What does a control arm do for your car?


When youíre learning more about cars, youíll come across lots of different terms. Sometimes things you have never heard about before. Such as a control arm. A control arm is one of the main components of the vehicleís suspension system.

This is the system which connects the chassis to the wheels and supports the vehicleís weight to increase the driver’s safety. Itís also important to improve the performance of the car and the overall dynamics while you’re in motion. Control arms canít be left out in this system. But what does it do exactly? 

The most important function of a control arm 

A control arm is the main component of the vehicleís suspension system. Without it, the performance of the car will be compromised. Besides that, the driver’s safety will be compromised as well. But what is the most important function of these control arms? 

Control armís are used to stabilize the car. It connects the steering knuckle to the frame. This way the wheels and the chassis will move in unison when the vehicle is in motion. Without it, the driver isnít able to maneuver the vehicle correctly. Itís not only unsafe to drive without a suspension system (and control arms), but itís also nearly impossible. Without them, your car wonít be able to take sharp turns and stay levelled by doing so. 

Besides the fact that control arms are very important for the safety of the vehicle, they arenít the most complicated component. They are quick to install and can be installed by most of us. Even though itís not as interesting as many other components of the car, it is one of the most important ones. Without a control arm, no safety. 

Damage of the control arm 

But what do you do when the control arm is damaged? How do you notice this? Itís important to understand that control arms are engineered to take on a great deal of stress. This also means that they come with a limited lifespan. After a few years, theyíll need to be replaced to ensure driver safety. A damaged control arm will exhibit lots of symptoms. Youíll notice it on the vibration of your vehicle  and the way your car is leaning to the side when taking sharp turns. It can also come with unusual grinding noises and a fluctuation in the brakes. If you notice some of these issues, itís important to call a mechanic and replace them as soon as possible.