Best Electric Lawn Mowers in 2022 with Buying Guide

Electric Lawn mowers are machines utilizing one or more revolving blades to cut a grass surface to an even height. The height of the cut grass may be fixed by the design of the mower, but generally is adjustable by the operator, typically by a single master lever, or by a lever or nut and bolt on each of the machine’s wheels.

Buying a lawn mower is a like buying an asset for your property. It is the best thing that you can have for your lawn to make it look at its best all the time.

You may even check out some of the Lawn Mowers available online. It will help you understand the product and after that you may go through the buying guide provided to help you select one for you.

Best Lawn Mowers in 2022

Ego Power+ LM2101

One battery, multiple tools, Bagger attachment included, Push-button start, Folding design45-minute run time may be too short for some lawns

The Ego Power+ 21-inch, a battery-powered push mower, is one of the most popular choices for customers looking to switch from gas to electric lawn equipment — and for a good reason. With an ultra-easy push-button onset, you can express goodbye to frustrating ripcords and earn near-instant motor starts. You can modify the 21-inch cutting deck at six different heights with the simple shifter regulator on the side, and the fitted bagger attachment implies you won’t have to spend hours of your day raking up chunks of clippings. But if you choose not to bag your lawn cuttings, the mower also has a mulching feature to create extra-fine clippings to feed your lawn between landscaping appointments. The whole unit folds up into a compact form for more accessible storage, perfect for garages and tool sheds where the area is at a premium. Its 56-volt battery can be utilized with other Ego Power branded tools and gives you up to 45 minutes of run time on a complete charge. It even holds LED headlights for when you need to cut your grass early in the morning or in the evening.

Worx WG779

Two-hour run time, Adjustable cutting height, Push-button start and bagger included, On-board battery indicatorSmaller cutting deck may not be ideal for yards over 5,000 sq. ft.

Most electric mowers are costly — or just downright expensive — but the Worx 40V, a 14-inch push mower, is the most budget-friendly. And just because it goes comfortably under $300 doesn’t mean it skimps on components. For example, you can adjust the cutting deck to three different heights to tackle everything from the first spring mow to a speedy re-cut before it rains. It contains a .85 bushel bagger attachment for organizing clippings, or you can use the mulching attribute to re-feed your lawn with cuttings. The onboard battery meter lets you know how much run-time you have left before you need to recharge, and the included dual-port charger enables you to top up both batteries simultaneously. A push-button start destroys difficult rip-cords, and the dual-battery power system gives you up to two total hours of run time.

Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro LT 42-inch

90-minute run time, Mows upto 2 acres, Charges regular wall outlet, Cruise controlExpensive, No attachments included

Cub Cadet is the most recognizable name in lawn mowers, and they’ve dismissed a battery-powered version of their XT1 Enduro series. It contains the same 42-inch, dual-blade cutting deck and three-year warranty for its gas-powered cousin, but it doesn’t need all of the maintenance. The 56V battery delivers enough power for 90 minutes of run time, which is plenty of time to mow up to two acres of grass before you require to recharge. And when you do need to plug in, you can restore your mower with a typical wall outlet — no special cords or equipment required. Push-button cruise control allows you to set and forget your mowing speed for a consistent cut across your lawn, and two USB ports allow you to charge your phone while you ride. In addition, the mower has a 16-inch turn radius, which provides it zero-turn quality performance when cutting grass around obstacles like light posts, trees, and mailboxes. Unfortunately, this model doesn’t include any accessories, though you can buy a bagger attachment, mulching blades, and tow-behind wagons to tackle your yard work.

