Why Now Is the Time to Buy An Electric Car?

EV electric car pluged charging at a recharge station in the city

Electric or hybrid cars have never in their short history seen such a high demand, as they are seeing at present. This is due to the benefits that these products now offer consumers. Prior to this, and when they were first burst onto the car market, many seen the limitations that they caused compared to fuel-alternatives but since then they have seen a rapid rise in quality and below, we explain why not the time is to buy. 

The electric car industry isnít the online industry that have benefitted from technology improving as such as rapid rate in this digital age, in fact, the gambling industry has also benefitted as they are now able to offer high quality sites for punters to be able to gamble on. Not long ago the user interfaces for these types of sites were clunky and hard to navigate, however now they are seriously impressive with a wide variety of games, bonus codes for all new customers, and some of the best poker tables online. This has completely changed the online entertainment market and this growth in technology has led to this surge in the industry in recent times.

Moving back to cars and Electric cars sales are at an all-time high in the world currently and this has mainly been down to the fact that they are now able to offer an impressive mileage on a full charge. Beforehand when initially released, electric cars were unable to compete with fuel-alternatives because the lack of battery power. However now, they are now able to compete and even provide better milage than some of these due to the batteries improving considerably during this time and one of the main reasons why not is the time to buy an electric car. 

Furthermore, the costs to run electric cars is considerably cheaper compared to what is it to run a fuel-alternative due to the charge rate. The average cost to charge an electric car is about £12 compared to the average fuel-alternative is £60. The money saved on this is astronomical when looking over the year, and then youíve got the upkeep of a fuel car including MOT, servicing, maintenance costs compared to only having to change the tyres and breaks on an electric car.  

And finally, because of the good implications that electrics cars have on the environment, many governments will actually give us consumers money towards buying an electric car in the form of a grant, up to £3000 in the UK. Due to this, many consumers have taken on this benefit and further explains why now is the time to buy an electric cars due to all of the above.