Best Cloth Diapers to Buy in 2022

Cloth diapers is a baby product which is only checked for the size of before buying. But in reality it is mandatory to set a check list before you but one.

You while selecting will definitely go through a process which you will slightly cumbersome than youíd expect. Because market is flooded with multiple styles and various brands, and you will find yourself spinning while keeping a lot of things in mind so as to take a best decision.

This article will discuss and help you to choose the best cloth diapers, from a long list of brands, varieties, sizes and other features like Babysoft, Bumberry, Superbottoms, or others, which may be perfect choice for you.

We have included a list of the best cloth diapers that you can buy, with their specifications and features to make it easier for you.

Buying Guide for Cloth Diapers in India 2020

You might get surprised while going through the list of cloth diapers prepared by us when youíll realize how all the diapers vary from each other which you never knew ever existed.

Choose according to Age of the Infant

As different types of cloth diapers are available in the market, it becomes hard to decide which unique feature will make the best brand. Let us make it beneficial for you by going into details to make you understand. It will help you buy a perfect cloth diaper according to age group.

Pre-fold Types with Maximum Adjustability for Extended Use

As the name suggests, the diapers are pre-folded. That means you need not to worry about layers while folding it. Usually made of cotton or muslin, therefore these are cheap. No allergic reactions are caused to the sensitive skin of the baby. These have no frill looks. These are durable and last longer, if used properly. The size can be adjusted as per the requirement. These are used for quite long time, regardless of age of the infant. Due to the lack of buttons, strings, or Velcro, there is a need for some kind of tying thing for the cloth diapers.

Single Layer useful for Newborns for Changing Frequently

Pre-cut into the right shape, these can be tied with the strings. These have just one layer. These are really comfortable and breathable cloth diapers. Although these are not the most absorbent, yet are quite affordable. These are not too difficult to manufacture. These are available in variety of cute kid designs.

Made of cotton, these are long lasting. These cloth diapers do not cause any allergic reactions to the sensitive skin. These are must-haves for newborns diapers as the newborns pee a lot. These diapers are breathable and super safe for newborns.

Pocket-Types for Crawling or Solids Consuming Infants

Best cloth diapers available are the pocket types. These have an outer cover which is waterproof to prevent any leakages. These have absorbent inserts, placed inside to help the main diapers. The outer covering is made of synthetic fabrics with the inserts made of cotton, fleece, bamboo fibre, or hemp.

Offering the best protection, these are quite expensive. These are perfect for the babies who have started consuming solids and need to change their diapers become less frequent. These cloth diapers must be used usually after 6 months. It is recommended for infants who have started crawling because they need diapers that don not slip easily.

All-in-One Cloth Types with Most Hassle-Free Changing

Recommended for Infants above 3 to 4 Kgs, All-in-One are upgraded versions of the pocket-type cloth diapers. These have an absorbent insert sewed into the diaper. These are easy to use. While using AIO type cloth diapers, baby is just put in them and the buttons are closed. The inner layer of the cloth diaper is made of fabrics including cotton, fleece, and synthetic fibres. The outer layer is usually PUL.

These cloth diapers consist of waterproof layer on the outside. There are no worries about leakages. These are more convenient to use but are more expensive. They are recommended for infants above 3 to 4 Kgs. These give hassle-free changing experience to the moms and babies.

Cloth Diapers to Buy for Babies

Let us now give you some brand and their products as the best cloth diapers to buy with a hope to help you choose the best fit for your needs.

OsoCozy Unbleached Prefold Cloth Diapers

Easy to care
Super absorbent, soft, and durable.
A budget-friendly option.
Excellent leak protection with a fastener and cover
Will shrink some after the first wash.
Mastering the different folds may seem daunting to some parents.
It can take a long time to dry.

Lil Joey All-in-One Cloth Diapers

Easy to use, Slim fitting.
Great at containing leaks and blowouts.
Most babies will grow out of them fairly quickly.
It can take a long time to dry.

GroVia O.N.E. Cloth Diapers

Exceptionally soft and durable, No extra prepping.
Incredibly absorbent.
It has a unique fit.
Not the best diaper for thin-legged babies.

Smart Bottoms 3.1 Organic AlO Cloth Diapers

Trim fitting, Organic cotton is soft and ideal for sensitive skin.
The insert can be folded to suit absorbency needs.
Requires 5-6 washes before first use
A long sewn-in flap makes spraying off poop difficult.

Bambino Mio AIO Cloth Diapers

Incredibly soft and stylish, Super simple to use
Dry quickly, They are designed to keep moisture away from the babyís skin.
Velcro may not hold up as long as it snaps.
It doesnít have the best fit on petite babies.

Mama Koala Bamboo Cloth Diaper

Grows with your child ó works from the newborn stage to toddlerhood, Leakproof, Breathable and comfortable
Superb absorbency.
As thereís only one size, there will always be some babies the diapers donít fit, The snaps might come undone while your baby is active.

Alva Baby Swim Cloth Diapers

Budget-friendly, Trim fit, Comfortable for baby, Durable material.Snaps in the back make it difficult to put on a wiggly baby, Not the best fit for larger babies/toddlers.

Best Bottom Shell-Snap with Hemp/Organic Cotton Inserts

Easy to use, Double leg gussets prevent leaks and blowouts.
Diaper and all materials made in the USA
Cover and a pack of inserts give you three diapers in one.
Diaper covers and inserts are sold separately.
Inserts will shrink slightly after the first wash.
Some parents donít like how rough the hemp inserts feel.

Babygoal Cloth Diapers Washable Pocket

Extremely durable snaps, Customizable absorbency, Cute colors and prints.Stuffing isnít always ideal for busy parents.

Anmababy 6 Reusable Pocket Cloth Diapers

Great for squirmy and active babies, Great value for the price, Bamboo inserts are breathable, You donít need to wash the outer shell as often.It may not fit babies with thick and chunky thighs.

Thirsties Natural All-in-One Cloth Diaper

It goes on in one easy step, No folding or stuffing required
Trim fit, Multifarious designs to choose from
Not the best fit for babies with chunky thighs.
It doesnít dry quickly compared to other brands

Kanga Care AIO Cloth Diapers

Properly gusseted for leak protection, Sewn-in inserts save you time and stress, Waterproof to prevent leaks and eliminate the need for additional covers, HypoallergenicHard to get a good fit for newborns.

Wegreeco Washable Baby Cloth Pocket Diapers

Grows with your child, Trim fitting, Great for sensitive skin.
Various designs to choose from
Folding can be challenging for some parents.
Covers are sold separately.

Alva Baby One-Size Cloth Diapers

It gets the job done while being affordable, It comes with a one-year warranty, You can customize absorbency.Stuffing pockets isnít always ideal for busy parents, Not a great fit for babies with skinny legs

Disana Wool Overpant Cloth Diaper Covers

All-natural and breathable, Excellent leak protection, Great for overnight, heavy wetters, and babies with sensitive skin.
It can be reused multiple times between washes.
They need to be worn over a prefold or fitted diaper to be bulky.
Requires anodization
It takes a long time to dry.


Newly-made parents get encouraged to save money by using cloth diapers instead of disposable ones. They get alternatives with so many choices available in the market. Nowadays, parents-to-be do intensive research to get the most suitable for their newborns. We hope the information provided in this article will serve such people, as well as others who needed to know about cloth diapers. The above important information about cloth diaper available in the market will help you find the best cloth diaper one for your baby.