What Makes The Honda Civic Insurance Cost So High?

Honda Civic Insurance

Honda Civic is a car model that Honda has produced since 1972. In the past, the Honda Civic was classified as a subcompact. However, since 2000, the Civic has been categorized as a compact car.

The Civic has been rebadged for international markets numerous times, serving as the foundation for the Honda CR-X, Honda CR-X del Sol, Concerto, first-generation Prelude, Civic Shuttle (eventually to become the Orthia), and Honda CR-V (which, by extension, was used as the basis for the Honda FR-V). With over 18 million units produced since 1972, the Civic is the world’s sixth best-selling automobile as of 2020.

Continue reading to learn more about the average Honda Civic insurance cost, along with a number of factors that affect the price.

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Why is Honda Civic Insurance so High?

 Honda Civic insurance is high, despite its reputation as a safe and economical vehicle. The average price discovered for a 30-year-old Honda Civic owner was $2,370, or $197.50 per month. The 2019 Civic is the most costly to insure, with policies costing $2,502 per year. This is 6% higher than the typical Civic.

For decades, this car has been known for its fantastic value, making it one of the most desirable vehicles in all of North America. Civic owners praise the vehicle’s high combustion efficiency and high safety ratings. This classic is a cost-effective and reliable vehicle. Here are some things you need to know about why Honda Civic insurance is high. They are:

Damage Susceptibility

The National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration assigned positions to automobiles based on their susceptibility to harm. The Honda Civic gets a score of 109, higher than the overall average (100) but lower than the 119 average of its competitors.

Repairs are Expensive

The Honda Civic has greater replacement costs than any local automobile in its class since it is an imported vehicle. However, because of its popularity and affordability, this model’s repairs are comparatively inexpensive compared to other foreign cars.

After the first ten years of vehicle ownership, a Honda Civic will typically cost $5,245 in maintenance and repairs.

This is $1,594 more than the industry average for popular sedan models. During that period, there’s also a 15.57 percent risk that a Civic will need extensive repairs. This is a 5.93 percent improvement over comparable automobiles in this class.

Thefts Rate

As a result of the relatively high vehicle theft rates in Canada, the Honda Civic’s insurance cost rises somewhat. Because there are a vast amount of Civics on the road, it is understandable that they might be stolen more frequently than less common cars. These cars also feature high-value parts that may be used in other Civics from different model years. While previous Civics have an ignition block that a burglar readily cracks, later versions have improved security.

Model Year and Trim

The 2019 model is the most expensive to insure, costing an average of 6% more than the previous model years ($2502). The following are the averages for other models:

  • The monthly payment for a 2018 Honda Civic insurance is $2474, and the annual fee is $8727.
  • $2413 a month and $8546 per year for a 2017 Honda Civic insurance
  • Honda Civic 2016 Monthly payments of $2347 and annual payments of $8321
  • $2190 a month and $7821 per year for a 2015 Honda Civic insurance
  • Honda Civic 2014 Monthly payments of $2291 and annual revenues of $8146

The type and trim level of your Honda Civic might also impact the cost of insurance. Sportier types, such as two-door models, for example, are more expensive to insure than sedans. Honda’s basic warranty is mediocre, with rivals like the Hyundai Elantra and Kia Forte providing more extensive coverage. The Civic also lacks a complimentary planned maintenance plan, which the Corolla comes with as standard.

Geographical location

Insurance companies consider your geographic location since your location may raise your risk of accidents, theft, and other claims. Your Honda Civic insurance might cost more if you live in an area with an above-average level of risks.

Car owners in metropolitan locations may pay higher vehicle insurance premiums than those in small towns or rural areas, because of the increased incidence of accidents, theft, and vandalism.

Rates and incentives from your Honda Civic insurance provider

The vehicle insurance company you select has a significant impact on the amount of money for coverage. Rates differ depending on the insurance, and some insurers provide more savings than others.

You may be eligible for discounts like:

  • Loyalty discount
  • Multi-policy discount
  • Multi-car paperless discount
  • Good driver discount
  • Good student discount
  • Safety feature discount
  • Military discount
  • Homeowner discount
  • Pay-in-full discount

It is crucial to shop around for coverage and compare various insurance quotes from several companies to ensure you obtain the best product for you.

Age of the driver

Studies from 2018 show that the fatal crash rate per mile driven for 16 to 19-year-olds is nearly threefold more than for 20-year-old drivers (and older).

If any motorist under the age of 25 is insured under a policy, vehicle insurance will usually charge a higher cost.

Similarly, prices for drivers over the age of 65 rise due to higher auto insurance claim rates and risk. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, senior drivers, particularly those aged 75 and more, had greater collision mortality rates than those aged 30 to 74.


The average annual Honda Civic insurance cost is $1,606. After five years of car ownership, this adds roughly $8,030. In contrast to routine maintenance, this cost may typically be reduced by searching for lower insurance premiums. If you currently own a Honda Civic, comparing quotes will guarantee that you are not overpaying. If you are looking around, it is also a good idea to figure out how much anything will cost before making a final decision about a particular model, like a Honda Civic.