Best Coffee Mugs in 2022 with Buying Tips

Coffee mugs come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and materials. You can get standard coffee mugs and large metal travel mugs with lids.

You need to consider four essential elements when choosing a coffee mug which are the material its made out of, the proper size, the type of lid for what how you’re using it and the overall design.

Before you buy a coffee mug, ask a few questions to yourself :

  • What types of beverages do you drink?
  • Where would you use the mug?
  • How much coffee do you drink?

The amount of coffee that drunk by you may also affect your decision. Some people consume lots of coffee. The typical 12-cup coffeemaker can make approx 58 ounces of coffee while a single serving is considered 6 to 8 ounces.

Check out some of the amazing collection available online.

Best Coffee Mugs

Starbucks Travel Mug

It keeps my coffee warm for as long as you need and is a small enough profile that it fits into any cup holder. Starbucks mugs are a little bit under-valued by people, they see them more as a marketing item for the company, however these really are awesome products. It is a great size, keeps your coffee warm, and is extremely easy to clean.

Keeps coffee hot for long periods of time, Great size for on-the-go, Can buy them in person easilyStarbucks changes their mugs too often, so you canít find the same one again

Ember Mug 2

These mugs are probably the coolest mugs that I have found. This 14 ounce version allows for heating your coffee for up to 80 minutes, and to further extend the use, it comes standard with a charging coaster. This means you can keep your coffee warm for as long as you want! It connects directly to your phone to control exactly the temperature you want your coffee to be at, this can range from 120įF to 145įF. This mug also has an LED Light that will let you know when your drink is at the desired temperature.

Keeps your coffee hot, Connects to your phone, Good capacity, High qualityVery expensive, You canít submerse the mug for washing

Otterbox Elevation

The mugs are rather similar to the Yeti Mug, which is definitely not a bad thing! If you would like a little more style than what Yeti offers, the Otterbox gives sloped sides, and a lid that closes.

Well priced, Stainless steel build, Large capacityWish the lid was a bit nicer

Ember Travel Mug

Much like the Ember Mug 2 above, they also sell a travel mug version. This travel mug has all of the same features, including app integration, the LED light and more. It now can keep your drink at your desired temperature for up to 3 hours.The travel mug has a 360 degree leak proof lid. Some of my favorite other upgraded features are the ability to adjust the heat of the coffee without an app, and it also shows the heat on a display at the bottom.

Portable, smart coffee mug, You can adjust heat on the mug itself, Display shows heat of coffee, High qualityVery expensive

Chemex Double Walled Coffee Mug

This Double Walled Coffee Mug by Chemex should probably also win the coolest looking mug. It would be a great mug to accompany your normal Chemex pour over coffee maker, as the inside of the mug is the same shape as the coffee maker. Ddouble walled glass coffee mugs stay cool to the touch which is very cool.

Makes for great tasting coffee, Cool to the touch due to double wall, Chemex products are always high qualityBreakable if not careful

RTIC Travel Coffee Cup

It takes all the upsides of a regular non-travel mug, and makes it taller. It fits into cup holders well, keeps coffee warm, is inexpensive and just has a lot of great features. The lid on this is air-tight, meaning less spills.

Good quality coffee mug, Keeps coffee warm for a long time, Air-tight lidTaller isnít always better

Bodum French Press Travel Mug

Basically this travel mug combines a travel mug, as well as a french press. You put your coffee grounds in the mug, then put the lid on. After the coffee has brewed you push the plunger down and drink! It will give you that more substantial taste people enjoy with a french press, but allows you to quickly leave the house.

Keeps coffee warm for long periods of time, High quality, Good capacity, You can brew your coffee while on the goCan easily over-extract coffee

Blue Bottle x Hasami Cup and Saucer

Blue Bottle teamed up with Hasami to provide this really nice mug, and it comes with an ash-wood cap that doubles as a coaster. You can keep your coffee off your desk, or keep your coffee warm! Itís your choice. The design is elegant, and goes well with the rest of the collection!

