Best Mattress Toppers: Boost Your Bed Comfort In Budget

The best mattress toppers can remodel your existing mattress so that it becomes comfier and more supportive for the body while you sleep – and they’re more affordable than dashing out on a brand-new bed.

Whether you require more stress relief, added durability, or an additional layer of pillowy help, the right mattress topper will address it all. They come in different sizes and measurements too, and while some are fundamental in design, others are as majestic as an alternative from our best mattress guide – they’ll require you less.

In addition to convenience, the best mattress toppers also provide an additional tier of protection from allergens, spills, and bed mites. 

Below are the top selections from well-known brands made using different materials like organic cotton, luxury down, and foam.

List of Best Mattress Toppers

Lucid 4-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Generous thickness, Exceptional value, Temperature-regulatingMaybe too light for some
Best Mattress Topper
  • Cheaper option
  • Mid-range model
  • Well worth considering
  • Four inches deep
  • The thickest in the best mattress topper list
  • An excellent choice for adding cushioning comfort
  • Feel of memory foam mattresses
  • Pressure relief
  • Add a layer of luxury comfort
  • Plush, gel-infused memory foam

Saatva Mattress Topper

Three material alternatives to choose from, Advanced cooling technology, Anchor straps for extra stability, Washable cover,Short warranty 
  • Luxury and comfort in budget
  • Next best thing
  • Three different topper materials – graphite, latex, or foam
  • Graphite-infused memory foam version recommended
  • Cooling properties
  • Draw heat away from your body
  • Get the contouring, cushioning pressure relief
  • Three-inches deep
  • Made from all-natural, renewable material
  • Most durable product
  • Beat the expected lifespan of the regular topper
  • Most affordable mattress topper

ViscoSoft Active Cooling Copper Topper

Great for those who get hot, Ultra-hygienic, Relieves pressure pointsMay be too firm for some
  • Prevent overheating at night for the night sweats
  • Four inches deep
  • Luxurious
  • Packed with the latest materials
  • Removable and washable fabric cover
  • Deflects moisture
  • Two inches of antimicrobial copper-infused foam
  • Regulate temperature by transferring heat away
  • Two inches of assistance foam relieve strain from pressure points

Turmerry Organic Latex Mattress Topper

Three firmness choices, option of two depths, 100% natural and organic latex Shorter trial period 
  • Two and three-inch thickness versions
  • Three firmness levels – soft, medium
  • Designed to provide pressure relief and support
  • Top choice for hot sleepers
  • Ventilated with lots of tiny holes
  • Help the air circulate
  • Help keep you cool at night
  • A hypoallergenic, safe option for allergic people
  • Appeal to eco-conscious consumers
  • Carbon neutral certified
  • 100% organic certification
  • Helping the environment

Linenspa Gel-Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Incredible price, Responsive, Reliable temperature regulationCover not machine washable 
  • Useful for buyers on a budget
  • Two-inch Gel Memory Foam topper
  • Simple but effective
  • Two inches is more than enough for comfort
  • Provide some extra comfort
  • Gel infusion to help cool you down
  • Alleviating memory foam
  • Cheap and cheerful mattress topper

Tempur Topper Supreme

Luxurious comfort, 10-year warranty, Adaptive, responding to your weight, Washable coverNot the cheapest
Best Mattress Toppers
  • Combines comfort, quality, and practicality
  • Top pick for the best mattress topper
  • Generous three inches proprietary responsive foam
  • Comfort on a budget
  • Upgrade a tired or unsatisfactory mattress
  • Helped relieve pain when sleeping
  • Hygienic cover to keep away mold, allergen, and dust mite dander
  • To clean it, whip off the surface and put it in the washer

Eight Sleep The Pod Thermo Cover

Dual-zone cooling and heating, Suits any 10″ or 11″ mattress, Sleep shadowing for two peopleCostly
  • Excellent
  • Essentially converts any old mattress into a state-of-the-art mattress
  • Temperature settings ranging from 55-110°F
  • Independently adjustable for both surfaces of the bed
  • Able tailor your experience and rest soundly
  • Track your sleep with the free app
  • It comes with a 30-day trial with a full refund
  • Affordable

Best Season to Buy Mattress Toppers

Good value mattress topper opportunities come up frequently during the year. Usually, at least one of the toppers on the list will have a discount at any granted time. Some end-of-season, off-season, or festive periods tend to offer slightly more substantial discounts.

Ideal Thickness of the Best Mattress Toppers

Toppers can vary in thickness considerably, from just an inch or two to eight inches or more. However, a happy tool for most is around four inches, and those under two inches should reasonably be avoided.

A thin topper is unlikely to contribute much extra support or cushioning. In use, you’re expected to ‘bottom out,’ indicating your pressure points won’t be feeling any discrepancy connected to your mattress alone.

However, those that are too deep will have you dropping deeply into the topper. While some might appreciate this, it can prove questionable when it comes to rolling around in bed. So you might consider a little trapped, and if it doesn’t spring back into shape quickly, you could also strive to get comfy when you shift position.

While it all depends on your choice and what material you’ve decided on, it is still believed that two to four inches is the best for a mattress topper.

Best Care for Mattress Topper

As with most outcomes, it’s always OK to see what the manufacturer recommends in terms of care. Some are entirely machine-washable, while others can’t even be dry wiped and can only be stop washed. To help lengthen the life of any topper, though, it is recommended to use a mattress protector as well. It will eliminate any soiling or stains damaging your topper, and as a bonus, they can help stop the topper from sliding off the bed through performance.