Best Outdoor Speakers: Enjoy Music with Fresh Air

Exploring for the best outdoor speakers involves attaining the perfect combination of size, sound, and safety. You want a device that can elevate loud, dynamic audio to experience jams in the vast outdoors. At the same time, it necessitates being portable enough to put in various locations, hassle-free. Durability is just as essential since the speaker will be exposed to environmental hazards like dust, rain, and wind.

All the above factors make holding a pair of outdoor speakers more enticing than headphones, particularly when you’re attempting to share musical vibes with buddies and family in social settings. 

The best outdoor speakers mingle great sound, robust construction, unique features and won’t break the bank as you furnish your backyard or patio. 

List of Best Outdoor Speakers

Polk Atrium 4

Large, crisp soundstage, Relatively small size
Temperature and rain resistant
So-so bass


  • Created to live and play outdoors
  • Exceptionally great sound
  • Wider sound dispersion & surprisingly powerful bass
  • Cuts through loud, jarring background noises
  • One of the best-looking outdoor speakers
  • It easily blends into the corners of the outdoor walls
  • One-click speed-lock mounting bracket
  • Easy, anti-slip one-handed installation
  • The speaker for all seasons
  • Effortlessly withstands extreme temperatures and heavy rain

Sonos One

Extensive connectivity
Auto TruePlay sound tuning
No Bluetooth multipoint
Middling battery life


  • Experience incredible sound and Alexa voice control 
  • Start and control music with voice
  • Amazon Alexa built right in.
  • Rich, crystal clear, and deeper stereo sound.
  • Get the latest weather updates
  • Flash briefings & sports scores
  • Set timers
  • All functional Amazon Alexa skills.

Klipsch AW-650

Big, durable design
Satisfying bass and crisp treble
Not ideal for smaller areas


  • Paintable UV-resistant ABS enclosure
  • Rustproof aluminum grille
  • High sensitivity: 95db at one watt/1 meter
  • Power handling
  • 90º x 90º Tractrix Horn tweeter
  • Clean, clear highs
  • Supplied with C-style mounting bracket
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • 3/8 “-16 threaded insert for elective mounts

Yamaha NS-AW150W

Crisp treble, Full vocals
Flexible mounting
Mediocre bass
Water-resistant, not waterproof


  • One pair of 2 way indoor/outdoor speakers
  • Vertical or Horizontal Placement
  • Acoustic suspension design
  • Clear sound and taut, controlled bass response
  • 120 watts maximum power capacity
  • 35 watts nominal
  • 5-inch high compliance
  • Polypropylene, mica filled woofer
  • .5 inch PEI dome tweeter
  • Magnetically shielded
  • Water-resistant

JBL Go 3

Water- and dustproof
Easily portable, Affordable
Lacking in sonic detail


  • Delivers surprisingly big audio and punchy bass
  • Ultra-compact size.
  • Ultra-portable design with the latest styles and design
  • Ip67 waterproof and dustproof
  • Wirelessly stream music from a phone, tablet, or Bluetooth-enabled device
  • It gives up to 5 hours of playtime on a single charge

Dual LU53

Big bass for the size
Versatile mounting options
Not as crisp as competitors


  • 5 ¼ inch 3-way multipurpose speaker set
  • Digitally optimized high-performance speakers
  • Enhanced sound clarity
  • Versatile swivel brackets
  • Weather-resistant coating

Sonos Move

Superb audio quality
Built-in Automatic TruePlay technology
Easy Wi-Fi-to-Bluetooth connection conversion
No intelligent features in Bluetooth mode


  • Durable, battery-powered smart speaker
  • Easy to use
  • Setup takes minutes
  • Simple control with the Sonos app, Bluetooth, Airplay 2
  • Wi-fi and Bluetooth are applicable
  • Voice control with built-in Amazon Alexa
  • Completely hands-free
  • Battery lasts long for up to 11 hours of continuous playtime
  • Deep, powerful sound
  • Quickly recharge with a compatible USB-C charger
  • Weather-resistant with Ip56 rating
  • Stands up to humidity, rain, snow, UV rays, dust, salt spray, and extreme heat/cold
  • Ultra-durable for accidental drops or bumps
  • Hard-wearing, shock-resistant case
  • Brilliant sound with rich bass, a wide soundstage, and automatic Trueplay tuning

UE Megaboom 3

Big bass and full vocals, Good battery life
Pair with earlier Megaboom and Boom models for stereo sound
Big and heavy for a portable
No speakerphone


  • Powerfully loud, clear, and immersive 360° sound
  • Deep thundering bass
  • An all-new magic button allows to play, pause and skip tracks directly on the speaker
  • Push for convenient control with streaming music
  • Covered in a two-tone rugged and beautiful fabric
  • Engineered for ultimate performance and colored two ways
  • Range of drool-worthy iridescent themes
  • Charge wirelessly with Power Up charging dock
  • Waterproof with Ip67 water/dustproof rating and floats too.
  • Tough built and ready for adventure-ready
  • Massive 20-hour battery life with latest cell technology

JBL Charge 5

High sound quality
Water- and dustproof, Long battery life
Limited app


  • Optimized long-excursion driver
  • Separate tweeter
  • Dual JBL bass radiators
  • Long-lasting battery for 20 hours of playtime
  • IP67 waterproof and dustproof rating
  • Compatible speakers in stereo or link multiple JBL
  • Incredible sound
  • Built-in power bank to charge devices without taking a break

Klipsch AWR-650-SM Outdoor Rock

Unique, natural-looking design
Great sound quality
Work better as a pair


  • Paintable UV-resistant ABS enclosure
  • Rustproof aluminum grille
  • High sensitivity
  • Power handling
  • 90º x 90º Tractrix Horn tweeter with clean, clear highs
  • Supplied with C-style mounting bracket
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • 3/8 “-16 threaded insert for optional mounting

Choose Best Outdoor Speakers

  • Weather-proofing: Outdoor speakers should be water-resistant, and if you need to leave them outside all the time, they should be waterproof with an IPX7 rating. 
  • Connectivity: The next thing you’ll need to acknowledge is how the speakers will be connected. Several outdoor speakers are wired, so you’ll require a power source. If that’s not doable in your lawn or patio, you will need to focus on portable Bluetooth speakers.
  • Volume Level: If you own a small patio or essentially require the music for dinner parties, a more modest set of outdoor speakers may be adequate. But if you have a big suburban backyard, instead of wanting to host crowded dance parties, you may need to shop for more noticeable speakers with more audio capacity.
  • Cost: Outdoor speakers can become pricey, as they require to be robust and rugged enough to withstand the components. You can still get great deals at any budget level. Bluetooth speakers are generally going to be more costly.