Best Car Security & Remote Systems in 2022 & Buying Guide

Car Security and Remote Systems is the excellent accessory to invest for protecting yourself and family, as well as vehicle, belongings, and car stereo.

Most insurance companies offer lowered rates for cars equipped with an alarm — it’ll pay for itself. A sound security system makes the car more difficult to steal as well as makes it easier to live with.

The small remote control that people carry with keys lets arm and disarm the alarm, lock and unlock doors, and maybe even zap open trunk.

Some systems allow using a smartphone to control and monitor the car’s security. Before getting into the details, just look into the models available online.

Compustar CS7900-AS Two-Way Remote Start and Alarm Bundle

Unlike a primary car alarm, the Compustar two-way remote start and alarm permits users to constantly see the position of their car on an LCD screen. Beyond the premium-quality LCD remote, this two-way car alarm system delivers various other convenient features. These features include but are not limited to remote start capabilities, panic mode, valet mode, trunk release, a dual-zone impact sensor, and a starter kill. However, it is fundamental to remember that this product instructs professional installation like many other car alarms.

Viper 3100V One-Way Security System

With many current car alarm systems, there are a lot of complex and advanced features that, for some, can be tough to control or get the hang of. So, the Viper one-way security system is ideal for those who want a basic alarm system with all the necessary components. This alarm possesses a three-button key fob that fast and straightforward keyless entry. This car alarm is clear; it still has the basic security features to guard an owner’s vehicle and belongings. The dual-stage shock sensor and engine immobilization stop possible car thieves.

Directed Avital One-Way Security System

Directed Avital one-way security system is one car alarm that can be relied on. This system includes two key fobs for keyless entry and remote trunk release. When triggered, the alarm causes flashing lights to alert car owners further and spook any car thieves. For a relatively economical price, many were pleased with the value and quality of the product. This product’s impressive car alarm systems reviews help many who have opted for this system over other car alarms.

Prestige APS787Z One-Way Remote Start with Keyless Entry and Security System

The Prestige one-way remote start security system goes beyond the performance of any standard one-way car alarm. The included key fob features five buttons that allow more control over any vehicle. Most notably, this car alarm has a remote start feature that is very helpful during more extreme weather conditions. Users can heat up or cool down their car from inside their house without leaving the keys in the ignition. This system also includes a valet mode, allowing easy bypass when the vehicle is in the shop or when a valet attendant is parking it. The glass mount antenna has a one-mile range so users can lock the car doors, disarm the siren, pop the trunk, or remotely start the vehicle from across a parking lot.

JUNHOM Passive Keyless Entry DC12V Car Alarm

Car theft may be more likely to occur if users forget to lock their doors or arm their vehicles. That is why the JUNHOM passive keyless entry car alarm helps to prevent break-ins by automatically closing and arming a car when the owner forgets to do it manually. Not only does this car alarm prevent theft, but the system makes for a very user-friendly experience. When users return to their car, they won’t have to sift through their pocket or bag to unlock their door. Instead, the vehicle automatically opens when the key fob is within 1.5 to three meters.

Crimestopper SP-502 Two-Way LCD Paging Combo Alarm

The Crimestopper 2-way paging combination alarm is a versatile system that performs great with many diverse types of vehicles, even with manual transmissions. With one LCD remote that can be rejuvenated, users can watch up to two cars. As a backup, the set also comprises a key fob with five distinct controls, like trunk release. The remotes are stable and perform very well.

InstallGear Car Alarm Security & Keyless Entry System

Many car alarm systems need professional installation, but for those who maintain automotive or electrical wiring experience and can install an alarm system themselves, the InstallGear car alarm security is perfect for quick and easy installation. The product is an exceptionally straightforward setup. The simplicity was due to the exact instructions. In addition, a visual diagram for wiring that many buyers felt was helpful can be found on the product page.

