Useful Tips for RV Cleaning

RV Cleaning

If you drive around a lot in your RV (recreational vehicle), it is sure to become dirty sooner than later. You can get it cleaned by finding a quality service center near your place by Googling the phrase “RV wash near me.” However, you may not wish risk damage to your trailer’s vent fans, HVAC system and other parts. Whether you wish to clean your motorhome yourself or get it washed at a service center, this article will tell you what do.

Tips for RV Wash

Cleaning your rig is a different matter from washing your regular-sized car. However, it’s not difficult to find the needed equipment and learn about the steps to take. You just need to do everything on a larger scale and could even require a ladder.

To start, you need a scrub brush that has an extendable long handle. This is suggested because you can fold it up to a smaller size for easy storage after use. The brush should have a squeegee to enable you to clean and dry your trailer’s exterior. A good piece can hook up with your hose to allow water to flow through. This helps you to easily and seamlessly clean the vehicle without needing to switch between your hose spray and soap brush.

However, you need not buy fancy equipment to wash your vehicle. A simple garden hose plus sponge can do the job. To reach the roof and the rig sides’ upper parts, you can climb the vehicle’s back ladder. We advise you to use a standard step ladder as well as a spray nozzle that provides extra water power and pressure to your hose.

RV Wash Soap, Wax and Other Items

After readying the physical equipment, it’s time gather soaps, wax and other products that can provide a shine to your rig. Don’t be tempted to use regular dish soap as your vehicle’s finish is expensive and decorative. It also protects the RV from water damage which is a major threat for this type of vehicle.

We recommend a quality recreational vehicle wash and wax item that can aid you to easily clean your vehicle and give it a long-term wax shine. This would enable to use your RV for a longer period without needing to do the cleaning task over again.

RV Wash Service

To be sure, cleaning your RV is a time-intensive and laborious project. You need to invest hours and much effort. The work to be done includes tasks like washing the rig’s awning, scrubbing the holding tank sensors as well as using spring cleaning to tidy your motorhome’s interior. 

If you don’t have the time or don’t want to do the whole project yourself, you can avail the expertise of a good RV washing service. Simply outsource the energy and time to professionals and spend your freed up time on productive work. But keep in mind that the service isn’t cheap especially if you want detailing and deep cleaning jobs that scour all parts of your rig. Simply Google the phrase, “RV wash near me” to find a nearby convenient RV cleaning service.