Best Hair Dryer in 2022 with Buying Guide for Great Looks

Hair Dryer is an essential appliance for anyone who wants effective blow-drying results quickly . It takes minimum effort with an increasing number of features on modern hair dryers that allows styling hair as it dries, meaning you can achieve a new look without visiting a salon.

The following buying guide will help you buy a suitable hairdryer for specific needs with information on available attachments and the latest features.

Before going into the details, you can first check some of the best models available online and later on decide which one to opt for after reading the buying guide.

Best Hair Dryer in 2022

DYSON Supersonic Hair Dryer

This one-of-a-kind Dyson design is a choice of professional hairstylists, as the motor is in the handle! As a result, it has super strong airflow and dries hair faster. For example, it dries an eight-inch hair sample in only 54 seconds. In addition, the tool arrives with a rare five attachments to customize to your hairstyle and needs, including a diffuser, two concentrators, a passion for smoothing flyaways, and a soft air attachment, all of which are magnetic for easy usage.

BIO IONIC GrapheneMX Brushless Professional Hair Dryer

Avoid damaging, aching burning with Bio Ionic’s hairdryer, which was adequate but mild on strands and scalp, is vital for fine hair. It had the best air temperature at the most elevated of three settings yet quickly dried hair samples. Though it was loud in sound and is the priciest of the most recent test winners, it comes with a 10-year motor-life warranty. It is sleek-looking, has a balanced weight and size that’s not too heavy or big, and feels robust.

REMINGTON Pro Hair Dryer with Thermaluxe Thermal Technology

If you’re seeking an affordable dryer that works, Remington is it. You will love the air pressure and quick performance, but some thought it was a little plump and loud. Even though it’s a deal price, it doesn’t skimp on extras, including concentrator and diffuser attachments.

HOT TOOLS Turbo Ionic Professional DC Blue Hair Dryer

This compact model from Hot T0ols achieved near-perfect scores for drying speed and ranks high for solid airflow. Users love its small size and that it left their hair less frizzy. It got top marks for its easy-to-reach controls and comfortable shape, and it was also quiet.

BaBylissPro Nano Titanium Hair Dryer

The BaBylissPro tool dries hair fast as it is built for speed, earning a perfect score for drying time. In addition, it received high marks for solid airflow and easy-to-use buttons and attachments. Evaluations also found the hairdryer comfortable to hold, lightweight, quiet, and that it has ample cord length (8.7 feet).

SAM VILLA Professional Ionic Blow Dryer

It is an easy-to-maneuver Sam Villa hairdryer feels in the hands — and how short hair looks after employing it. It delivers a shiny, salon-caliber look in no time. That is what indeed will blow you away. It turns out many hairstylists have been using this one for years. It dries hair in a bit of a second, and your hair will break a lot less now.

CONAIR Infiniti Pro Hair Dryer

Conair’s pro-quality model, with around 8,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, cuts drying time with its powerful AC motor, and it also arrives with both a concentrator and diffuser for a bargain price.

CHI Touch 2 – Hair Dryer

CHI’s high-tech hair dryer carries a built-in touch screen to adjust the settings, including pace, temperature, and ionic result for helping align and smooth curls, plus it comes with a diffuser to help enhance spiral shape. You will love its ability to control the settings: Instead of three choices, the scale to adjust allows you to be straightforward with your settings. The sense of it is excellent — it is incredibly comfortable to hold and ergonomic with a diffuser for drying curls. In addition, it has a touch screen to customize heat, speed, and ions.

CRICKET Ultra Smooth Professional Hair Dryer

Cricket’s hairdryer model emitted the highest heat to dry even dense or coarse hair quickly. At 150°F, it has the highest air temperature of the top dryers, making it a good alternative for thick hair. It also rated high for being pleased to hold and using attachments and buttons. It’s cute and compact, yet assertive and well made; it’s also light and pleasant to hold.

REVLON One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer

This Revlon best-selling hair dryer brush is worth the hype: It dries and shines even super-curly hair in half the time of a classic hairdryer and round brush combo. Its intuitive elliptical form is easy to use and doesn’t drain out arms. Plus, its smoothing strands mean tons of blowout-level swingy bodies, from root to tip. Just be careful not to employ it on soaking wet hair to avoid breakage!  

