Why It Might Be Best to Rent a Luxury Car Before You Buy One

If you have ever considered buying a luxury car, you are probably aware that this is a costly investment in most cases. Luxury cars can be a long—term commitment since you are looking at a large total cost for your car loan or to buy in cash. You want to be sure that you are in love with the car that you are buying since the cost will be significant.

Renting a luxury car can be a great way to get your feet wet and try out a luxury car for a bit before you decide to buy. Nearly everyone has tried out a car and been totally in love with it, only to find that they did not like things about it after they owned it for a while. No one wants to experience this kind of disappointment in a car that they have spent a lot of money on.

If you want to learn more about why you should rent a luxury car before you buy one, you need to read on!

Why You Should Rent First

1.       Driving Experience

Many people are not prepared for the actual experience of driving a luxury car. This is particularly true if you have never driven a high-performance vehicle of any kind. Cars that are made for driving fast around a race track are not always that enjoyable to drive on a daily-driver basis.

The sensitive handling and the low ground clearance of many of these cars can make driving them less enjoyable than you might expect. Many people are shocked at how difficult it can be to navigate parking lots, driveways and narrow streets with a luxury vehicle. This might not impact your decision if you are looking at a more practical luxury car like an SUV, but if you are thinking about buying a sports car, you might want to see if you really like driving it around town.

2.       Lack of Storage

One of the other issues that people can run into that they were not expecting with a luxury car is a lack of space for bags and suitcases. This might not be an issue if you also own a daily driver that you can take to the airport or carry large items home from the store, but it can be a real burden if you will only own this one car.

While there are luxury cars that are made to offer room for other items and more people to come along with you when you are driving, you will find that most luxury cars will be tough to make work for these kinds of needs. Carrying a large group of people and a bunch of luggage is almost impossible with most luxury cars and you will want to think about this before you buy.


3. Discomfort in the Driver’s Seat

Some people are not really aware of how uncomfortable sports car-style seats can be after extended periods stuck in them. Most luxury cars are not made to be driven for long periods of time and the seats might even be made to hold you in place when you are going fast. These kinds of features can lead to discomfort when the car is being driven for long periods of time.

Another factor that can seem minor at first but become an issue later, is getting in and out of cars that are low to the ground. When you only have to do this once in a while it might not seem so bad, but when you are getting in and out of this kind of car on a daily basis it might get old quickly. Luxury cars are not always made to be comfortable enough for daily use and this can be one of the big stumbling blocks for people who buy one of these cars without thinking about this consideration.

4. Uncomfortable on the Road

If you decide on a luxury car that is built for speed, you might not realize that these cars are not always made to offer you a comfortable ride when you are driving around town. These cars often have stiffer suspension which can lead to a rougher ride. They might also not be made with all of the noise-canceling materials that you might want in a car that you are driving down the freeway each day.

Performance vehicles can be noisy, rough, and a bit jarring when driven at high speeds. Many people are not prepared for just how much road noise and discomfort can be experienced inside a luxury car when you are driving on less-than-ideal roads or in traffic. This, coupled with problems related to a lack of visibility in rainstorms and winter weather can lead to an uncomfortable driving experience that you might not have expected.

Renting Before you Buy Can Help You Make an Educated Choice


You will want to consider renting any of the luxury vehicles that you are thinking of buying and driving for a few days. This will give you a good idea of what you do and do not like about the car before you go out and get one for yourself. There is nothing worse than spending a lot of money on an expensive car and then finding out that it does not suit your needs at all.

To avoid this common fate, you will want to be sure that you are looking at all the features and functions of the car and that you take your rental car through your daily routine at least a few times while you are borrowing it. This kind of experience can tell you a lot about whether or not you want to get one of these cars and can help you to get a car that you will be in love with instead of one that you will dread driving. Making an educated buying decision is always better and renting before you buy a luxury car can help you do just that.