Best Aroma Diffusers to Buy in 2022

Aroma Diffusers in India is now-a-days becoming a trend. Aroma diffusers make essential oils to create a blissful environment around in the surroundings.

Besides making the room smell nicer, they provide a calming effect on us. It is like essential oils used in aromatherapy to induce soothing effects. If someone is under a lot of stress due to work pressure, then they should try aromatherapy with an aroma diffuser. It helps to relax much faster.

There are variety of brands available in the market. So it becomes hard to choose the perfect one. Therefore, the following article will definitely help you understand and choose the perfect one for your specific requirements and budget.

The following list will definitely provide you with the best aroma diffusers to buy in India. This will make it convenient for you to decide.

Best Aroma Diffusers

Let’s give you some recommendations for the best aroma diffusers to buy. We hope this will help you find the perfect product for yourself.

Campo Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

Campo promises that Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser maintains your chosen essential oil’s properties by relying on ultrasonic vibrations — not heating or burning — to infuse the atmosphere. This sleek, looks-lovely-anywhere ceramic model also touts excellent safety features like auto-shutoff and LED light, making it as great for a kid’s room as it is for your own. Although they’re not included with the diffuser itself, you may want to pick up some of Campo’s own awesome single-note or blended oils.

Vitruvi Move Diffuser

Vitruvi is a trusted brand in the diffuser department. It recently upped its excellent offerings with the Move Diffuser, a cordless, elegant, cylindrical model that can take you anywhere in the house. Once you add about 20 drops of your favored essential oil, it runs up to eight hours before needing to be charged, and it comes in seven stylish colors.

Saje Natural Wellness Aroma (Be) Free

Suppose it weren’t for the occasional — or continuous — mist of essential oil. In that case, you might think the Saje Natural Wellness Aroma (Be) Free Matte White diffuser was a gorgeous contemporary art piece from a museum gift shop. All the more sense is to make a space for it in your home. And because it’s cordless, you can obtain its aesthetic and aroma therapeutic benefits anywhere you shift.

Greenair Greenspace Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oil diffusers come in all forms and sizes. But, as beautiful as numerous of them are, if you choose a more discreet strategy to scent your space, the Greenair Greenspace Essential Oil Diffuser is your perfect companion. This mini diffuser lets you add your selected essential oil to the absorbent pad. A gentle heat then assists in dispersing the aroma into the room.

Aromatherapy Associates The Atomiser

We’ve adored Aromatherapy Associates’ fragrant body-care products for as prolonged as we can remember, but one of the brand’s best products is planned more for your spirit than your skin. The Atomiser is a simple yet attractive ceramic diffuser that skips the water and lets you use less of your favorite essential oil. In addition, it allows you to switch up the one you’re using additional efficiently. By using air-compression technology, it fills your space for up to three hours.

LittleHippo Wispi

Is the LittleHippo Wispi technically planned for kids? Absolutely. Is it so attractive that you’re going to enjoy displaying it in decidedly non-child areas of your home prominently? Definitely, in addition to an oil try compartment that makes it easy to switch out the essential oil of your choice, it also serves as a multi-color nightlight and — better yet — a humidifier with three mist levels, automatic detection of the room’s humidity, and up to 12 hours of usage.

BluZen Butterfly Oil Diffuser

Lively yet understated in its design, the BluZen Butterfly Oil Diffuser produces a multisensory relaxing experience. In addition to its ultrasonic procedure to releasing the aromatherapy of essential oils, it also shows off a warm, soothing light. It even covers you with just a trace of mind-easing white noise. Choose from four different timing settings to get your outstanding amount of mist.

Serene House Astro Diffuser

Serene House’s Astro Diffuser suggests three distinct timer settings, so go ahead and put this product to run for 120 minutes if you manage to be restless at bedtime. The diffuser drives through seven shades of soothing LED light that gently glow via its frosted glass cover for a counted chillout effect. It produces a satisfyingly substantial amount of steam for its small stature.

InnoGear Diffuser

InnoGear diffuser is considered the No. 1 best-selling choice in Amazon’s home fragrance accessories category. It has a stunning wood-grain exterior with seven light colors to select from, or you can cycle through them all. It’s not just about impressions, though. It has four distinctive time-output settings (one hour, three hours, six hours, and steady), a 200-milliliter tank, and a whisper-quiet operation.

Breathe Essential Oil Diffuser

The Breathe Essential Oil Diffuser offers you a whopping 16 different LED light choices to choose from and the ability to change the level of illumination so you can tailor it to your spirit. Additionally, it can operate for up to 18 hours, letting you scent your room with whatever essential oil you treasure for almost a full day.

Smiley Daisy Essential Oil Diffuser

Are you seeking more of a natural look in a diffuser? Smiley Daisy’s Essential Oil Diffuser is an organic wood grain delight with a unique seed-pod design. However, it still offers a gentler, subtle strip through the center of color-changing LED light. Best of all, user reviews say the Hibiscus puts out one of the most essential streams of the mist of any diffuser on the market.

Urpower Essential Oil Diffuser

Another best-seller in its classification, Urpower’s Essential Oil Diffuser, has a 130-milliliter tank that’s suggested for up to 215 square feet. It makes practically zero noise while operating, and it’s available in either black or brown wood grain. Unlike others, the color-changing light that arrives from inside and shines out the top for a glimpse is very sleek and modern.

Asakuki Premium Essential Oil Diffuser

The most recurring complaint about essential oil diffusers is their miniature; most can only run for a few hours and serve a 200-square foot space with scent. Asakuki’s Premium Essential Oil Diffuser changes all that with a 700-milliliter tank that carries over twice as much water as most other models, making it competent of filling a living room or a yoga studio — or simply substituting your winter humidifier.

