Why are Electric Bikes so Popular?

Electric Bikes

As technological as an electric bike sounds, they are a simple product that many regular bike riders enjoy owning. Like your favorite two-wheel bike, electric bikes ride on dual wheels but add a new battery-powered electric motor to the mix. That motor helps to keep you going when you’re too tired to continue peddling. Electric bikes are also often referred to as e-bikes. E-bikes are rising in popularity because they don’t make much noise or pollute, and they help people cycle more efficiently.

Need a Lift?

If you need a lift and some help when climbing up hills while you ride or want an extra push when you are riding against the wind, then an electric bike is an excellent idea for transportation. You’ll also find out that the motor on the bike will fan you, helping you to stay cool.

The motors on electric bikes can generate between 100 to 700 watts so that you’ll get to where you want to be and still experience a cool-down effect from your fan. Also, the motor on the bike will help when you need to bring your extra items with you if you are heading to your job, or simply visiting a friend.

Electric bikes provide riders with not only motors but plenty of comforts as well for when you are on-the-go. You’ll get cushioned seats that are comfortable to sit in, substantial handlebars, quick-release seats, and flat-resistant tires on many of these bikes. Some fancier electric bikes also offer things like removable batteries, fenders, alarms, and first locking and lighting systems. Once you purchase the electric bike you want, it’s always possible to spruce it up a bit with a few additional parts.

If you already have a great bike without a motor and you’re wondering if you can add an engine to it to make it electric, then there’s good news. You’ll upgrade a traditional two-wheel bike with an electronic bike kit and make your regular two-wheeler run on electric power as well.

Two Types of Electric Bikes

In the world of electric bikes, there are two different categories of bikes that you’ll need to consider, the pedal assist (also often called pedelec) and the power on command. The first type of e-bike, the pedal assist, forces you to pedal when you want to get help from the motor. The motor on these bikes can tell when you are pedaling, and then come on to help you out.

On the other hand, power on command e-bike comes with a motor that you use with a throttle. So, you don’t need to pedal with a power on command e-bike when you want to use the engine. All you need to do to experience power with a power on command bike is amp up the throttle. You can accelerate as you see fit. However, even with a power on command bike, you still want to consider pedaling when necessary or you’ll run out your battery quickly.

What Type of Electric Bike Should I Purchase?

The type of electric bike you should purchase will lay with your wants and needs. Both types of electric bikes, the pedelec, and the power on command e-bike are great vehicles to get you around. They are both bicycles with motors, and they both offer plenty of quality. However, it’s best to think about the same types of things you’d consider when buying a regular two-wheel bike when you purchase an e-bike.

You’ll want to consider things like the type of drivetrain you want on your bike, and the kind of terrain you’ll be hitting. For instance, if you like to ride for extended distances and you often go up hills, you’ll probably need a bike with more gears.

You’ll also need to consider the braking power you’ll need on your bike. If you often ride in wet weather and encounter a lot of mud, then you’ll want all-weather disc brakes. However, if you’re the type of person that doesn’t venture out and ride when the weather is terrible, then you’ll be fine with the traditional rim brakes.

Think about the suspension you might need while you are riding on the trails, too. If you want a smoother ride that’s comfortable, then you’ll need a better suspension. Also, think about how much you’ll need to carry while you are on your bike. Then, consider the type of tires you’ll want depending on the types of terrain you’ll be hitting with your bike.

If you’ve already got a great bike, then consider the idea of installing an electric motor kit on your bike. These kits can make just about any bike an e-bike. So, if you’ve already got a bike that matches all of your needs, you can save a bit of money by purchasing the electric-motor kit instead of purchasing an all-new e-bike.

Image credit: Electric Bikes via Spic/Shutterstock