Best Ceiling Fans in 2023 and Buying Tips to Follow

Ceiling fans are a part and parcel of our life these days But do you know, The Egyptians first used the fan. Egyptian reliefs and tombs depict Pharaohs flanked by slaves holding fans shaped like discs with long handles.

The initial inspiration for the fans came from bird feathers or leaves. Fans quickly became a part of royal and religious ceremonies of not just the Egyptian but other early civilisations as well, associated with kings.

Different countries had different types of fans for the various classes in society. In Japan, fans were designed to be used in different places. The fans of courtiers looked different from the fans carried by the warrior caste, and the fans brought to a tea ceremony were not those taken to a theatre.

Let’s check some of the famous ceiling fans available online.

Hunter Low Profile IV 51059 42-Inch

If you require a little airflow in a small room but not any extra light, then the Hunter Low Profile IV fan will do the maneuver. Though it doesn’t hold a light attachment, its design permits it to rest close to low ceilings while supplying airflow over 2,000 CFM with three motor paces. In addition, this model hangs only about nine inches from the top, making it excellent for installing above a bed too. While light will add more depth to the fan, Hunter offers this low-profile, 42-inch option with light for just $100.

Brightwatts Energy Efficient 52-inch Espresso

Brightwatts fan not only is an excellent price for a large, 52-inch option but also asserts to be energy efficient by utilizing only 17 watts with an increased air flow rate. It also contains an integrated LED lightbulb for the white glass light bowl that’s been created to survive for over a decade of service. However, if you loathe draw chains, this fan may not be for you because it does not come with remote control unless you want to buy and install one from Brightwatts individually.

Honeywell Carnegie 50614-01 52-Inch

For a rustic style industrial, the Honeywell Carnegie has three color alternatives, each with reversible blades, so you can change up the class to thoroughly match your home. This 52-inch fan with three swiftness and a reversible motor is ideal for rooms from 12 x 12 till 18 x 18 feet in size. Of course, it’s better for rooms with higher ceilings since it can run 14 inches long with the included 4-inch downrod. But in addition to the classic downrod, you could also accomplish an angled or flush mount. The Carnegie also arrives with three Edison E26/B10 LED bulbs, dimmed with the included remote control.

Westinghouse Lighting 7224200 Comet Indoor Ceiling Fan

The Westinghouse Comet 52-inch is one of the top picks for a good fan that will wrap everything you need most of the time. Comet produces “silent and steady operation, an abundance of air movement, and quality parts and hardware.” At this price, it’s an inexpensive enough option that will still enhance most homes’ style and also powerful enough to count as a breeze to any size room. The Comet has a modern yet easy design that blends with the room décor. However, the included light was dim, and others recommended replacing it with LED bulbs if you want stronger light.

Hunter Key Biscayne 59135 54-Inch

If you’re scrutinizing for a fan for a covered patio, porch, or sunroom, this is where the Hunter Key Biscayne fan excels. Its WhisperWind motor guarantees quiet operation even at powerful speeds. It is a soft, attractive fan with excellent airflow. In addition, the mounting system is authorized for three positions, including standard, low, and angled. In terms of style, it is a stunning fan. Very nautical, with a touch of farmhouse.

Minka-Aire Light Wave F844-DK 52-Inch

The Minka-Aire not only delivers modern looks but is also equipped with modern technology as the only fan on the list that’s Wi-Fi enabled. It indicates that you can connect it to your chosen innovative home system for voice control in addition to the incorporated remote control. Available in six color alternatives, including silver, brown, white, black, bronze, and driftwood. Some users reported a noisy humming after installation; however, this can be rectified by running the fan for 24 hours afterward. The fan becomes “nearly silent” even when running on high.

Harbor Breeze Mazon Brushed Nickel 44-inch.