Objecto W2 Aroma Diffuser

It isn’t easy to decide whether we want the Objecto W2 Aroma Diffuser as a diffuser or an art object. And thankfully, we don’t have to. This high-performing diffuser emits a steady and silent stream of vapor strong enough to fill any room with a soft scent, but the wooden slatted case is so eye-catching that you’ll enjoy showing it the place of honor on your stand.

HoMedics Connect Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser

The Homedics Connect Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser isn’t your moderate diffuser. Instead, this compact, travel-friendly device shoots up to six hours of dry air-alleviating hydration, and the built-in light switches colors. It even arrives with three samples of essential oil mixtures to boot off your journey.

Stadler Form Jasmine Aroma Diffuser

Swiss-engineered and created, this ultrasonic diffuser is called Jasmine, and despite its gullible size (five by three inches), it’s appropriate for rooms up to 540 square feet. In addition, its long-running time of 24 hours and low upkeep make it ideal for both home and office, not to note it has multiple mist-interval settings and a security shut-off attribute.

SpaRoom Pure Mist Aromatherapy Diffuser

For a dramatic-yet-soothing light display and three hours of continuous sprinkle, there’s this Spa Room Pure Mist aromatherapy diffuser. Its translucent light panel wraps most of the machine and cycles through colors. It also contains an automatic shut-off function, just in case the glare puts you to sleep.

Gurunanda Honeycomb Diffuser

It’s trustworthy, diffuses for up to seven hours, and has an incredibly impressive output; the Gurunanda Honeycomb Diffuser has a nearly five-star rating. It also includes a built-in, color-changing light, excellent honeycomb design, and arrives with two preselected essential oils to get you commenced. If you enjoy trying a different scent than the two that come with your diffuser, Gurunanda has quite a wide choice.

Airome Ultrasonic Harmony Diffuser

Due to its silent ultrasonic diffusion technique and white ceramic exterior, the Airome Ultrasonic Harmony Diffuser is more peaceful and attractive than most other models. In addition, it’s surprisingly tiny (containing about one cup of water) yet “puts out a nice quantity of oil” and “stays most of the day.”

Buying Guide to Choose Aroma Diffusers

The following discussion will give you some points to ponder while looking into aroma diffusers.

Work Based Selection in Aroma Diffusers

There are different types of aroma diffusers, so it must be understood the differences between them and choose the perfect. The four most commonly available models are

  • Candle type
  • Electric type
  • Ultrasonic type
  • Reed type.

Candle Type Diffusers

Lighter Fragrance with Cost-Effectiveness

A tea light candle is placed in the diffuser with little water and a couple of drops of essential oil in a container on the top of the diffuser. As the candle is lighted, it heats up the water, and the vaporizing of the oils begins. This starts the spread of fragrance to nook and corner of the room. These are much cheaper. They don’t need electricity. The inexpensive tea light candles required for it are easy to find.

Electric Type Diffusers

Heavy Scents for Larger Spaces

It is readily available. The aroma diffuser works like the candle type but uses electricity. Few drops of essential oil and water is placed in the container at the top of the diffuser. When the switch is on, the heat from the bulb helps to spread the aroma of essential oils in the room. Working quickly and carrying heavier scents, it is great for larger spaces. It is recommended to buy a diffuser with a bigger water container and an automatic switch-off feature. Please do check the type of plug and adaptor needed with it.

Multipurpose Ultrasonic Type Diffusers

Humidifiers as well as Night Lamps

The diffuser uses ultrasonic waves to the breakwater and essential oil molecules and diffuses them into the air. They work like a humidifier, which is considered a great buy for winters. They come with LED lights to act as night lamps. Only a limited number of options are available for Ultrasonic diffuser. These are expensive than the other types. It is important to check for warranties. They should be cleaned regularly to prevent bacterial or mold growth.

Reed Type Diffusers

Zero Effort for 24 x 7 Fragrance

Diffuser with reed soaked in aromatic diffuser oil disperses a pleasant scent. It does not use any heat. It is known to be the safest and the best diffuser type. Reed diffusers types are affordable and easy to use. These diffusers are not suitable for larger rooms as they run out of oil soon. The reeds need to be changed every 4 to 5 months so that they continue to work properly. These are not recommended for sensitive noses due to the strength of the scents.

Some More Features in Aroma Difussers

Some factors to look into while buying a diffuser are the size of your room, whether it matches décor of the room, the space needed by the diffuser, and whether it comes with a warranty.

Size of Room and Diffuser

It is important to choose that is powerful enough for the given size of the room. If the room is huge, it is recommended to use ultrasonic type, electric type, or a reed type with lots of reeds having a good amount of diffuser oil. If the room is smaller, it is recommended to choose a candle type or a reed type with fewer reeds.

Match with Décor of the room

Mostly diffuser is kept at a place visible to all, so choose a design to match the décor of the room. It not only makes your room smell better but also makes it look more aesthetically pleasing.

Enough Space to have a Diffuser

Consider the place where you are going to place it in the room. It must be a safe place. The candle type and electric type diffusers use heat energy and get extremely hot during use. These can cause fires and burns. They must be placed beyond the reach of kids to prevent accidents.

Check Warranty for Expensive Ones

Ultrasonic diffusers are quite expensive. Getting them repaired can be a pricey affair. So do check for the warranty. 6 to 12 months warranty is considered good enough.


With a variety of aroma diffusers in the market, it is hard to decide for the best. You must understand the diffuser type and compare them based on your requirements. If you do it the right way, it will not be a problem to choose the perfect one. We hope the article will ease the process of selection. The list of recommendations will help you buy the best aroma diffusers in the market.