids is usually sensed as dangerous. But oil filled room heaters do not consume oxygen rooms and neither lower the humidity quotient; therefore, they are a fantastic choice to use when you carry newborns or infants in the house. As the humidity is kept in the room, objections to suffocation, skin rashes, or dry eye are led out.
  • Oil-filled room heaters are most appropriate for large rooms or extended hours of usage, like overnight heating.
  • They are less noisy or relatively silent heaters. Their presence can be felt only in the warmth radiated and not through any noise emitted from them.
  • As the surface of oil-filled room heaters is heat resistant, they are child safe and do not risk accidental burns. They demand not to be set very close to the bed. Maintaining them in one corner of the room, you can comfortably heat your space.

Oil Filled Room Heaters

Letís reveal the best oil heaters for you to buy with the hope of helping you find the perfect oil heater according to your requirement.

Havells Oil Filled Room Heater OFR 9F PTC†

It uses different Wattage to save power. The advanced overheat protection element provides that the heater does not overheat with prolonged use and keeps the appliance safe from damage. The PTC oil heater is supplied with a fan that plays a crucial role in dispersing heat uniformly throughout the space. The castor swirls of the room heater are designed to impart more amazing portability to the appliance and help in effortless movement across the room. The elegant design with a cord storage space and rear safety cover make the oil-filled room heater one of the best values at a low price.

Morphy Richards OFR 09 Oil Filled Radiator

This oil-filled radiator is one of the best online oil heaters. It bears good coziness to make each intersection of your room warm. In addition, it shows the option to select electric loads, thus permitting you to balance your power savings. With an alternate power source, you can choose the more increased voltage of the two isolated sources. In case of negligence or fault, it automatically changes the load, thus securing an uninterrupted power supply. It includes nine thin fins; it promptly warms the room and improves the temperature within a few minutes. The ultra-thin fins are developed very thin to help dissipate heat to each corner of the space. The safety element of the oil-filled heater is inbuilt with security standards to avoid electric casualties. 

Bajaj Majesty Rh 13f Plus Oil Filled Room Heater

India’s best Bajaj oil-filled radiator, the Rh 13f, comes furnished with a 400Watt PTC ceramic fan heater for more suitable efficiency. The outer body is created with CRCA material that counts durability and prevents standard oxidation. In addition, the PVC plug material strengthens the appliance. This oil-filled room heater is engineered with 13 fins and is planned to keep every corner of the room without making an awful noise.

Orient Electric Comfort Collection 13 Fin Oil Filled Radiator Room Heater

The Orient Electric Oil-filled radiator room heater with state-of-the-art S-shaped fins, castor wheels, and cord storage facility is one of the unique products on the list. The room heater provided with a fan delivers even heating throughout the room. The progressive S-shaped 3rd generation fins promote even heat dissipation all through the room. The three heating adjustment feature let you manage the heating rate according to outside weather and your body needs. If the oil-filled radiator is not placed vertically or installed correctly, the 360-degree trip over the safety switch operates as an additional safety gadget.

Usha OFR 3609 FS PTC Oil Filled Room Heater

The PTC heating technology and wave-style fins are engineered to deliver you high degrees of heat efficiency. The inbuilt 400 Watt fans confirm that the heat is evenly dispersed throughout the space. The fins are blanketed with high-quality anti-corrosion pigment for rust protection throughout its vitality. The flexible thermostat allows you to control the heat temperature showing you varying degrees of warmth. The oil-filled heater arrives with a cord winder and an inbuilt handle grip. As part of its safety standards, it has a thermal cut-off feature that ends supply.

Singer OFR 11 Fins Oil Filled Radiator Room Heater

With its advanced 11 fins and three heating positions, this oil-filled heater is a class apart from its contemporaries. Its three alternating power capacities function fast and stay inactive when the temperature falls. The 11 fins are power-coated and work as ideal rust protectors. The nylon castor wheels and metallic back cover are in-built for safety standards and greater mobility. The intelligent overheating protection protects the oil-filled heater from damage, and the thermostat control regulates the heating temperature. The PTC fan also ensures faster heating and dissipation of heat in different parts of the room.

Advantages of Oil Filled Room Heaters

Oil-filled room heaters use much less electricity as compared to their counterparts. Therefore, the electricity consumption of your oil-filled room heater can be calculated by analyzing the quantity of power that the heater consumes, which is technically termed Wattage.

An efficient oil-filled heater usually operates on 1500 Watts. A unit of electricity is defined as 1000 Watts. You will get the approximate electricity consumption of your oil-filled room heater, which is undoubtedly much less than other traditional room heaters.

Oil-filled room heaters require very nominal servicing or maintenance. In addition, you do not have to refill the oil filled in these heaters as the oil is not used as fuel. Instead, it is used as a carrier or medium. 

Like any other electrical appliance, oil-heaters have their share of risks and dangers if not handled with care. Therefore, always keep the device switched off when not in use. Contact the manufacturer or service center immediately in case of an accident or emergency.


Oil heaters look like an unnecessarily expensive product, but these are extremely useful for families with kids or older adults to maintain moisture and oxygen levels. Oil heaters are perfect to make winters bearable. Using oil heaters makes you feel cozy and comfortable at homes during winters. We hope this article has given you a lot of information to choose the perfect oil heater perfect for your home.