Best Protein Shakers in 2022: Hydration & Nutrition Kit

In reality, the best protein shakers in 2022 are just glorified water containers. But if you’re working to push your body to its limits at the gym, on the tracks, or anyplace else, you’ll require to recharge your energy stores after each sweat session.

Having the Best Protein Shakers in 2022 can mean the difference between a top-notch HIIT exercise and a gym bag saturated with your gloop flavor of preference.

For the athlete training after a hard day’s work or wants to still have ice cubes in their protein shake at the end of the workout, the Ice Shaker lives up to its name and keeps your drink chilly for more than 40 hours.

In addition, the protein shaker highlights a unique removable agitator connected to the inner lid, which helps mix the protein shake and evade unpleasant and undissolved portions of powder.

Best Protein Shakers in 2022

BlenderBottle ProStak

Excellent value, Two “stackable” trays
Multiple color options
Feels flimsy

Available in seven vivid colors from Moss Green to Hot Pink, the 22-ounce bottle is matched with two interlocking storage jars. The jars can be connected to the bottom of the bottle, each other, or even inside the lid. It comes with secret compartments, so the BlenderBottle ProStak is right up the alley. Unfortunately, the plastic build seems a little flimsy.

BlendJet One

The BlendJet One isn’t precisely a protein shaker. It’s a helluva lot better. This battery-powered mini-blender is more potent than you’d assume, and it’s small enough to throw into any gym bag. Designed for protein shakes, smoothies, frozen cocktails, salad dressings, meal replacements, and more, the BlendJet is more than just a gym companion it’s an all-around helpful kitchen accessory that adds a little tech to your fitness hustle. The BlendJet’s slim one-button design is simple to use, and there’s even a carrying band on the lid. The micro-USB port is waterproof, too. You can blend up post-workout protein shakes, mid-morning fruit smoothies, and end-of-day frozen margaritas. You won’t regret having this thing lying around. According to the company, it takes about an hour and a half to charge the BlendJet fully; you should get roughly 15 blends on a full battery. 

Slim handheld design, Perfect for light blending, Tons of fabulous color choices, Surprisingly powerfulLow liquid capacity

ShakeSphere Protein Shaker Bottle

Rugged construction, No blending ball necessary, Easy to cleanThe sliding lid isn’t failsafe, Not dishwasher safe

This capsule-shaped shaker owns a unique design that doesn’t require a blender ball to mix up your powders and premixes. There are no edges inside, either, making the whole thing more comfortable to clean. The adjustable finger ring on the cap is a gentle touch, though. 

BlenderBottle Strada

High-quality steel construction, Vacuum-insulated design, Locking lid cap with push-button release, Multiple colorsNo extra accessories

The best protein shaker should be an equivalent mix of value and functionality, and the BlenderBottle Strada fits the bill for most pre-and/or post-workout essentials. This 24-ounce shaker is built from 316 surgical-grade stainless steel, which keeps drinks cold for up to 24 hours. The leakproof design incorporates a foolproof locking mechanism on the lid to put your liquid nutrition off the ground and in your throat. The BlenderBottle Strada appears in five beautiful color choices, too, so you’re sure to find one to match your style. While the Strada can hold up to 24 ounces of liquid, the interior markings only go to up to 20 ounces (or 590 milliliters), which acts as a visual reminder not to overfill your shaker when you add protein mix, water, or milk and ice. The top screws on evenly and cleanly, and just as displayed, the Strada is leakproof once you lock the lid. The double-walled insulation works well, too. Finally, forget prying the lid open with your fingernail with the Strada; you can feel and see whether or not the top is secure.

Ice Shaker Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle

Rock-solid build, Leakproof design,
Twist-off agitator, Insulated
Can’t put in the dishwasher

You may have detected this protein shaker on Shark Tank, and now this fitness escort is ready for market. This double-walled, vacuum-insulated bottle doesn’t puncture or sweat. The stainless steel pattern is odor-resistant and designed to hold your drinks ultra-cold for up to 30 hours. This protein shaker has gained a lot of good press since its inception, and for a good reason. After fixing it through its paces, this is one of my top picks. The Ice Shaker is straightforward to open and close, with the lid cap snapping firmly into place as you hold it down, letting you know everything is safe. What places the Ice Shaker special from the others on this list is the removable agitator cast into the inner lid, replacing the traditional stainless steel blender ball most protein shakers use. It’s more costly than the average protein shaker, but the Ice Shaker won’t deceive you. The tapered design holds good, and the innovative agitator serves well in practice.

Hydra Cup Dual Shaker Bottle

Super cheap, Leakproof cap, Two compartments, Many colors & stylesIt is annoying to clean, Small parts can be lost

If you’re watching for a protein shaker to take your pre-workout drink, a protein shake, or just some water and snacks, the Hydra Cup Dual Shaker Bottle ticks all suitable cases. This protein shaker is split in half, enabling you to store two entirely different liquids in two separate compartments. It’s a novel design that adds some additional versatility to your gym kit. The Hydra Cup is an excellent protein shake, thanks to its actual functionality. That split-compartment layout is fantastic for lugging around more than one liquid at once, saving time as you change from pre- to post-workout additions. The lid locks down securely on all four surfaces to seal up the gaskets, ensuring that all liquids (or solids) stay inside. Of course, you don’t have to use this thing to carry liquids. True to Hydra Cup’s advertisement, it truly is a novel design that does higher than the average protein shaker. Just be mindful of what you choose to fill it with; the whole thing is dishwasher safe, but if you’re cleaning by hand, it’s a little tricky getting your fingers into the bottom of the shaker without the right cleaning tools.

Homiguar Stainless Steel Shaker Cup

Can handle hot and cold liquids, Two blender balls included, Liquid measurements on the insideHeavy, clunky
Only three color choices

Most protein shakers aren’t expected to handle hot liquids, but the Homiguar Shaker Bottle can. Acknowledgments to the durable 18/8 stainless steel insulation, this bad boy can hold cold drinks chilled for up to 20 hours and warm beverages for up to 8. This shaker has a 20-ounce capacity, but a measurement line inside goes up to 18 ounces. Ensure the cap is securely fastened before you go. The outer texture of the shaker is light to hang on to, and there’s a handy silicone loop for effortless carrying. It helps shake up powders of varying consistencies; they both worked well, suddenly dissolving my whey protein and BCAA powder mixes.

BlenderBottle Radian

Affordable, Detachable carrying loop, Seven different colorsIt only measures up to 26 ounces on the side

The Radian is another model from BlenderBottle can hold up to 32 ounces, and the dishwasher-safe construction is made from stain- and odor-resistant Eastman Triton plastic. In addition, Radian has a detachable carrying loop, which adds a little customization to your nutrition.

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