Best Electric Rice Cooker in 2022 with Buying Guide

Electric rice cooker is a handy and most needed kitchen appliance. It is a product that can be used to make delicious food items as per your need.

The smart cooking appliance is beneficial for singles, students and small families to make every day cooking fast and convenient.

Keeping in mind about usefulness, people consider buying the appliance; however, there are many things that you need to consider before purchasing the appliance.

An electric rice cooker is an excellent addition to the kitchen. The modern rice cookers come with advanced features and computerized sensors that make cooking easy. Few models of rice cookers come with additional cooking features like simmering soups, steaming veggies, boiling dalia.

Best Electric Rice Cooker in 2022

Check online for models and then, things that you require to look before purchasing are:

Oster DiamondForce 6-cup Rice Cooker

This budget-friendly rice cooker grabbed the top spot in the rice cooker. The Oster DiamondForce stays the clear alternative for an easy rice cooker under $50. Perfect white rice is a dichotomy: It’s moist but not mushy; toothsome, but not chewy. That excellent fluffy rice is tough to catch, so the quality work for this Oster rice cooker’s $17 price tag is wholly exceptional. It carries a tempered glass cover with a venthole and steamer basket. It won’t fill the counter. The Oster is speedy and can also be employed as a grain cooker. The little rice cooker whipped up a mug of white rice in under 20 minutes and brown rice in 25 minutes. It also didn’t include any spillage or mess of some of the other essential budget rice cooker options, so cleanup was more accessible, too. The Oster is a fantastic option if you love rice and want to dine great rice regularly but don’t desire to hurt the bank. 

Tiger 5 1/2-cup Electric Rice Cooker

This Micom rice cooker integrated speed, precision, ease of use, and budget-friendliness to seize the top spot in the rice cooker kitchen appliance list. The Tiger boiled white rice well, if not just narrowly al dente, in just 21 minutes and about half the time, more oversized machines. This model clocks in at a very inexpensive $77. Considering its exceptional performance in both cooking, it handles like a steal. It also has straightforward controls, and just four presets white rice, brown rice, slow cook/steam, and a synchronized cook setting that permits you to cook two things simultaneously. In addition, this rice cooker comes with an instruction manual, recipe book, rice measuring cup, and rice paddle. As a result, this model looks great and performs at a high level. It is the best rice cooker to buy excellent rice in a hurry.

Zojirushi Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker and Warmer

Zojirushi is a household name for rice cooker elitists, and this Japanese rice cooker brand’s prestige is gained. The $172 Neuro Fuzzy rice cooker creates perfect rice in reasonably large quantities and lets you personalize your rice if you select it dryer or moister, along with well-calibrated settings for brown rice sushi rice porridge and other grains. This Zojirushi rice cooker has a few downsides:

  • Its price tag is intimidating.
  • It takes up considerable space.
  • It takes its time making rice (a cup of white rice, for instance, brings over 40 minutes to cook).

That said, the raw speed of a rice cooking kitchen appliance is less critical in many cases than a device’s ability to keep rice warm and perfectly fluffy for extended periods, and Zojirushi is an unmatched rice maker in that regard. 

Features to look for: Electric Rice Cooker

Capacity of the Electric Rice Cooker: The market is flooded with several electric rice cookers; however, before you buy one, make sure you check the capacity of the model. Depending on the size of the family, you can choose from the different roles of rice cookers available. A rice cooker with a capacity of 3-5 litres is suitable for a small family of 5-6 members.

Easy Operation: A cooking appliance should be easy to operate. It comes with one-touch operation. All you require to do is to add rice & water in appropriate quantity and press the ‘cook’ button. The advanced models of rice cookers come with digital controls which offer you options for cooking dishes.

Delay Start Features: For electric rice cooker, the best models are digitally controlled cookers. The delay start function is the most must-have feature for an electric rice cooker. The smart feature indicates the appliance to start cooking rice and many other dishes at the specified time. The advanced function lets you know the time left until your rice is ready.

Check the Cooking Mechanism: Two different mechanisms that are used by an electric rice cooker is heat induction and thermal cooking. Between two cooking styles, heat induction machine is better than the thermal convention as this can make perfectly cooked rice every time.

Automatic Keep Warm: You must check for the rice cookers come with an automatic keep-warm feature. This feature ensures that you get hot and fresh food whenever you need.

Detachable Power Cord: An electric rice cooker requires to have a detachable power cord. The detachable cable ensures that you can easily store it without dragging the power cord.

Cook & Serve Design: Buying an electric rice cooker with cook and serve design is the best decision. All you require to do is to cook the rice, carry it wherever you want it to help.

Easy to Clean : Electric rice cooker needs to have a non-stick inside surface. This makes it simple to wash using a soap, sponge and water.

Check the Outward Design: The exterior design also includes a stay-cool handle and see through the glass top. These features will make hassle-free and cooking easy.

Look for the Warranty: Before purchasing an electric rice cooker, check the warranty period for the product. The more extended the warranty, the more authentic the product, and to have the peace of mind.


Keep in mind all the buying tips as mentioned above before getting to the final decision of buying an electric rice cooker for the home. This will help in ensuring that you never stay at a loss and have the best experience right product. If you are looking for the electric cooker product, make sure to check the electric rice cooker price and features before purchasing.