DRYBAR Baby Buttercup Blow Dryer

Drybar’s top-of-the-line dual voltage model provides fast-drying power in a portable package. It scores perfectly for having easy-to-use controls, dried hair samples quickly, has strong airflow, and is easiest to maneuver and comfortable to hold.

OLIVIA GARDEN Ceramic + Ion Professional Hair Dryer

No fear of arm fatigue when drying with lightweight Olivia Garden. Thanks to its powerful airflow and temperature, it is found to dry hair quickly without feeling hot on the scalp. It is easy to hold and operate and received a perfect score for maneuvering attachments, plus it offers a generously long cord.

Different Types of Hair Dryers

Retail Hair DryersProfessional Hair Dryers
While retail hair dryers are often targeted to domestic users, you may find that purchasing a high-end salon model is a good investment if you intend to get a lot of use from purchase.Salon-grade hair dryers typically run with an AC (alternating current) motor, meaning they boast more heat and less RPM.
Advantages Advantages
More affordable than professional dryers
Lighter in weight
Easier to handle
Approx. 500 hours of working life
Dries hair faster
Stronger airflow
Good features and design
Longer working life approx. 2,000 hours

Hairdryer Types

Travel hair dryersLighter & with foldable parts for better portability.
Dryer hoodsA dryer hood is placed over the head and helps to keep a style in place.
Wall-mounted dryerSimilar to hand-held models but mountable on walls will save space.


  • The higher the wattage of a hairdryer, the more heat it produces and the quicker it will dry the hair.
  • For hair types, a dryer between 1,300 and 1,800 wattages should be sufficient, with higher levels only required if you have thick and curly hair.
  • Those with fragile and damaged hair should opt for towel drying and the lowest heat settings.

Aside from power, several technologies on the market can help your hair dry faster and create any style you desire. Fast-drying: Hair dryers with technology that produces high-velocity airflow dries hair faster.

Temperature ControlRegularly measures air temperature and adjusts to keep it under control and protect hair from heat damage.
Touch ColdTechnology that ensures the surface of the hairdryer attachments stay cool, so hands & heads are kept safe.
Noise ReductionTechnology that reduces noise so hair can be dried quietly at any time.
CeramicCeramic hair dryers provide even heat distribution, and the heat is deficient so that it doesn’t damage hair.
IonicThese break down water molecules for faster drying, but can also retain moisture in the hair for healthier long-term outcomes.
It helps to neutralise positively charged ions in the hair, ionic dryers condition hair and reduce frizz.
InfraredProvides consistent heat that dries hair evenly throughout, while also preventing sections of scalp from overheating or drying out.
TourmalineTourmaline is a semi-precious gemstone and is world’s best ionic and infrared generator.
The gemstone coating consists of minerals that target negatively charged sections of hair and breaking down larger molecules of water so that they evaporate more quickly.
Not only does this dry hair faster, it seals in vital moisture to ensure hair remains healthy and shiny.

Features and Accessories

There are a variety of different features, settings, attachments and accessories available for modern hair dryers.

DiffusersHelp lift and separate hair to boost its natural texture
Dries hair quickly without ruining its style
Helps to reduce frizz and improve curl definition
Swivel CordPrevents the cable from tangling
Dryer BrushBuilt-in brush for handy styling and drying needs
Cool ShotProvides a blast of cold air to help styles set
Nozzle Focuses airflow for more precise styling
Auto Shut-offTurns the appliance off when it is put down and turns it on again when lifted
Steam DryersSoftens the hair for less tangling
Helps deep conditioners penetrate faster
Magnetic AttachmentsThe dryer nozzle and diffuser attach to the dryer magnetically so the accessories can be changed quickly and easily
Pre-set Heat SettingsTakes the guesswork out of how hot the drying temperature should be for fast, regular and gentle drying

So, it would now become easier for you to make a perfect decision for the purchase of a Hair Dryer for yourself.