Ryobi 40V 21-inch

70-minute run-time, One battery, many tools, 10-inch rear wheels with forward drive, Seven deck height levelsOn the pricey side, Cutting deck is plastic instead of metal

Utilizing a push mower can be a workout, but the Ryobi 40V self-propelled electric push mower makes it more comfortable to cut your grass. The brushless motor operates with the 10-inch rear wheels to move the whole unit forward, and you can modify the speed with the integrated clutch. If you hold other battery-powered Ryobi tools, this push mower operates the same 40V battery to make it easier to incorporate into your workshop or tool shed. The two batteries on full charge offer you up to 70 minutes of run time, enough to regulate up to .75 acres of grass. You can modify the 21-inch cutting deck to seven different heights to take mowing in any season, and a lifetime warranty covers the deck against damage. In addition, it contains a bagger attachment for collecting grass clippings, or you can use the mulching component to re-feed your lawn as you mow. The whole mower also tucks up into a compact size for more accessible storage, perfect if your tool shed or garage is on the smaller side.

Greenworks Pro 60V CrossoverT 42-inch

Built-in GPS, 200 pound cargo capacity, 90-minute charge time, 2.5 acre lawnExpensive, No attachments included

The most significant drawback of an electric mower is staying for your batteries to charge. Fortunately, the Greenworks 60V CrossoverT holds one of the fastest charging duration. The mower arrives with six batteries and three dual-port chargers, letting you top up your mower batteries in as few as 90 minutes. It is perfect for quick-charging your mower while tackling chores like trimming hedges, pulling weeds and tree limbs, or growing to your flower and garden beds. The 42-inch cutting deck is ideal for lawns up to 2.5 acres, and the 20-inch rear-drive tires offer you forward and reverse speeds up to 8 and 5MPH, respectively. You’ll also gain zero-turn maneuverability for mowing around obstacles like trees, lawn decorations, and lamp posts. There is even an integrated cargo bed that allows you to haul up to 200 pounds. An integrated USB port lets you charge your phone while you drive, and a built-in GPS lets you track your mower in case of theft.

Types of Mowers

Name Battery MowersGas Mowers
DescriptionCut grass just as well as their gas counterparts
Utilize rechargeable lithium-ion battery packs
Available in both push and self-propelled varieties
Easier to store and maintain than gas mowers
Short battery run times make them better suited to smaller yards
Limited by rechargeable batteries
Can cut much larger yards in one go.
Both push and self-propelled varieties
Cost less than their electric counterparts
Spend more in the long run on fuel and maintenance
PROsCut a 20- or 21-inch swath
batteries are interchangeable

Start with push-button ease
Produce no exhaust emissions
Run more quietly than gas models
Don’t require oil changes or frequent tuneups
Cut a 21- or 22-inch swath
Handle long or thick grass and weeds
Can bag, side-discharge, and much clippings
Cost less and run much longer
CONsHave a limited runtime
Enough to cut 1?3 acre in one go
Self-propelled models use up to 20 percent of the battery charge to power the wheels
Won’t be able to cut as much grass
They’re pricier than gas
Produce emissions
Require more frequent maintenance
UpkeepRequire little upkeep beyond blade sharpeningRequire regular tuneups, oil changes, and blade sharpening.
Best forYards smaller than ? acreYards from ¼ to ½ acre

What to Consider Before You Buy

Yard SizeConsider the size of your yard to find the perfect walk-behind mower
Washout PortYou should clean the underside of your mower after each cut
Electric StartElectric mowers lets you power the engine with push-button ease than yanking a pull cord
Folding HandleModels with a folding or collapsing handle require less space to store
Upright StorageElectric can be stored vertically in a cramped garage
Uniform WheelsBoast larger rear wheels. Skip them. Mowers with uniform wheels are easiest to maneuver
Interchangeable BatteryMaking string trimmers, leaf blowers, chainsaws, and even snow blowers accept the same battery that powers their lawn mowers and can save you money
Landscape NeedsGet a riding mower or tractor that best matches the size and slope of property. Consider a zero-turn-radius model for small and obstruction full area
Hour MeterIt indicates how long the engine has run since the last oil change or other maintenance.
Ability to Check FuelA tractor with a cutout that allows you to see your fuel level is ideal
High-back Seat and Cup HolderMore supportive and comfortable than a conventional seat
Cruise ControlCruise control lets you lock in a ground speed with a riding mower