Best Beauty Blender to Buy in 2022

After applying a liquid foundation or powder foundation, it is not an easy task to blend it without the perfect kind of beauty blender. With vast options available in the market, selecting a beauty blender is a very difficult process.

Brands like PAC, Real Techniques, Puna Store deal in beauty blenders, but to find the best one for yourself is definitely a big task. The following article will give you some tips to choose the perfect one based on your beauty needs. It will also provide a list of best beauty blenders to buy in India.

Best Beauty Blender

We are listing the best beauty blenders you can buy. Chosen according to performance, reviews, popularity, and price, we hope this helps you find the best one for yourself.

JUNO & Co. Microfiber Sponge

The Juno & Co. Microfiber Sponge offers you a soft, silky, and velvety feel when you apply makeup. It is formulated with an ultra-soft, non-abrasive microfiber material along with a dual-layer technology that allows you to apply makeup effortlessly. In addition, it does not soak too much of the product preventing wastage. The rounded sides can be utilized to blend makeup on the larger areas of your face, and the precise tip can be employed for your under-eye area and the nose.

EcoTools Perfecting Blender Duo

The EcoTools Perfecting Blender Duo comprises EcoFoam Technology in 2 sizes and densities to construct a photograph-worthy gaze. The large base blender is smooth and flexible for light makeup applications. The mini point blender is strong, precise, and can be used for more detailed makeup applications. The flat surface can create large surface areas, the round base seamlessly blends lines, and the wedge-like tip shows precise straight lines. The best aspect of Perfecting Blender Duo is that it is constructed with 70% plant-based materials.

Wet n Wild Makeup Sponge

Makeup enthusiasts have been pleasantly amazed by the effectiveness of the wet n wild Makeup Sponge. It is considered to make it much more user-friendly. With this sponge, you can perfectly lay makeup with a professional-looking finish. In addition, it furnishes a streak-free and effortless application. It is composed of a unique hydrophilic material to absorb less product. The big, rounded area provides a fast application, while the contoured tip proffers precision.

Beakey Makeup Sponge Set

These ultra-soft sponges can involve additional types of makeup, be it foundation, BB cream, powder, or concealer. It is developed with non-latex material that presents perfect elasticity. The particular tip is ideal for the hard-to-reach areas like the under-eye or the inner hubs of the eye, the sides of the nose. The rounded side can be utilized for the cheeks, neck, and other influential areas of the face, and the flat bottom can be used for your forehead, chin, and contouring your features. In addition, you can utilize them as a dry and wet makeup applicator.

Aesthetica Beauty Sponge

It is formulated with clean and durable latex-free foam and is ideal for flawless makeup applications. The striking black color of the sponge allows you to notice how much product you are utilizing. It also helps you to know that it is cleaned thoroughly. This sponge can be employed to apply foundations, concealers, and cream blushes, and highlighters. Employ the flat edge to contour around the nose and eyes to get a smooth, airbrushed effect; employ the precise tip for all the hard-to-reach areas on the face.

Jane Iredale Flocked Sponge

This makeup sponge by Jane Iredale is appropriate for powder and cream products. It is an artificial and non-latex sponge that offers you the perfect finish. It allows your makeup to last up to its full potential. In addition, the unique, flexible design creates makeup application effortless, even on the hard-to-reach spots of the face.

E.l.f Cosmetics Total Face Sponge

If you’re searching for a drugstore makeup sponge, the e.l.f Cosmetics Total Face Sponge is the best one to test. The sponge attributes angled sides for perfecting highlights and rounded sides for effortless blending. The precision point is perfect for concealing small areas. You can utilize it wet or dry to apply any cosmetic formulas and get a flawless finish.

Japonesque Kumadori Beauty Sponge

The Japonesque Kumadori Beauty Sponge contains a unique design that creates a flawless airbrushed finish for a sculpted build. In addition, the wide rear of the sponge perfectly smooths cream and powders, while the pointed tip is appropriate for precise application on the smaller spaces of the face, like near the nose and under the eyes.

Fenty Beauty Precision Makeup Sponge

Rihanna’s Precision Makeup Sponge is a 3-sided, latex-free sponge that touches like a cloud and mixes all formulas with comfort and perfection. It’s slightly shorter than the original Beauty Blender, but it works similarly. For example, applying concealer has never been more convenient with its flat edge as it adds more precision. It’s also great for using cream contour.

Sigma Beauty Professional 3DHD Premium Face Makeup Beauty Sponge

This remarkable multi-sided and multi-angled structure of the makeup sponge by Sigma Beauty is ideal for sculpting, blending, and highlighting. It is non-latex and an antibacterial sponge that does not harm your skin and delivers a flawless finish. This sponge is compatible with powders, minerals, liquids, BB, CC creams. The flat edge lets you spread makeup in a straight line along the cheekbones. It provides you with the perfect Instagram-worthy contour every time!