Unlike some low-profile fanatics, the Harbor Breeze Mazon includes an overhead light, but its 44-inch blade size delivers sufficient airflow up to 4,545 cubic feet per minute for smaller rooms around 100 square feet in length. The three brushed-nickel edges and matte opal light kit construct a sleek, modern design. You can handle the three-speed reversible motor with an included remote controller, which arrives with a wall holder, so you’re less likely to fail it in the couch cushions. Even better, it comes with a dimmable 18-watt LED bulb. While the enclosed bulb may not seem very bright at first, it can be adjusted by carrying down the light button on the remote.

History of the Ceiling Fans

The folding fans reached Europe in the Middle Ages during the 15th century when the Portuguese discovered the sea route to China. The fans became a rage in the West, and many new designs began to originate from here by 17th century. In the Industrial Revolution era, the first mechanical fan was invented. This fan got its power from a factory waterwheel. Many similar fans were designed for industrial purposes. In the late 1800s, fans for personal use began to be made. The first of such fans were introduced by Schuyler Skaats Wheeler, an American engineer. The fans are now can be seen, both in offices and homes, with the temperature continually on the rise in the 21st century.

Despite a bleak situation for the fan due to ACs around, the ceiling fan is getting a makeover. Ceiling fans are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colours today. The designs, as well as new functions, are being found for the ceiling fan.

Types of Fans

  • Whole house fan: A whole house fan is a perfect ventilating device. It draws into the fresh home air from outside and exhausts the hot air inside through the attic.
  • Exhaust fan: This fan draws in the air from one side and expels it out the other. An exhaust fan is used to eliminate odours. It is used in kitchens and bathrooms, and the exhaust fan has rotating blades encased in a square covering.
  • Pedestal fan: A pedestal fan rests on an extendable pole that can be moved up or down for maximum comfort.
  • Misting fan: Misting fans work on the principle of evaporative cooling. Using built-in water pumps and nozzles, it creates mist to cool its surroundings. These are typically used to cool large groups of people in stadiums or any other outdoor arena.

Things to know: Buy a Ceiling Fans

  • Energy Savings : These are great for improving room comfort while at the same time producing energy and cost savings. In summer, fans give you to feel cool without having to turn the air conditioning full-on, thereby saving energy and money. Setting thermostat higher with a ceiling fan running can save up to 40% on AC bills. In winters, ceiling fans should be reversed, and they will push the warm air down from the ceiling to keep the heat in the lower part of the room.
  • Bigger Fans for Larger Rooms : Choose the right fan to fit room size for maximum performance.
SizeType of RoomBlade Span Size
Up to 50 Sq. Ft.Bathroom29″
Up to 75 Sq. Ft.Breakfast nooks and laundry rooms36″
Up to 100 Sq. Ft.Medium size rooms36″ to 42″.
over 400 Sq. Ft.Standard bedrooms & family rooms50″ or 52″
over 650 Sq. Ft.Great rooms or large areas54″ or larger
  • Fan Blade Pitch and Size : Fan blades determine the gust of air being circulated throughout the room. Fan blade pitch is generally between a 12-15 degree angle for optimal circulation.
  • The Motor : You must look for high-quality motors with sealed bearings and heavy-duty windings which are permanently lubricated. Less powerful and smaller motors, found on lower quality fans may produce higher operating temperatures, lower air circulation and noisier operation.
  • Lighting Style and Kit to Match Room Decor : There are many light options like spotlights, single bright bowls, or multiple glass shades that may be fitted to enhance the design. Choose from classic or contemporary lights that may compliment the look of fan and room.
  • Consider the Warranty : Manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty. A good tip is that the larger powerful the motor and the more spend money generally correlates to the better and longer warranted fan.
  • Installation : Installation is natural that with necessary skills, anyone can install the product themselves in an hour or so. All ceiling fans have step by step instructions booklet, provided within the box.
  • Know Where to Buy : You must entrust your purchase to a reputable reseller in the event of any warranty or damage claim. You must have knowledgeable customer service associates who can provide invaluable guidance.

Wrap Up

So, check these out and get the best ceiling fan for your house and don’t forget to use to buying tips while you purchase.