Best Air Purifiers in 2022 For Budget and Room Size

The best air purifiers in 2022 will create a noticeable variation in the air you inhale. A great air purifier will remove any pollen, soot and smoke particles from the air quickly, as well as noiselessly.

The design should also be inherent and as compact as feasible — you don’t want it to take up more space than necessary. 

Since the pandemic, some air purifiers require to help protect against COVID-19 coronavirus and its new variants by catching the airborne particles carrying the virus.

Air Purifier Features to Watch for

  • Air filtration technology: Selecting the right filtration technology is essential for buying an air purifier. Different kinds of filters can tackle different types of indoor air pollution. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that you are getting one that can handle your specific requirements.
  • Design and ease of use: Many things fall under this umbrella, like aesthetics, portability, ease of set-up, and Wi-Fi accessibility. View the room in which you will place your air purifier. You like to choose a model that incorporates into your everyday life with minimal interruption. 
  • Noise level: If an air cleanser is too loud, the possibilities of you using it regularly are slim to none. Whether you want to relax in total silence or appreciate having white noise playing in the backdrop, checking an air purifier’s sound ratings can help give you a better idea of what to anticipate in terms of noise. The most silent air purifiers on the market will hold a dB rating of 20-40 at the descending fan speed, while the loudest ones will be ranked 5 (0 to 70 dB and above).
  • Energy consumption: If you are not cautious, your air purifier’s energy consumption can direct to undesirable surprises on your monthly electricity bill. To save energy costs low, try looking for units that use under 100 watts on their highest setting.
  • Cost of maintenance: When considering the cost of an air purifier, factor in the average annual cost of filter replacements. Some air purifiers have higher than one filter that will require regular replacement. When you finance an air purifier, you want to know that you will be in good hands if anything breaks or you choose to return the product.

Air Purifier Features to Avoid

  • Ozone emissions and ionizing functions: Ozone is a toxic pollutant comprehended to induce harm to the cells in the lungs and airways. An effortless way to check for this is to see whether the CARB has authenticated the unit.
  • Primary UV-C (germicidal) light technology: Like ionizers, air purifiers that predominantly use ultraviolet UV-C light may also emit ozone. Regarding the low levels of UV light present in residential air purifiers, it is improbable that this feature provides a powerful added air quality benefit. Nevertheless, some manufacturers add optional elements such as this to justify inflating the price of their appliances.
  • Fanless air purification: Fanless air purifiers may seem like an excellent option for those looking for a quieter option, but they have a severe downside. Without a fan, an air purifier cannot get enough airflow to completely replace the air in the room. 

Best Air Purifiers in 2022

Air purifiers in 2022 have become very widespread as of late. So, let’s check out some of the best air purifiers in 2022.

Levoit LV-H132

Amazon best-seller and the most budget-friendly purifier, it does a respectable job for the price, especially with pet smells. It’s also a svelte machine that’s lightweight, small and transportable, so you can immediately move it throughout your home. There is no programmable timer, and a filter indicator light helps you reduce your filters but does not show you when to replace them. You have to roll all three filters each six months to a year, as the pre-filter isn’t washable. Levoit LV-H132 is pretty loud on higher settings, so delicate sleepers may struggle to manage this unit in their bedrooms. In addition, the buttons are reportedly finicky — they may endure, freeze, or stop working altogether. If you’re watching for an economical air purifier — or want different machines to cover multiple bedrooms in your home — the Levoit LV-H132 is a decent unit to start with. Truthfully, though, it’s worth spending a bit more for a better device than negotiating with the Levoit.

Decent performance for the price, Small and portableLoud, Minimal features

Blueair Blue Pure 411

The Blue Pure 411 is the same as the 211+’s much humbler sibling. It employs similar filtering technology and features and comes in a blend of colours. Where the Blue Pure 411 reaches out is in cost and effectiveness. The cleaner is affordable to buy and maintain, and it uses significantly less energy than other air purifiers. The machine is also small, snug and quiet, making it an exceptional choice for your bedroom.The one thing to retain in mind is that if you plan to move your purifier from room to room, the Blue Pure 411 won’t be very efficient in more big-hearted spaces.

Energy efficient, AffordableMiniature design, Inadequate reach

Austin Air HealthMate HM-400

The Austin Air Healthmate HM-400’s main scoring point is its high-performing and long-lasting filters, which manage everything from mould and pet wrath to gas and chemical contaminants. It receives high marks from analysts for filtering volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from household commodities such as pesticides, paints, and air fresheners better than other machines in the business. In addition to being practical, Healthmate HM-400 filters serve for up to five years. You can vacuum-swipe-clean or clean the pre-filter regularly in that time as well. Healthmate HM-400 is a fairly time-consuming filter-replacement process and noisy medium and enormous fan speeds. The unit also doesn’t have some basic features that you’d expect even at a lower cost, and it’s pretty power-hungry.

Long filter life span, Effective for odour and chemical sensitivitiesExpensive, Noisy

IKEA Förnuftig

IKEA entered the air-purifier arena in April 2021 with the Förnuftig, a very inexpensive and beautiful model that looks like a Danish-modern loudspeaker. The Förnuftig is so light (less than 8 pounds) and small (12 x 18 inches) that you can even hang it on the wall. Even the operational costs are low. The Förnuftig comes with a HEPA-like filter for small particles — replacement filters are $5.49 each — and there’s an optional activated carbon filter for odours and VOCs that costs $9.99. So you’re looking at a total yearly outlay of less than $50. Now for the downside. A single Förnuftig can handle only the smallest rooms, those of 108 or fewer square feet. In addition, it’s got a top CADR of 70 cfm, which barely clears the EPA minimum recommendations and is the lowest we’ve seen. And at 60 dB for the highest fan speed — the one that delivers the maximum CADR — it might get a little loud. You could, in theory, get two or three units, hang them around the house and see how you like them. But, overall, the Förnuftig can’t go toe-to-toe with the best air purifiers.

Very affordable, Small and light, Attractive designNot much power, Best for only the smallest rooms

Coway Airmega 400

Coway’s Airmega 400 is an excellent accomplishing air purifier at a high price. In addition, the Airmega 400 has a dual carbon + genuine HEPA filter, enabling it to purify the air in an adequate space over a brief period more effectively than other machines. Coway claims the Airmega 400 is suitable for filtering rooms of up to 1,560 square feet, but you’ll likely get better performance in rooms that are half that size. The Airmega 400 is big but svelte, and it has handy features like a programmable timer and a display shut-off to reduce disturbance during sleep. There’s also a “smart” variant (the Airmega 400S) that you can blend with an Alexa device or a mobile app.

High-performing dual filters, Aesthetically pleasantHigh-priced

PureZone 3-in-1 True HEPA Air Purifier

The PureZone 3-in-1 Air Purifier True HEPA is a budget-friendly model among customers. It’s small, sleek and discreet, making it a good choice for those who care about aesthetics and decent performance. What sets the PureZone 3-in-1 apart is its quiet operation. It’s soft on lower settings and has an automatic timer that can shut the device off while you sleep, making it a good option for bedrooms and babies’ rooms where noise and light disruption matter. In addition, the device comes with a five-year warranty, more extended than other machines at similar prices. The PureZone 3-in-1 has one of the lowest CADR ratings of the devices on this list (80 cfm) and reportedly has a weak fan that limits it to small spaces, but reviewers say it’s effective at filtering most common air particles.

Relatively quiet, Attractive designLess powerful than similarly valued models

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