What Makes A Good Motorcycle Helmet?

Motorcycle Helmet

As a motorcycle rider, you have to ensure your safety whether you are riding on a busy highway or a less driven path. At night, especially, you have to ensure that your gear has the right reflective strip to make you visible to motorists. Besides ensuring that you are safe, it is important that you invest in the right gear. There are different types and designs of motorcycle helmets; some are great but others may not meet your needs.

It takes time to get a good quality bike. Once you have the bike, you have to take quality time to research on a good helmet to keep yourself safe. Seeing that there are many factors that make up a good helmet and there are hundreds of motorcycle helmet brands, we created this guide to help you pick the right helmet for you.

How will you be using your motorcycle?

A good helmet should meet your riding needs. Before you consider other factors, therefore, consider the kind of riding you will engage in, how long you will be on your motorcycle every day and how much money you are willing to spend on the helmet. Below are three types of riding and the needs of each.

  1. Commuting and Weekend Road Trips

If you use your bike to commute to and from work, it means you will be using it every day. As such, you need to choose a helmet that protects you in case of a fall and reduces wind noise while you ride.

  1. Weekend Getaways with Friends

It is fun biking with your friends on a weekend. It is even more fun if you can talk while you ride. When riding with friends, you need to keep in touch at all times. As such, pick a motorcycle helmet fitted with a built-in communication device. This allows you to communicate without the need to stop or make a call. While these helmets are relatively more expensive, they are a worthy investment.

  1. Motorcycle Racing

Races are risky irrespective of how experienced you are. If you will be racing often, you need a high performance helmet that protects you well when you are on the tracks. The helmet should have clasps to hold them in place securely even in the event of a fall. A helmet that covers your full face is more recommended.

Attributes to Look for in a Helmet

Motorcycle helmets sport different designs including half, three-quarters and full face designs. Full face helmets are ideal when you need maximum protection. Half and three-quarter designs do not offer enough protection in the event of a road collision; these should only be used in less-risky riding expeditions. When riding, it is advisable that you keep yourself safe even from minute accidents.

There is a wide selection of helmets even among full face or half helmets. This is where you need to be more careful when shopping. If you need to buy a full face helmet, pick one that fits on your head snugly. As a rider, your head shape and size is unique and so should the helmet. Granted, you need to try out different sizes and models to see which fits you comfortably.

Most full-face helmets are offered either as a long oval, round oval, intermediate oval or narrow fit. Others are of a fuller shape to meet the needs of those with relatively large heads. You can only tell how comfortable a helmet is by trying it out. The chin strap should hold your helmet comfortably and securely; it should not be too tight.

Seek Help from a Retailer When Shopping

While you can go to any retail shop and pick the best  ATV helmets without any help, a retailer can help you make the right choice faster. This is especially important when you are buying a helmet for your motorcycle for the first time. A good retailer should not try to sell you a given helmet brand but help you choose a good fit for your budget.


A good motorcycle helmet will protect you in the event of a collision but you will still need insurance for more protection. A good insurance policy should offer coverage that matches your riding needs.