Beauty Bakerie Blending Egg

These egg-shaped blenders come in a batch of 6 in a carton. These soft sponges fit the palm of your hand entirely and permit you to apply makeup seamlessly without soaking any product. It is best served for liquids and powder applications.

The Makeup Bullet

The concept of the Makeup Bullet was originated after its founder Eva Jane was weary of constantly falling her makeup sponges. So, she designed something to place the sponge on your finger and blend makeup just like you would do with your fingers. So you acquire the best of both worlds – exactitude, streak-free, and an airbrush-like finish, plus the superior agility of your fingers.

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

The sponge structure offers you 3-in-1 advantages – basic application, contouring, and blending. In addition, its shape permits you to reach challenging spots, such as the intersections of your nose and the under-eye area. In expansion, its unique foam technology repulses the growth of germs on it, holding it hygienic. The foam is also driven with a skin-friendly infusion that moves your skin healthy.

Beautyblender Original Makeup Sponge

Beautyblender Original Makeup Sponge contains the perfect bounce and consistency. It allows seamless makeup applications. Its sound quality explains its price. It is a latex-free sponge that is soft but not too spongy. It’ll have your makeup going on like a second skin. After cleansing, you can use its packaging as a rack to dry your sponge.

Swisspers Premium Silicone Makeup Blending Sponge

Try out a silicone sponge by Swisspers to utilize the product on your skin and not on the sponge itself. It asserts to need only half the amount of makeup you would employ for a generic blender. Of course, it can only be used to involve liquid cosmetics. But it provides you with a brilliant airbrushed look. To reuse the sponger, scrub it with a drop of some gentle soap and warm water.

EcoTools Perfecting Blender Applicator

Sponges can be excellent for applying foundation, but if the concept is to maintain your hands clean, go for the EcoTools Perfecting Blender Applicator. It arrives with a bamboo handle that saves your hands clean and makes it comfortable to use. It is created with EcoFoam Technology and a soft and adjustable sponge for seamless makeup applications. You can employ this sponge to use both wet and dry makeup products.

L’Oreal Paris Blend Artist Infallible Foundation Blender

This foundation blender by L’Oreal Paris is formulated with entire plush material and ergonomic layout. On the one hand, the rounded edges of the blending sponge guarantee effortless blending, and on the other, the lush sponge material ensures that the makeup sits on the sponge to form smooth and professional outcomes.

Buying Guide to a Beauty Blender

You may get the cheapest beauty blender in your neighborhood beauty store. Cheaper products always give one-time use benefits, and after that, they become a severe wastage of money in the long run. The above discussion does not mean – the higher you pay, the better quality you get.

Expensive products are not always good. So you must go through the product specifications, brand, and analyze carefully before buying a beauty product to get money’s worth.

Points to Ponder Before Deciding a Beauty Blender Brand and Its product

Shape of the beauty blender

The shape and thickness of beauty blenders vary a lot. They may be thin, plump, with corners and differently styled curves. Thin ones work best in on-the-go use, with compact foundations, whereas thick ones work best in at-home use. Some beauty blenders have corners that help the user to reach those places which cannot be reached otherwise with a simple round one. You can even trim a blender to fit personal needs. Tear-shaped beauty blenders have a flat bottom and pointy surface to be used in both ways.

Material of the beauty blender

The material is also an important factor to be considered along with the shape of the beauty blender. Generally, beauty blenders are made from materials like latex or urethane. Some users may have sensitivity towards latex, so they may opt for latex-free options. Silicon blenders are nowadays becoming a rage because they are easier to clean and maintain. Still, they are not the perfect choice to achieve full coverage. Considering how the blenders are finely blending foundations with larger pores is a point not to miss. Silicon beauty blenders often leave streaks and resulting in uneven coverage.

Type of the beauty blender

Buying a wet-type or a dry-type beauty blender is considered by most of the users. A lot of users prefer to wet the beauty blender before using it while applying the foundation. Using a wet blender gives a great feel. It is the best way to achieve a natural finish for makeup base. Some beauty blenders are meant for dry use only. So, make sure you look into that beforehand, if you are an ardent fan of a wet beauty blender.

Final Thoughts

Finding the perfect beauty blender for skin and makeup style changes can be a huge task. But it does change the looks. It can make the application of the foundation easier. We hope the above article must have helped you to understand to find the perfect beauty blender for yourself. Now you will be able to choose the best one.