Scytek A15 Keyless Entry Car Alarm Security System

Users don’t have to empty their wallets for a quality anti-theft system with the Scytek A15 car alarm security system that comes at the very economical price of under $30. This budget car alarm comes with all the security features of any other alarm system, like a dual-zone impact sensor. Plus, it is very customizable as users can choose to connect separate systems to this alarm for two-way communication through electronic devices, GPS tracking, and remote engine start. This alarm system comes with two high-quality vital fobs, and it allows up to two cars to be controlled by the same remote. It is well built, feature-packed, has sleek, thin, easy-to-use remotes, and works incredibly well. It doesn’t come with a siren, but you don’t need it. Instead, have it connected to the horn.

4th Gen Advanced Real-Time 4G Car Tracker & Car Alarm

The Carlock car tracker and car alarm combine an alert system and a tracking device into one product. Instead of a loud siren going off when a car is tampered with, users are alerted on their phones. Most importantly, GPS tracking can provide real-time and past vehicle locations, no matter how far the car is. With a quick install that anyone can do at home, users can monitor their vehicle’s battery status, if the engine has been started, and the vehicle’s health. The best feature is that it alerts you if your car starts and locks in route travel for you to follow if stolen. Although the service requires a monthly fee, it is an excellent value for double the car alarm features.

Viper 350 PLUS 3105V One-Way Car Alarm

A siren will only do so much t prevent thieves from stealing a vehicle. Yet the Viper 350 plus car alarm includes a Failsafe starter kill that prevents the engine from starting if the system is armed, allowing users to have more confidence in their car security. In addition, the design features DoubleGuard shock sensors that alert users of any suspicious impact or vibration for even more car protection. Finally, the key fobs are well built and aren’t flimsy.

Typical Security System Working

While leaving the car, push the button that arms your system. You hear doors lock, and a siren chirp tells you vehicle is protected. If accidentally you’ve left a door ajar, the system alerts with a different sound.

When you walk away, feel confident and assured. The initial thing a thief sees when he approaches the car is a flashing LED that tells him the system is armed. Often, that’s enough to make the thief look elsewhere.

If the thief tries to tamper with the vehicle, he’ll get a warning chirp or a full siren blast. The security system “brain” decides to give alarm based on the severity of the tampering as well as the type of sensors trips.

When you return to the car, use the remote to disarm the system and unlock doors or pop open the trunk. You can use the remote to sound the siren if you can’t find a car or if someone is bothering you.

Features of Car Security and Remote Systems

  • Two-way remotes allow you feedback on car’s condition and response to commands.
  • Starter kill prevents the car from being hot-wired.
  • Motion sensors help you leave the top down or the windows open. They are also suitable for protecting the cargo areas in trucks and vans. The sensors will sound the alarm if the thief invades space.
  • Glass-break sensors sound the alarm when they feel or hear a window breaking. This protects the car from the thief who believes he can bypass your warning by not opening the door.
  • A tilt sensor monitors the tilting of the parked vehicle caused by an attempt to jack up or tow vehicle.
  • Driver’s side priority unlocks you an open door without unlocking the others. You can get in a vehicle without letting the guard down.
  • Auxiliary outputs allow expanding the alarm’s capabilities by adding features like a remote starter or window controls. Most signals come with at least one extra output. Consider everything that every owner want the security system to do when choosing an alarm.
  • Remote starting is the best of convenience — you can have the vehicle waiting for cooled down in summer or warmed up on a cold day. Remote start has built into a security system and may be added later.
  • Smartphone — some remote systems let you use the smartphone for control, giving unlimited range when you have phone service.

Consider adding GPS capability to the security system to keep track of the vehicle’s location, and receive alerts when it enters a pre-programmed area, or leaves or is travelling too fast.


We recommend professional installation for security or remote start system because wiring it into the vehicle can often be challenging. All security systems will not work in all cars, so we strongly recommend check before you order and make sure it will work in your vehicle.