Best iPhone 13 Pro Max Cases: Fab Look, Super Protection

Bestow your character with the world by taking the best iPhone 13 Pro Max case that can support Apple’s newest, premium smartphone that fits your style and demands while furnishing it the resistance it requires against damage like accidental spills and scratches.

Apple’s significant and in charge iPhone 13 Pro Max does fine to evade scuffs and scratches all its own, as it features a durable Ceramic Shield screen to keep it protected from incidental damage. However, despite Apple’s best efforts to keep the phone as sturdy and immune to drops and falls as reasonable, your new iPhone 13 Pro Max can still use some assistance when it comes to settling naturally. The iPhone 13 Pro Max cases can assist keep your new $1099 smartphone viewing like the day you carried it home.

Let’s check the best iPhone 13 Pro Max cases found so far.

Best iPhone 13 Pro Max Cases

CaseBorne R Series

Transparent back
Durable construction
No color-matching with iPhones

The CaseBorne R Series combines a transparent design with an external rim of color, furnishing users some understated personalization. It leads to remain lightweight while meeting twice the military drop-test standard — up to 12 feet. It’s composed of polycarbonate and aluminum, with a rubber insert that shields your phone from shock. It’s also 100% harmonious with MagSafe accessories. The see-through rear panel of the CaseBorne R provides that coveted Apple branding to display still while preserving the glass back from scratches. Alternatively, an aramid fiber rear also presents the phone with an attractive carbon fiber appearance. Regrettably, the CaseBorne R doesn’t allow any color coordination possibilities. It’d be fabulous to match the case beats with the phone, but that’s unmanageable with the current models.

Mous MagSafe Compatible Aramid Fibre Phone Case

Extra magnets to keep MagSafe accessories more securely, Shock securityNo color choices

The Mous Limitless 4.0 Phone Case is the pricier choice on the list, but it’s also one of the highest attributes. To guarantee the best possible connection for MagSafe accessories, Mous sandwiches another set of magnets between the folds of the case. As a result, it involves MagSafe accessories attach to this case better than with many other third-party offerings. In addition, Mous’s AiroShock technology renders durable shock protections, and its panels work to develop any impression force across the case. The company also backs up its security with a lifetime warranty and 30-day returns. That means there’s little uncertainty in giving it a shot.

Totallee iPhone 13 Pro Max Case

Very thin and lightLimited drop shield

For those that require a case that feels like it’s barely there, Totallee makes some of the smallest. The Totallee iPhone 13 Pro Max Case is as light as a fingernail in its matte version, and its transparent model is only as dense as a dime. Despite their thinness, these cases do help to guard the phone against minor disasters and general wear. The small lip around the camera unit and screen prevents cuts and scratches and can help absorb shock from tiny drops. However, the Totallee case isn’t concerning everyone. It’s not intended to implement extensive collision protection, and it’s too weak to prevent damage from significant tumbles. Those that are clumsy or handle their phone in situations where it’s likely to take injury should look approaching something a bit stronger.

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max Leather Case with MagSafe

Luxe design, Built-in magnets for MagSafe accessoriesIt might reveal watermarks

The iPhone 13 Pro Max Leather Case is waiting to be a love-it-or-hate-it outcome for users. Some swear by the hide styling and make it their go-to case for each iPhone. Others will be switched off by its old-fashioned, simplistic design. Nevertheless, the leather case is impressive because part of its attraction is picking up “character.” Instead of the phone getting scratches or scuffs, the leather takes the hit, which generates a story of your encounter with your phone. In addition, of course, getting from Apple, it has magnets that guarantee that MagSafe grip stays reliable and does a magnificent job of protecting the phone during its lifetime.

Spigen iPhone 13 Pro Max Case Tough Armor MagSafe Compatible

Designed to absorb impactsOnly one color alternative

Spigen has long been a reliable third-party manufacturer of phone cases. Its Tough Armor is an economical and rugged solution for those who need excellent protection from their problems. It’s a bit bigger than some of the other entrances on the list, but that renders it into improved durability. Importantly, Spigen’s Tough Armor has supplementary magnets built-in so that MagSafe accessories proceed to function just and they would on a naked iPhone. It isn’t an argument with slimmer cases, but thicker models will check MagSafe from working correctly without these extra magnets.

Otterbox iPhone 13 Pro Max Defender Series XT Case with MagSafe

Very durable design
Two-tone color cases
Pricier than various other cases

OtterBox is a hallowed title in the phone case game, compatible with complete, reliable protection — and simple replacement cases should yours fail in any way. The Defender Series is an enduring classic rated five times as several drops as the military model and crafted with 50% recycled plastic. It highlights dual-layer protection with a polycarbonate case and a synthetic rubber slipcover. It’s harmonious with MagSafe chargers, and it’s still light enough to go in your pocket. This sturdy protective case comes in three color arrangements: Dark Mineral, Purple Perception, and Black. Though the case itself may appear a bit reserved, it comes with an array of characteristics that make it ideal for ensuring your new phone makes it through its first year intact.

Speck Presidio Perfect-Clear with Impact Geometry Compatible with MagSafe

Clear back shows phone
Maybe slipperier than other cases

Clear cases are excellent for preserving the simple elegance of the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Speck’s Presidio Perfect-Clear with Impact Geometry case is not only shielding, but it has a few instances of eye-catching hues that are certain to grab others’ attention. In addition, this clear case holds discoloration and fights to yellow. The case is also made with Microban to help hold up to 99% of bacteria growth on the surface. Finally, to ensure you’re still able to display a bit of your personality, this Speck special comes in four distinct hues outlining the clear case: Black, Rosy Pink, Fountain Teal, and Unreal Red.

Nomad Modern Leather Case

Nice leather design, Built to protect against 10-foot dropsLeather may show water damage

You can’t go amiss with a nice-looking leather case for any phone. However, if you do not see flashy, especially protective, or even personality-reflecting, Nomad’s Modern Leather Case is an excellent opportunity for you. It’s designed from Black Horween leather, meant to make a rugged patina the more you use it. It’s also rated to survive up to 10-foot drops, so if you do appear to let the case slip from your hands, you don’t ought to worry about it shattering or holding your phone too damaged. The Nomad Modern Leather Case even has double lanyard attachment points, so you can wear the phone as if it were an accessory. It is a great case for anyone operating in a business environment with little demand for flashy cases or customization. It’s also available in three colors: Rustic Brown, Black, and Natural.