Best Fitness Band Under Rs.2000 to Track Daily Routine

Following a good routine is required to develop a work ethic and discipline in life. And fitness is one of the aspects one must look after daily. When people started gyming, their trainer asks them about routine daily in the morning. And trainer tells them to keep tracking their daily routine and exercises in the gym and outside.

They are introduced to a so-called Fitness Band/Activity Tracker to change how they work out. It is needed to keep track of their workout on their own! This little band does all of that for them. There is no need to record your workout process on a sheet.

Let’s check out some of the fitness bands to help you achieve daily fitness goals and keep updated with all the other essential phone notifications.

Mi Smart Band 4

Xiaomi has launched its successor variant of the fitness band, which is Mi Smart Band 4. Xiaomi is the top brand in the fitness band enterprise in India.

DisplayAMOLED color touch display with adjustable brightness.
Batterylong-lasting battery life that can work for 20 days straight without any interruption.
Fitness featuresmonitors your heart rate 24/7 and notifies you in case of high bp and also tracks your daily activity.
Sleep analyzertracks your sleep activity and helps you enhance your sleep quality.
Functioningpaired with your phone you can receive Whatsapp, text message, phone call notification
Connectivityconnects with Bluetooth 5.0 version devices.
Compatibilitycompatible with Android 4.4 and above and iOS 9.0 and above.
Waterproofwork perfectly in 50 meters depth mark underwater and detects swim position.
  • The screen is fairly brig for outdoor use
  • Tempered glass to prevent shattering
  • Less charging time (2 hours)
  • Tell you about your current location
  • You can custom wallpaper
  • Comes with 6 new sensors

HONOR Band 5 (Meteorite Black)

Honor is another top brand in India’s fitness band industry with a wide variety of fitness bands in various designs and price ranges. And this HONOR Band 5 is one such example of it. This Honor smart fitness band has a 0.95-inches colourful AMOLED touch display with adjustable brightness function for a smooth visual experience. It has a small home button just below the screen to control its various operation.

Best Fitness Band Under Rs.2000
Display0.95 inch AMOLED large touch screen with adjustable display and brightness.
Batterystandby time of 2 weeks i.e. 14 days.
Fitness featuresTruseen for 24/7 heart rate monitoring and warns you of a higher heart rate.
Sports modeMultiple sports mode, tracks running, walking, swimming activities with steps & calories burned.
SpO2 MonitorTrack O2 level in the bloodstream which helps you adapt body during exercise or workout.
Sleep analyzerEquipped with Trusleep sensors that track your sleep and allows you to enhance it.
FunctioningControl the music system, set alarm, control the camera, receive or reject calls and notifications
CompatibilityCompatible with Bluetooth 4.2 versions and android 4.4 and above and iOS 9.0 and above.
WaterproofWork perfectly in 50 meters depth mark underwater and with its 6-axis it detects swim position.
  • Curved edges look very attractive
  • Comfortable and firm gripping strap
  • Connects with Android and iOS
  • Accurate sleep tracker and pedometer
  • Extremely lightweight band
  • Less charging time (More or less 1 hour)

Fastrack Reflex 2.0

Fastrack Reflex 2.0 is an excellent alternative to the best affordable fitness band that deserves to be on the list for several reasons. Fastrack is a well-known brand in India that is fundamentally known for its stylish, funky, and affordable watches. They got immense popularity when they enrolled on the smartwatch sector after launching this fitness band.

Displaydigital type touch watch display having a black colored TPU band.
Batterystand-by battery life of 10 days.
Casemade up of plastic with a touch screen facility.
Fitness featuresnumber of steps you have taken and calories burned during a workout
Sedentary remindernotifies you if you are sitting in a state for too long hours.
Sleep analyzertracks your sleeping activities and helps you enhance sleep quality.
Functioningaccess every Whatsapp text, SMS, call notification, etc on your wrist.
Connectivityconnects will all android and iOS devices
Compatibilitycompatible with android 5.0 and above iOS 8.0 and above.
  • You can find your lost phone via GPS
  • A sedentary reminder that keeps you busy not lazy
  • Instant WhatsApp, Instagram notifications
  • Enhance your sleep quality
  • Control the camera and take selfies
  • Your best fitness companion

Realme Band

Realme, a brand of Oppo, is one of India’s top brands, providing arduous struggle to the Xiaomi fitness band after originating its new fitness tracker, “Realme Band “. This fitness band has a 0.96-inches TFT vivid LCD, and a slight touch button below on display with IP68 waterproofing makes it sturdy for outdoors.

Best Fitness Band Under Rs.2000
Display0.96-inch color touch display with a touch button.
Batterylong-lasting stand by time of 10 days straight on just a single charge.
Fitness features9 different sports modes that help you count steps, calories burned.
Heart Monitortrack your heart activity 24/7 and on high heart rate this band notifies you.
Sleep Monitoralgorithm tracks your sleep activity and lets you know about your sleep pattern.
Functioningreceive all your mobile notifications on your wrist (Whatsapp, FB, or call).
  • Easy to charge (no extension)
  • Premium band/strap
  • Beautiful watch faces
  • Fast and easy to pair
  • Soft vibration that wakes you up
  • Accurate step count

Noise ColorFit 2 Smart Fitness Band

Noise ColorFit 2 is the top-performing best fitness band under Rs.2000 with a wide variety of features and a blood pressure monitor. Noise ColorFit 2 fitness band has a 0.96” TFT LCD colourful display with a slight touch button and built of high-quality plastic with a soft silicone strap.

