Best Hand Sanitizer in 2022 & Buying Guide

Hand sanitizer is a gel, liquid, or foam generally used to decrease infectious agents on the hands. Handwashing with soap and water is usually preferred. Hand sanitizers are less effective at killing various kinds of germs, like norovirus and Clostridium difficile.

Unlike soap and water, sanitizers cannot remove harmful chemicals. People might incorrectly wipe off hand sanitizer before it has dried, and some are less effective because their alcohol concentrations are too low.

In healthcare settings, alcohol-based hand sanitizers help handwashing with soap and water. Reasons include it being better and more effective at reducing bacteria. Handwashing with soap and water, it should be carried out if contamination can be seen, or following the use of the toilet. The general utility of non-alcohol-based hand sanitizers has no recommendations.

Best Hand Sanitizer

Let’s check out some alcohol based hand sanitizers online.

Germ-X Original Hand Sanitizer

When it comes to still-in-stock hand sanitizer, Germ-X can’t be beat. This four-pack contains moisturizing vitamin E and 62 percent alcohol, which reviewers say effectively disinfects hands without sticky residue. This seems to have the perfect balance. No dryness, no sticky residue. The scent as “nice” and “subtle” and finds that the sanitizer makes hands feel moisturized and germ free. It smells good, has a good gel consistency.

Solimo Original Scent Hand Sanitizer

It’s a great value for the price. The price and quantity is almost too good to be true during COVID-19. It is much better than a lot of the smaller brands that either smell funny or just have a very watery consistency. 62 percent alcohol content is appreciative. Its mild smell is heart-warming. It smells miles better than some of the other alcohol-based sanitizers.

PURELL Advanced Hand Sanitizer Soothing Gel with Aloe and Vitamin E

It adds aloe and vitamin E to the base formula. A soothing aloe-ish smell leaves the hands moisturized, not dry like other hand sanitizers. It does not use harsh industrial-strength products so that you may choose the sanitizer for personal use. It is confident to kill microbes with aloe for skin protection. Never will have issues of drying out or cracking hand. It will not irritate the babies

Gold Bond Hydrating Hand Sanitizer Gel

Shoppers appreciate that this sanitizer from Gold Bond — mostly known for its moisturizing lotions and creams — left their hands feeling soft and smooth rather than dried out. It is terrible nail breakage and splitting.  After switching to the hand sanitizer, you will be happy to see an improvement.  The sanitizer leaves your hands smelling great and feeling smooth with ZERO residue. The hands feel like you’ve just put on lotion without the greasy feeling.

SupplyAID 80% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Gel

SupplyAID hand sanitizer boasts the highest alcohol content of all the sanitizers on the list. The SupplyAID sanitizer is stronger and doesn’t leave a sticky residue on your hands. It has a more pleasant odor than other brands. As the sanitizer includes aloe, it didn’t dry out the skin. The stuff feels good on the hands. No germ survives 80 percent alcohol. 80 percent is high alcohol content, so keep hand lotion with you.

Sanit Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer Gel

Ssanitizer’s gel-like consistency and the bottle’s convenient pump design. It provides “a bit of ‘insurance’ if there are shortages in the future to fill little favor bottles for daily use. Every user loves the smell and it doesn’t dry their hands out. The gel is every bit as good for the clean feeling and scent. This will be your family’s go-to sanitizer.

Wet Ones Antibacterial Hand Wipes

Customers use these to wipe down public transportation seats. Hit the seatbelts, armrests, every nook and cranny of the nasty tray tables with wipes.

CareTouch 110 Individually Wrapped Hand-Sanitizing Wipes

It is very useful, and the smaller packets are more convenient as well. Users love to carry them around. You can use them while dining out and want to clean your hands before the meal. They are not too wet, just enough for a single cleaning … perfect for a kid. The wipe packets are also very convenient for throwing into first-aid kits. Keep it handy in purses, cars, desks, sports bags, etc. Purchasing tubes allow for the product to be at home in the medicine cabinet.

The Honest Company “Keepin’ It Clean” Alcohol Wipes (150-Count)

Made without fragrance, parabens, phenoxyethanol, or chlorine processing, these 65-percent-alcohol wipes are gentle enough for sensitive skin, especially for those with eczema. They cause no irritation. They’re great for both hands and surfaces, and aren’t sticky and are damp enough that they don’t dry out so quickly in between wiping stuff down.

PURELL Hand Sanitizing Wipes

Customers keep a package of these hand sanitizer wipes everywhere: their cars, their desks, bedrooms, bathrooms, and for some, their bags. A lot of drive-thru meals are eaten on the go, without a germy hand. They aren’t overly perfumed. They don’t seem to dry out your hands. These are even beloved by multiple doctors and nurses. If you can’t get to a sink for water and soap these are an excellent alternative.

Purell Clean Scent Advanced Hand Sanitizer

The small 1-oz. bottles are perfect. You can carry them in your pocket to keep you safe with COVID-19 still around. Container is super-great. They are reasonably priced.

Buying Guide for Hand Sanitizer

Alcohol-based versions typically contain some combination of ethanol (ethyl alcohol), isopropyl alcohol, or n-propanol, with versions containing 60% to 95% alcohol the most suited and highly effective. Care must be taken while handling them as they are flammable. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers work in removing a wide variety of microorganisms.

Compounds such as glycerol are added to prevent drying of the skin. Some of them contain fragrances, but these are discouraged due to the risk of allergic reactions. Non-alcohol based versions typically contain triclosan or benzalkonium chloride but are less effective than alcohol-based ones.

Hand Sanitizers : The Pros and Cons

Hand sanitizers nowadays can be seen everywhere these days in offices, malls, airports, and public washrooms. The small portable bottles is a must-have to carry in purses, handbags or cars. Hand sanitizer made the commercial debut in the 1990s since there has been a constant debate over its safe and healthy to use.

Pros of Hand Sanitizers

  • It absolute alcohol’s ability helps to kill germs and bacteria.
  • Hand sanitizers help in reducing the number of sick days in work environments.
  • It prevents the spread of viruses.
  • Hand sanitizers can feel like a lifesaver when you don’t have access to soap and water.
  • It can be conveniently stored anywhere.
  • It’s cost-effective and long-lasting.
  • Most hand sanitizers are inexpensive.
  • They have a shelf-life of 2 to 3 years.
  • Small bottles of hand sanitizers can last for weeks at a time with consistent use.

Cons of Hand Sanitizers

  • Some of the brands are ineffective, although popular brands do meet the 60 per cent minimum alcohol concentration required to kill viruses and bacteria effectively.
  • It’s essential to read the label and instructions to know the ingredients of the product.
  • It can not be used on grime. Hand sanitizers can be effective against germs, but it is no substitute for soap and water.
  • It weakens immunity to germs. The frequent usage of hand sanitizers will cause a resistance to good and bad bacteria hurting the immune system in fighting off infections.

Good hand hygiene is equal to good health and is one of the simplest and easiest ways to decrease the risk of getting sick. Make sure to wash hands frequently, and if you do use hand sanitizers, you must make sure it meets the minimum alcohol concentration needed to kill harmful bacteria.