Best Electric Range: Performance and Features

The best electric ranges will render uniformly cooked food time and again. For instance, if you’re cooking chicken, it should be moist while equally browned on the outer, whereas cakes should evenly rise with no burning or signs of burning spots.

On top of a good cooking display, the best ranges will be effortless to use, responsive to reach temperature, and energy-efficient.

Modern electric ranges have many new, valuable features, incorporating intelligent connectivity, pyrolytic cleaning programs, and convection environments. However, with all of the above understanding, adopting a new electric range can be a daunting task.

Luckily, we’ve searched the network to obtain the best electric ranges the market has to contribute. So, whether you’re buying on a budget or want the latest features, you can find below to suit your kitchen. Here are the best electric ranges.

GE Profile PB935YPFS

Five burners of varying power
Great cooking performance
Air Fry function
Self-cleaning oven
Not the largest oven out there


  • All-around great cooking and baking performance
  • Five burners
  • Ranges from a super-high to an ultralow
  • 5.3-cubic-foot cavity for easy handling of big feast
  • Comes with three racks
  • Heats evenly
  • Use the convection oven to bake
  • Air fry function for family meals
  • Connects to an app on the mobile
  • Get an alert when your food is done
  • Control it with Alexa or the Google Assistant


Plenty of cooking power
Self-cleaning oven
Only two oven racks


  • Best electric range for budget shoppers
  • Provide the basic functions
  • Good price for a self-cleaning oven
  • Four burners
  • 5.3 cubic-foot
  • Only two oven racks
  • Lack of a simple dial for setting the oven temperature
  • Touch controls on the panel are little confusing
  • Electronic controls are easier to set

Samsung NE59M6850SS

Single oven can be split in two
Flex Door gives you access to just the top or the full oven
A little tricky to install the oven divider


  • Best performance, stylish looks and flexibility
  • Five burners
  • Two high-power
  • Samsung SmartThings app monitors
  • Set oven temperature and a timer
  • Used as one huge oven or two smaller ones by inserting a divider
  • 5.9 cubic feet of space
  • Put the divider in to convert it into two ovens
  • Both divisions run at different temperatures
  • Dual door to open the top door without opening the bottom
  • Both ovens have convection systems
  • Speed up cooking


Dual ovens can cook independently
Five burners give plenty of heating options
No storage drawer


  • Handle the constant output of food
  • Two ovens
  • Runs independently
  • Cook two different items at different temperatures at the same time
  • 3.0-cubic-foot oven
  • Five burners with power ranging from 3200W
  • Ovens have a 10-minute cleaning feature
  • Light touch-ups & self-cleaning cycle
  • Get a storage drawer at the bottom

Whirlpool WEEA25H0HZ

Lots of smart features, works with Alexa and Google Assistant
No preheat necessary for frozen foods
AquaLift self-clean doesn’t work well


  • Robot cook making dinner
  • Has a Scan-to-Cook feature
  • Sets the cooking temperature automatically
  • Scan the barcode of food
  • Integrate with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri
  • Ask smartphone to start the oven
  • Integrate with the recipe app Yummly
  • Use its image recognition to pick the recipe
  • Huge, 6.4-cubic-foot oven
  • Five burners of varying power
  • Steam-cleaning cycle
  • Won’t make dent on burnt-on stains
  • Quick wipe-outs after any mess

Thermador Pro Harmony Pro PRD366WHU

Great looks, Six burners
Self-cleaning oven
No storage drawer


  • Access to both gas and electric lines
  • 36-inch pro-style range
  • Six powerful burners
  • Bigger than on a typical 30-inch model but you do get luxuries
  • Convection capabilities
  • Three racks to slide out
  • Two interior halogen lights
  • Fastest self-cleaning cycle on the market

Samsung NE63T8711SS/AA

Large oven, Air fry capabilities
High power burner
Works with app, Alexa and Google Assistant
Only comes with 2 oven racks


  • Luxury appliance at a mainstream price
  • Slides into a space between cabinets
  • Gives a custom look for a minute price of a true built-in
  • Controls are up front without reaching across stovetop
  • Easy to access
  • Turn the dials to illuminate
  • Settings are easy to see
  • Highest power burners on any range
  • Shorten the time giving intense heat for stir-frying or searing
  • Both convection and air fry settings available
  • Air fry basket included
  • Control the range with an app on phone or via Alexa or Google Assistant


Large oven, Air fry capabilities
Five burners of varying power
Works with Alexa, Google Assistant, and recipe apps
Air fryer basket isn’t included


  • State of the art electric range
  • Air frying capabilities
  • Eliminating the need to buy another countertop cooking appliance
  • Large 6.3 cu. Ft. Convection oven
  • 5 burners of varying power
  • One burner keeps the soup or stew warm for seconds.
  • Equipped with the latest smart features
  • To see how your food is progressing, knock twice on the glass oven window to see light coming on
  • Monitor and control the range with an app on the phone
  • Give voice commands to Alexa or Google Assistant
  • Connects to cooking apps
  • Automatically send temperature settings to the oven
  • Use the app to diagnose problems before calling a service technician


Features an induction stove
Works with Alexa and Google Assistant
Steam self-clean setting
Convection setting
The pans need to fit the burners exactly to work


  • Large 6.3 cubic feet capacity
  • Ample space for family dinners
  • Suit an avid baker with proBake convection setting
  • Give the best results when baking
  • Heating element moved to the back wall
  • Even heat distribution
  • Easy to clean up
  • Steam self-clean setting to help pre-loosen food debris
  • Glass controls and flat stove makes cleaning a few minute task
  • The standout feature is the induction stove
  • Only need to invest in some induction pans
  • Induction works much faster than traditional ceramic
  • Safer to use
  • Stove won’t heat up until it detects the pan
  • Provides the instant response of gas

Choosing The Best Electric Range

  • Free-standing models come with a backsplash and can stand ‘freely’ as the name suggests.
  • Slide-in models slide into a bay between counters, for providing a custom look for less money
  • Built-in ranges need to be fitted into a cavity, usually sitting on top of a drawer
  • Dual-fuel ranges feature a gas stove above an electric oven to get the benefit of better control from the burners
  • An electric stove is quicker to heat and easier to clean.
  • An induction stove will give you the same speedy response as gas as well as being quick to boil and easy to clean using an electromagnetic field to heat up magnetized pots and pans.
  • A gas stove is cheaper and easier to control with much more response.
  • Gas ovens produce a moist texture which is brilliant for roasts