Best Fitness Band Under Rs.2000
Display0.96-inch color LCD bright display weighing 20 grams.
Batterylithium-ion battery and has a standby time of 7 days straight.
Fitness featuresheart rate monitor, pedometer, step tracker, a fitness tracker with 14 different sports mode.
Sleep analyzertracks your activity and helps you know about the quality of your sleep.
Functioningreceive notifications right into your wrist( Call, WhatsApp, or Facebook).
Connectivityfeatures Bluetooth v4.0.
Compatibilitycompatible with iOS 8.0 and above, Android 4.4 and above.
Waterproofrated IP 68 waterproof and can be worn in rainy seasons also and is resistant to sweat.
  • Lightweight like a feather
  • A perfect blend of elegance and sports utility
  • Accurate steps and heart rate counter
  • Menstrual cycle tracker for womens
  • Keeps you in touch with your mobile device
  • Bright color LCD display

Huawei Band 4

Huawei is a top-quality fitness tracker in India. Huawei Band 4, with a 0.96-inches TFT display with a resolution of 80×160 pixels, is adequately bright outdoors. There is a small capacitive touch button on display for maritime operations.

Display2.5D Color touch screen with an engaging interface.
Batterylittle low standby battery life of 7 days on a single charge.
Fitness featuresnumber of steps taken, calories burned, pedometer, and your heart rate (notifies when it’s high).
Sleep analyzerTrusleep 2.0 that helps in tracking sleep, and let you know about the quality of your sleep.
Functioningreceive or reject any call, Whatsapp message, SMS, or Facebook notification.
SpO2 monitortracks your oxygen level in your bloodstream which helps in enhancing the quality of exercise.
Lost phone finderin case, lost your phone, GPS tracking will help you to find your device.
  • Good quality band
  • Less charging time
  • Ultra-smooth display
  • Monitors SpO2 and heart rate
  • Download many faces
  • Accurate results with precision

Mi Band 3

Xiaomi is the no. 1 brand when it comes to the fitness band. It is one of the best fitness band under Rs.2000 with a heart rate monitor. It comes in a 0.78-inch OLED colourful display for a crisp, clear visual experience.

DisplayOLED full touch screen display.
Batterystandby time of 20 days straight on a single charge.
Fitness featurestrack activity in real-time which includes steps takes, calories burned, pace, duration of exercise.
Heart monitoringtracks your heart 24/7 and gives you a notification if the rate is too high.
Sleep analyzertracks sleep and gives you data for enhancing the quality of sleep
ConnectivityBluetooth connectivity of v4.2.
Compatibilitycompatible with android 4.4 and above, iOS 9.0 and above.
Waterproofwork really fine up to 50 meters water depth mark.
Functioningnotifications for receiving or rejecting the call, notifications of Whatsapp and Facebook, etc.
  • Soft and skin-friendly band
  • Finds your lost phone
  • Frequent updates to solve bugs
  • Decent outdoor visibility
  • Accurate steps and pedometer
  • Decent and elegant touch screen

Sonata SF Rush Activity Tracker

Sonata is one brand in India that doesn’t require any introduction, as the brand is known for the quality yet affordable wristwatches for India’s men and women.

Best Fitness Band Under Rs.2000
DisplayOLED touch screen with a digital type band display.
Dialblack colored, rectangular dial made of acrylic.
Activityblack color band made up of rubber
Trackingtrack your steps, calories burned, distance traveled, etc.
Functioningtrack your daily activities.
Movementprocessor type watch movement with a digital type watch display.
Casemade of plastic with a 45MM diameter.
Waterproofworks fine till the 30 meters watermark.
  • Ergonomic design
  • Comfortable strap
  • Big screen advantage
  • Long battery life
  • Bright view in the day time
  • Awesome built and strap quality

HolyHigh Smart Fitness Band

HolyHigh is a brand which has a good range of cheap and best fitness band. Not just from precise timekeeping to heart rate monitoring, it holds a variety of functions.

Displaycolorful HD LED screen display with adjustable brightness.
Battery10+ days of standby battery life.
Fitness featuresheart rate in real-time. Its activity tracker tracks your steps, and calories burned.
Sleep analyzersleep, and give the data of your sleep quality in order to enhance it.
Sedentary reminderovercome laziness by reminding you not to sit in a place for long hours.
Functioningdevice you will receive all your notification to your band (calls or text).
Connectivityconnected to a Bluetooth device with version 4.0 or above.
Compatibilitycompatible with android 4.4 or above and iOS 7.1 or above.
WaterproofIPX68 rated waterproof tracking band.
  • Kills laziness
  • Long standby time of 10 days
  • Detailed sleep information
  • Very lightweight band
  • Easy charge with USB connector
  • Bright display in the day time


Fitness bands are such great tracking devices that help you track your fitness and everyday activity and provide many intelligent features. However, this is not a complete list of the fitness bands for this budget segment because the online market has full fitness bands, but not all of them are useful and worth money. So, we’ve handpicked fitness bands from the top-selling brands, as we feel that these are the top ones that will surely worth your money that you are investing in.

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