Porcelain mug build, Mug cap doubles as a coaster, Calming designWish it had a bit more flare

Carter Everywhere Mug

It looks awesome! It has an air tight lid that you can put on, and take off really quickly. This means it is a great mug to-go, as well as for a daily use mug. It is a stainless steel construction, but the mug inside is a ceramic style, which so many people attribute to great taste.

High quality, Unique design that is universally enjoyed, Multiple sizes to choose fromNot great for use while driving

Yeti Coffee Mug 14 Ounce

This would be perfect for those who want to use it while camping, or keeping it in their home. This one has won out as your go-to, because of itís size, durability, feel, and it just looks really awesome You have the standard stainless steel look.

Extremely high quality, Keeps coffee hot for a long time, Yeti branding, Dishwasher safe, Lid design works very wellYou canít use an Aeropress Go with it

Right Size for Coffee Mug
One of the first features to be considered is the size. The standard coffee cup can hold approx 8 to 12 ounces. Large mugs may contain 24 to 36 ounces. You can even find extra-large mugs that hold 64 ounces, making them big enough to hold the pot of coffee.

Right Material For Coffee

Ceramic / Porcelain coffee mug is made from clay that is hardened in a kiln. A typical ceramic mug might cost less compared to the beautiful Porcelain China mugs. They are often more durable. Dropped a porcelain mug on the ground, you will be likely to shatter it. Other mugs may crack or survive the crash. Neither option affects the taste of the coffee. Ceramics are non-porous, which prevents the material from changing the flavour of your drink.

Stainless Steel is again a popular material for coffee mugs. Stainless steel is non-porous and does not affect the flavour of the coffee. However, it can help keep coffee hot for a more extended period, which is why it is the preferred choice for travel mugs.

Plastic, foam, and paper are not at all recommended. These materials are disposable. They can change the taste of the beverage, as these are porous and allow toxins to penetrate your coffee. Paper cups become soggy.

Right Lid For Coffee Mug
The lid is an essential detail if you plan to take the mug outside of your house. Most covers are made from plastic and should be washed after each use. Y ou can even find plastic lids that are see-through and provided with a slot for inserting a straw.
Lids at times have an opening that slides open, while others have a tab that flips open. These tabs are more prone to accidental spills, especially when the tab becomes worn.

Right Design for Coffee Mug
Some coffee drinkers do not care about the look or design of the coffee mug, while others individually buy mugs with certain sayings or connections to their favourite books or shows.
You can have plain mugs with a solid colour. There are also mugs with exciting patterns, colourful designs, or whimsical phrases. You can find coffee mugs shaped like different characters from popular television shows and movies.
Novelty mugs are fun for drinking coffee in the kitchen. They may not be perfect for the workplace, primarily when they feature crude humour.

Coffee Mug for Home
While choosing a coffee mug for home use, you may avoid a lid. You need to worry about the size, as you can easily refill the mug by walking into the kitchen.
The design must reflect your personality or include a funny saying that brightens your mornings.

Coffee Mug for Work
You should check that the mug keeps coffee hot and prevents it from spilling out. You must pay attention to the lid and the size. A screw-on cover is more secure compared to a snap-on lid. The size depends on how much coffee you drink. You plan to use mug in a workplace then you should avoid mugs that contain crude or potentially offensive humour.

Price point: Coffee mugs can get expensive, like really expensive. So make sure you are keeping an eye on your budget for sure! Donít have $100 to spend on a smart mug? There are plenty others on this list that are far less expensive. However if you do have that large budget, it is recommended spending a good chunk to get the mug you want.

Character and styling: No body wants to have a bland coffee mug. This is something that you will be carrying around with you, and like a watch or a hat, it needs to have some kind of a story behind it. This is something that Yeti has definitely capitalized on by building a culture around their mugs.

Final Thoughts

If you want a mug for drinking morning coffee, try getting a standard coffee mug made from ceramics. If you need a mug for commute, it just has a lid and durable material, such as stainless steel. Some coffee mugs that you can plug into a USB port or car charger to keep your beverage hot.

In the end, you might spend hours trying hard to find the perfect mug. You need not purchase just one mug. Having a variety ensures that you never run out of clean coffee cups and provides you with extras in case one of mugs breaks.