Best Fountain Pen Under $50 with Aesthetic Pleasure

Best fountain pen under $50… yes, if you’re looking for it, you’re presumably interested in calligraphy and want that pen to make you started. However, choosing a good fountain pen isn’t about discovering the most good looking one. It would be best to keep in mind many things while looking for the ideal fountain pen for you.

Today, let me walk you through everything you need to know before buying the best fountain pen under $50. Let’s dive in!

Pilot Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen

The vessel of the fountain pen is built out of brass. However, the pen holds a matte black finish to provide it with an overall elegant look and luxurious feel in your hand. The dark black is also distinguished with aesthetically pleasant stainless steel parts that accent the fountain pen’s value.

Sleek matte black finishDry off quickly if the lid isn’t secured
Durable brass construction
Works with cartridges and converters

LAMY Safari Fountain Pen

The fountain pen is composed of an ABS charcoal plastic body, creating it ideal for those who favour lighter pens. The LAMY Safari introduces with a blue ink cartridge. Nevertheless, you can refill the cartridge with the colour of your desire.

Ink level indicatorYou need to buy the gift box separately
Flexible pen clip
Compatible with converters

Picasso 902 Gentleman Collection Fountain Pen

It’s rare to find a decorative pen at the price Picasso 902 offers. The pen comes in 5 different designs that will suit all tastes of broad fountain pen lovers. The fountain pen doesn’t only look great, but it’s also highly durable. Both the barrel and the nib are made of durable stainless steel.

Highly decorative designDoesn’t come with the ink
Comes with an ink converter and a luxurious gift box
Durable barrel and snap-on cap

ZenZoi Carbon Fiber Fountain Pen

The pen design is the perfect balance between a classic and modern take on fountain pens. The carbon fibre construction gives it extra weight so that you can appreciate the big hold of the pen.

Luxurious designA bit pricier than other options
Durable and weighted carbon fiber finish
Comes with a complete set

Things to Keep in Mind While Shopping for Best Fountain Pen under $50

Pen Materials
Fountain pens are extremely sophisticated pens with various parts, like the barrel, the cap, and the nib. Every detail can be made using a wide variety of materials. The cap is made out of the identical material as the barrel for aesthetics. You only require to make sure that the materials are strong enough to handle your use. It holds the metal pen clip as well. The part that sweeps the paper is called “the nib”. Similar to the barrel, this part can be composed of various materials. Stainless steel nib tips are the most popular ones in the market, as they’re incredibly efficient and economical.

Size and Weight
You can get fountain pens that are comparatively bulky and others that are much slenderer. You should understand that a wide pen doesn’t fundamentally need to be heavy, as it can be completely plastic. If you favour heavier pens like me, you should allow for a metal barrel with a stainless steel nib tip. But, if you’re watching for a smooth shift from a ballpoint pen, you can begin with a slim, lightweight composition.

Ink refills come in the form of ink cartridges. A good fountain pen will possess the opportunity to use a refill converter. It allows you to refill the pen with the ink of choice, preferably of stock ink.

If you’re paying up to $50 for a fountain pen, you need to ensure that you get the most bang for the buck. It should arrive with plenty of replacement ink cartridges, so you don’t ought to purchase some individually.

Capping Style
Capping the pen is essential to preserve the nib tip from dust and protect the ink from prolonged air exposure. The immense majority of fountain pens come with clasp or screw pen caps. Both designs are efficient at protecting the ink from drying out. Screw caps give ultimate protection. However, they need relatively longer to unscrew related to snap caps.

Nib Tip Width
Nib tips appear in three different variations, which are fine, medium, and broad. If you’re a novice, a good pen variety is your way to go, as it’s the closest to the standard ballpoint pen but with a fancy twist. Broader nib tips are comparable to the thickness you prepare with 0.7 mm ballpoint pens.

Happy Shopping!!!